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  1. I'm happy to relay my tales, and will endeavor to inject some actual storytelling into them rather than a boring account of travelling from A to B, dying repeatedly before giving up and going to C instead. Whilst I remember, does the glowy stuff dropped by the jellyfish enemies in Fog Canyon have any significance? Well, apart from the fact that the glowy stuff in the larger enemies makes a fucking beeline for you to give you the equivalent of a hot orange facial, which frankly I never asked for and could do without. I tried using magic and then dodging out of the way, but those things come at you fast man. Which reminds me of the time I was attempting to climb out of Fog Canyon and fell on one of the large jellyfish by accident. I can't remember if the fall popped the jellyfish or if I stupidly swung at it with my Nail (I have no wish to repeat the experiment ), the initial blast took out its buddy just above and to the right, the combined force of which did for me quite nicely. Some of the least aggressive enemies in the game and they still managed to fell me. Worst explorer ever.
  2. Progressing nicely I think. I'm about ten hours in, and I've found the third upgrade, explored some areas that I couldn't traverse before and found a new area with a couple more NPCs within.
  3. Cheers for all of that. So, for now, I should just run past tough enemies as I'll be able to twat them later on? Those explosion spewing plants stress me out as they slowly home in on you but I'll push on for now as I think that area is where I need to go next. I will look forward to going back and one-shotting those gits and other larger enemies, as I did much the same in Bloodstained and it was very cathartic. Cornifer is a cool dude but I feel for his partner sitting up topside running the shop and waiting for him to come back. I can hear him in one area of the Fungal Wastes but can't actually get to him right now so my map remains blank for that area.
  4. Two minor criticisms at this early stage (which may well echo the RPS review that I read yesterday): 1. Making you buy an item that shows your location on the mask *and* making you allocate a charm notch to use it is such a shitty thing to do. I cannot see the reasoning behind it. 2. The game allows you to explore quite far at times before you realise that you cannot actually proceed. This has led to a great deal of backtracking after acquiring a new ability that can be occasionally frustrating at times. I should stop being a cheapskate and just buying those additional map markers so I can mark points of interest to return to because the map itself doesn't really help you on that front. Don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying it and though Ori feels like a more beautiful game, I still love the aesthetic and character designs of this game. Those screaming, rolling mushroom guys can fucking do one though. Also the plants that fire homing explosives at you. Can the explosives be deflected or exploded safely, or do you just have to avoid them until they self-detonate?
  5. Eventually I went back to the place with all the skulls which I thought was going to be another boss (so soon after the first one?) but turned out to be where I had to go to get a new ability for further progression. On to the next area. I think I found the boss area so I noped out of there pretty quickly (though as I've just demonstrated my sense for that isn't attuned yet but it did look a gigantic Venus fly trap to me so yeah I remain suspicious). So far the compulsion to keep on exploring is a strong one, despite having no clue what new enemies are around the corner and whether or not a bench is close by or not. In short I'm really enjoying this so far. @JPL Get on this game stat!
  6. Okay. I have a map now and I'm merrily exploring away. The bloodstain mechanic was... unexpected lol. I've beaten the first boss and now I'm looking for somewhere to use the item I received. Also was it just my imagination or did the head of the boss's mace just roll off by itself?
  7. Bugger. Well I just started playing and I'm already clueless as to where I'm supposed to go. There's a big chap with a club who looks like he'll smash me flat but based on my limited exploration it seems that I need to go that way? Open-world Metroidvanias are all well and good but is it too much to ask for a game to make it obvious where I'm supposed to go first and then open out? Bah. Edit: Twatted the bug guy and released a green bug in a glass jar. Where I go next isn't exactly clear but maybe back to the mine where that weird person was singing songs to themselves?
  8. Let's try in sync and post updates here! I've been hearing lots of good things about this game elsewhere too and I'm about to finish Bloodstained: RotN so can happily bounce straight into another epic game (though I should really finish the second Ori game at some point).
  9. Is it the second game that starts with you dangling above a canyon, hanging off the end of a train carriage?
  10. Cheers! The reason the square is coloured in is because I picked up one of the chests in that area but didn't realise that the chest I couldn't figure out how to reach was the important one. I agree that hiding a necessary item like that is a bit weird (a bit like the shard you need to move about in water) but no game is perfect and I've enjoyed myself for the most part. I plan to get all the achievements, but have a horrible feeling that getting/creating all the items is going to be a colossal grind.
  11. I'm annoyed with myself for having to ask, but I seem to be stuck. I've discovered 75.5% of the map and have recently done: I've mopped up as many of the remaining areas as I can, minus what I believe are optional bosses that are locked away by keys I don't have (the Millionaire's Key and the Warhorse's Key specifically. That said, I've discovered the Carpenter's Key but have no idea where the Carpenter's Door is) so I'm a bit baffled as to where to go next. Could anyone give me a non-spoilery hint please? My map looks like this
  12. Up to about 60% of the map, and I keep on going exploring for lengthy periods of time and dying because I can't find/get to a save room. Mildly frustrating but nothing that makes me want to delete the game. One thing that I'm a little bemused by is the sheer number of weapons/shards/food/items etc etc. It's all a bit much. I tend to just stick to a single weapon at a time, expect when I'm trying to master a technique (some of which did fuck all damage and took some serious grinding), the armour with the most defense and a few shards, like Welcome Party, Flame Cannon (that I ranked up to 9) and maybe Heretical Grinder (rank 7 I think). Basically, there's too many things that I could be equipping and it causes option paralysis (I have the same problem with Dark Souls to be honest). I would be happier if the game pared things down to a sensible level in terms of items and was a little less sprawling. Call me a heretic if you will, but my favourite Metroidvania is still Shadow Complex. I note that I still haven't finished SotN after getting stuck because I bought the wrong item from the merchant guy. Given that there's no way of knowing which item you're supposed to buy if you happen to stumble on the merchant before the obstacle blocking you for which he sells an ability (magic?) that gets you past it, this seemed like a fucking awful design decision and so I sacked off the game. Change my mind if you will.
  13. I just started playing this on Game Pass and I can't stop playing. Save points or fast travel points are discovered regularly enough that you always want to push on around the next corner to see what's there. Discovering that random walls can be destroyed means that I'm now swiping at every damn wall in sight, mostly to no avail but I'm still having a lot of fun. After 9 hours of play, I've discovered 40% of the map and unlocked 3 of the story related abilities, went exploring with my newly acquired ability for about 30 minutes and another 4% of the map then died because I couldn't find a damn save room in the Hall of Terminations. Fuuuuuuu.
  14. Not just me then. That makes me feel marginally better, but at the same time I need to get on those damn books. First world problems I know, but I love books, films and gaming equally, but almost always spend my free time at home just doing one of those things (and if we're being honest here, it's mostly gaming). I always used to read when commuting to work, but that's not a thing right now and even then for the past few years I've been only a short bus ride from work so my commute read has been practically non-existent for about five years now. I guess I need to try and divide up my time between the three things, but that just feels like work so more often than not I just end up pissing more time away on the Bone. Ugh.
  15. I think they updated around July 11th (at least that's when I bought Monstrous Regiment), so just keep checking. It should update in due course. Due to the stupid way in which Amazon lists the various Discworld novels, there's no easy way of seeing which ones I already own (unlike other series, like say The Expanse novels) which is mildly irritating, but I'm on the same quest. I own pretty much all of them in paperback but as they're in another country and also the vast majority are amazing, I'm happy to throw a relatively small amount of cash at the Pratchett estate to own Kindle editions.
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