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  1. Talvalin

    Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    If you're trying to suggest that Jurassic World was anywhere near as bad as Prometheus, then what the actual fuck? It was dumb and a retread for sure, but nowhere near Prometheus-level awful (I haven't watched the Jurassic World sequel to judge it, but Covenant set a really really fucking low bar)
  2. If you had simply stated that out-sourcing development of a Blizzard game was something that was likely to alienate the core audience then no one would have blinked, but instead you drew explicit attention to the fact that a translator was required as being part of the problem, as if their mere presence was a slap in the face to the audience and people viewing online. Pixelbark's comment about this announcement being better off done as part of a Huawei conference wasn't really much better in my opinion, but milder for all that. People on this forum (and in the world at large) take great umbrage at the mere suggestion that they may be expressing a racist viewpoint, without even stopping for a moment to pause and reflect why someone might think that of them. And so I urge you to take a moment and consider before resuming your spat with Nequests, otherwise you'll both be heading for a timeout ban. /mod
  3. Talvalin


    My theory is that someone is annoyed that I've been negging them in OT for shitty views, so they decided to get revenge on the first post of mine they could find. Lolz. Also, fat finger negging should be a thing of the past these days because you can remove reactions or change them at will these days, even for ancient posts (this does of course assume someone noticing the accidental neg and also showing remorse so...)
  4. Talvalin


    Another vote for both Aggretsuko (overworked office lady in Japan relaxes by doing death metal karaoke) and Gurren Lagann (post-apocalyptic giant robot anime that just gets progressively more nuts as it goes on). I also recommend: Detroit Metal City (predates Aggretsuko, but vaguely similar. A musician who prefers writing acoustic pop fronts a death metal band as a costumed OTT nutter, but then his death metal persona starts bleeding into his "normal" life) Kill La Kill (same director as Gurren Lagann and just as bonkers. A girl searching for her father's killer finds a sailor suit that grants her incredible powers, and has to attend and fight off a constant stream of challengers at her high school to find the answers)
  5. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Slugdge are the proverbial canine gonads, which as you note is tough considering there's been a tonne of great music released this year (Clutch not included since I'm not a fan ). Other excellent releases include new albums from Barren Earth, Horrendous, Horizon Ablaze, Monstrosity and a load of albums incoming that will most likely be great (Deceased and Obliteration to name but two).
  6. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Also No Clean Singing has a full stream of the new Binah album: https://www.nocleansinging.com/2018/09/25/an-ncs-album-premiere-and-a-review-binah-phobiate/#more-148401
  7. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    New Horrendous is streaming now. Get it whilst it's hot.
  8. Talvalin

    Games with Gold for July 2018

    Conviction is great, and the co-op was also excellent. It's free for fuck's sake, so just try it and see!
  9. Talvalin

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    Cut that out please. It's out of order and in no way contributing to the thread. Conversely, @NEG please either spoiler your post or remove the text of the article (unless the link is behind a paywall in which case stick to spoiler tags). The reason being that I inadvertently managed to catch a glimpse of a spoiler whilst simply scrolling past your post, which would have been very annoying had I been intent on playing the game.
  10. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    So fucking true. I wouldn't give up metal, but I wouldn't have objected to being able to develop some appreciation for other genres of music too. Metal is the only thing I listen to which is fine when there are like-minded people around to talk to and somewhat lonely when those people are not around.
  11. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    This could turn easily into a bucket list of albums, so I tried to be concise with a mix of older classics and some newer ones too. Also out of the above, I'd pick "Close to a World Below" as my favourite Immolation album, "Human" or "Symbolic" for Death, "Turn Loose the Swans" for My Dying Bride and "Wolverine Blues" for Entombed but I'm a heathen that way. Dead Beyond Buried - The Dark Era Dead Congregation - Graves of the Archangels Edge of Sanity - Crimson Gorguts - Considered Dead Konkeror - The Abysmal Horizons Necrophobic - Darkside Pestilence - Consuming Impulse The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension Slugdge - Gastronomicon Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide Unmoored - Indefinite Soul-Extension
  12. Talvalin

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Fixing covenants would have been good, if only to avoid grinding harpies for Souvenirs of Reprisal.
  13. Games are the only medium I can think of where it's possible to spend money and be denied access to the product through a lack of ability. I propose that every game should have a guaranteed way of letting you complete it. So an "easy mode", or even one step further and a cheat mode where you take zero damage. Imagine the following: A film with no available subtitles, as it's "not intended" for blind people A film which you can't fast forward, as it's not the "director's vision" A book where you can't jump to the last page A book you're not allowed to read if you're not deemed intelligent enough Yet this is what happens in games, if you lack skill, or coordination (sometimes through no fault of your own, such as a physical disability). I understand that challenge is fundamental to a game's enjoyment, but I don't see how entirely optional difficulty settings (with a stern warning against them) would affect those who want the intended experience. It wouldn't just be useful for "bad" players; I recall setting the difficulty to the lowest to rush through the repetitive towers in Oblivion, otherwise I might have abandoned the game.
  14. Talvalin

    PS3 Emulation

    Amazing progress from RPCS3, the open-source PS3 emulator. PS3 emulation was once considered a pipe dream: https://rpcs3.net/blog/2018/04/09/progress-report-march-2018/ Nearly a third of games are now playable from start to finish! Since Sony look unlikely to provide PS3 backwards compatibility, this allows us to run games in 4k with improved performance and image quality. Along with the usual benefits for preserving game history.
  15. Talvalin

    So, what is the best Video Game movie

    Toss up between DoA and the Phoenix Wright film. The former for being so gloriously over the top and not giving a damn (also Lord Cookie agrees with me so ner) and the latter for nailing the game's story and characters so well. That said it's a bit too long for my liking so DoA it is.

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