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  1. It can be a straight up list, but explanations are also cool to explain to people why something is being recommended (those can always be added later on though).
  2. I realised that most of my picks were going to be DC, with the exception of one Image series. Also why haven't I fucking read Nextwave yet? Argh.
  3. Heh. Fuck it. Just submit it, because you're going to put it on your list anyway right?
  4. Damn it. I've been waiting for Children of Ruin to go on sale, and it seems that every other damn Tchaikovsky book is put on sale instead. At this rate I may have to just buy the damn thing for the princely sum of 5 quid. Cheers all the same, as I'd been wanting to read this one for a while. I think he's got another novel (possibly two!) novels on the way, as well as another novella. He is nothing if not prolific.
  5. We should do a thread list of the best modern comic runs (and no, @Mr. Gerbik, you can't submit Immortal Hulk because it's not finished yet - I'm sure it's amazing, but I'm a slacker and will be waiting for the inevitable omnibus before reading the whole lot in one go), and then I'll update the first post with the results, since biglime seems to no longer be on the forum (last posted around 2011 ). EDIT - criteria: Run must have actually finished. If you think something is great but got cancelled before it was actually finished, then okay, but Saga is still technically in pr
  6. I want to play this game (mostly because it's People Can Fly) but these reports of it being a buggy mess are putting me right off the idea. Guess I'll continue to bang my head against Huntdown on Badass difficulty instead.
  7. Terminator: Salvation (2009) Pretty much the only thing that this film does right is moving the franchise into the post-apocalyptic world (and coming across a bit Mad Max, except with submarines and helicopters) and having some reasonably decent action sequences such as when the giant robot appears out of nowhere at the petrol station (seriously, they were in the middle of a flat desert - how the fuck did no one spot it arriving?). Christian Bale as Connor was also decent casting in spite of the gravelly voice and the fact that he was barely in it. Things that were bad? Too many
  8. Much as I enjoyed Shin Godzilla, it was nearly sunk by the hilariously goofy first form (those googly-eyes!), an excessively large cast and last but not least, Satomi Ishihara speaking her dialogue so badly (both languages) that my wife was convinced that Ishihara wasn't actually a native Japanese speaker (she is). I get that they wanted to have a hot young actress in the film, but by god she was fucking terrible. Also her acting was pretty bad too, but meh.
  9. Talvalin


    The Godzilla anime looks like it'll be good, but I only get it with Japanese sub-titles over here which is annoying when English sub-titles clearly exist for other regions. I guess Netflix choose not to make them available elsewhere for (monetary) reasons?
  10. Which isn't canon. Although there is the faint possibility that DC will cave in to the dickheads calling for Snyder's return. I mean, he's already had two chances (three if we're counting the Snyder cut), so why not give him another shot at ruining DC's still nascent cinematic universe?
  11. Mako Mountain Climbing Team 4 Life!
  12. Blackhat (2015) Michael Mann does a film about hackers, and despite a few stretches of credulity (the NSA doesn't strip attachments from emails?) and some slightly iffy dialogue, manages to create something believable (at least, compared to say Swordfish or Hollywood's other portrayals of hackers), thrilling and nice to watch. Apparently there is a superior director's cut out there that reorders some of the scenes and improves the flow, but I was happy enough with the theatrical cut. 4/5
  13. I had the same problem as well! Guess that was a bug that Arkane never got around to fixing then.
  14. I keep on forgetting about the foam dart thing, and I think that I only used it once in the entire game. I suspect it'll come into its own when I eventually get around to my no-upgrades run, which I plan to do on Easy because I imagine it will be very tedious otherwise. For my Typhon-only run, I'll be playing on Normal to maintain some semblance of a challenge and look forward to giving the Typhon a taste of their own medicine.
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