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  1. earlymodernsteve

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Jiggly looks pretty Presidential there...
  2. earlymodernsteve

    The Best Videogame Player In The World

    ' If you've never been inside a Japanese game center, and if you are not old enough to have witnessed what Western arcades looked like in their heyday, you will perhaps find it difficult to accept this claim that I am about to make here. Besides, I don't have any relevant statistics to back it up, and though I could certainly do some research and come up with some myself, frankly, I have better things to do with my time.' There we have the opening paragraph of this timeless contribution to games writing. I would read on but, frankly, I have better things to do with my time.
  3. earlymodernsteve

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Played Captain is Dead a while ago and really liked it. We got super lucky with the cards and it was fairly easy but with two under 12s in our team that wasn't a bad thing
  4. earlymodernsteve

    The Best Videogame Player In The World

    Well, this has turned out well, hasn't it? Reminded me of this gem of a page too: https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/Icycalm As for the Videogame (Not a) Decathlon, it sounds like exactly the kind of trumped up snorefest that a self-important PUA would dream up. Makes the name of the Insomnia 'collective' wonderfully ironic.
  5. earlymodernsteve


    It's good fun apparently but the developers have lost the licence so it's not supported any longer. Dead by Daylight might be a more future proof alternative?
  6. earlymodernsteve

    Call of Cthulhu - Oct 30th

    Writing mine up this evening (got code late) and that's a pretty good summary. 8/10 is a bit generous though. Worth playing for fans of Cthulhu Mythos but distinctly average in terms of gameplay.
  7. earlymodernsteve

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Doesn't it need to be a data transfer USB cable, not just a charging one? That could be the issue.
  8. earlymodernsteve

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    Exactly the same here. I much prefer a broken mess to a mediocre dull game.
  9. earlymodernsteve

    Films that are good for the soul

    Tangled and Hercules are both great shouts. I'd throw Hunchback of Notre Dame in the underrated Disney stakes.
  10. earlymodernsteve

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    It's on Prime if that helps.
  11. earlymodernsteve

    Most Useless Features

    Not disputing its uselessness but my kids were quite smitten with the fact it changed to match your chosen Ranger colour on that half arsed Power Ranger game. The speaker is quite useful here and there: Mad Max makes quite good use of it.
  12. Had a nosey in the charity shops whilst hiding from the rain today and found this little beauty for a fiver. The game is still sat on my to play pile so I may have to bump it to the top and enjoy flicking through this:
  13. It's a little more linear and has endless runner influences but Planet Alpha is the nearest thing to a cinematic platformer I've seen in a while. Beautiful too.
  14. earlymodernsteve

    Socketeer: My New Game Inspired By Paradroid and Spelunky

    Wow, my kids loved the trailer for this; had no idea it was a forum member's baby. Swamped with games at the moment but will pick this up later. Well done on getting it out there.
  15. earlymodernsteve

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    I finished the Amstrad version of Zoids back in the day. Don't think I ever really knew what I was doing but had far more patience/fewer games back then.

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