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  1. earlymodernsteve

    Pre-owned games sales in freefall (UK)

    'Guests' is a funny euphemism given the way retailers act towards their customers.
  2. earlymodernsteve

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Iron Maiden had Ed Hunter the game, and now app games. That Journey cover image makes me want to play Thumper
  3. earlymodernsteve

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Yep. Was really excited to get hold of it and play it with my kids but it is awful. Here's my review for the full details : https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2019/02/26/the-lego-movie-2-videogame-review/
  4. earlymodernsteve

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Lego Movie 2 VideoGame: Had to review this and it was awful. Uses the Lego Worlds engine so everything is plain and empty. Lacks all the character and detail of every other Lego game. Characters are just skins so have no effect on gameplay (unless you get stuck in a house because of Batman's ludicrous shoulder-pads) and the whole thing is uninspired and phoned in. Would may be have been acceptable as £10 DLC for Lego Worlds but as a full price retail release it can get te fuck.
  5. earlymodernsteve

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    @Retroguy Almost totally agree. It is very much more Kingdom Hearts but, graphics aside, no idea what they've been doing for all these years. The worlds are mostly fun to explore but there are some crazy decisions about minigame content and repetition (Frozen Slider in particular). The Gummi Ship is a million times more enjoyable though. Not even sure about closure, tbh, as there are more questions than answers by the end of the game. Would love to hear how it feels to a newcomer; don't think I would have stuck with the worst bits without having been committed to the series.
  6. earlymodernsteve

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4): I really enjoyed this but it wasn't really an evolution from 2 in most respects. The Disney fan-service was well handled, the Gummi Ships were improved immeasurably but the button mashing combat and ridiculously over-portentous Organisation stuff was at its worst. The final exchanges with groups of bosses where defeating each one triggers a cutscene where the others presumably sit down and check their emails whilst you chat was the most egregious example of bad storytelling getting in the way of the game. But, it is fun and I'm enjoying exploring the worlds after finishing it to look for collectables. Might actually be better to play it the way my son is by skipping all the bullshit black coat crap. Roundabout (Vita): Somebody described this as like Kururin mashed up with some porno story outtakes and that sums it up really. Silly story played for maximum camp and quick arcadey spinning limo action levels. Played this through in a couple of sessions whilst nursing a fractured ankle and it was fun. Digimon: Cyber Sleuth (Vita): This is pretty much Persona-Lite and made for perfect handheld gaming. Goes on a little too long and the mechanics of types and attributes could be better explained but I quite liked the surprisingly mature storyline and the battle system was pretty good once it got going. Got the sequel on PS4 but will probably play it on Remote Play while the kids and wife watch TV. Iconoclasts (Vita): More Vita fun whilst I was recuperating in bed. This was a nice little Metroidvania with pretty good design and neat mechanics. Some overly wordy dialogue and little need to dig out all the collectables (crafting materials when there was nothing left to craft) but fun nonetheless. Impressive that it was pretty much a solo production. Bonus points for organic LGBT+ representation.
  7. earlymodernsteve

    Monster Hunter: World

    I stopped at Diablos last year as it was a wall. Then got distracted by other games. Still need to get back into it and introduce him to my hammer.
  8. earlymodernsteve

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Same here on TheSixthAxis end of year awards. I totally forgot about it but it did release on the cusp of the year. Keep on meaning to write up a paper I gave on its relationship with American myth building and Trumpian ideas of Reagan nostalgia.
  9. earlymodernsteve

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    That's pretty much 'Where the Water Tastes Like Wine'. Which is why it's great.
  10. earlymodernsteve

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Ditto. It's lushly put together and the worlds have lots of detail to look at but not a huge amount to do. The combat is so overdone that it largely seems to do itself. The Game and Watch things are awesome though and some of the other minigames are enjoyable. The end is so overburdened though. There are multiple enemy fights where beating one leads to a cutscene where the others just disappear whilst some traditional emo KH dialogue goes on. Really felt like they were phoning in the tying up loose ends there. It is a really good game but has done nothing to fix the flaws and annoyances of the earlier titles.
  11. earlymodernsteve

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Nope. Although he sounds like a top bloke
  12. earlymodernsteve

    A movie watchers blog

    Oooooh. This is based on a brilliant Lindqvist short story. Had no idea it was being filmed. Will get hold of this as soon as I can.
  13. The blog looks amazing. My research is literature based (well, texts broadly as I look at films and games through a literary criticism angle) but so often end up (mis)using social and political theory. Look forward to reading the book
  14. Looks fantastic, @BadgerFarmer. I'll get that advertised amongst my Gaming Studies peeps on Twitter etc. How'd you swing the Zizek pull quote? That's a hell of a name to have on there
  15. earlymodernsteve

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Played the demo for an hour or so and I really like it. Got enough else on that it can wait until it leaves Early Access but it's good. Apparently the Portal stuff comes in later (sounds like there is around 20h of game).

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