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  1. Sinking City is surprisingly good fun given the jank but has a weirdly inverse difficulty curve. You get wiped out by most things for the first few hours but then by the end you can go in Max Payne style
  2. Conarium is ok but more janky in many ways than CoC and Sinking City. There are some awful chase scenes which feel utterly tedious and out of keeping with the rest of the game but if you can tolerate that it does have some really interesting parts too.
  3. @papalazarou Is that native via Sidequest? I've not sorted that out yet but seen some SteamVR mods that should do the same.
  4. It was alright. Better than I feared. Not peak Brooker but not as dumbed down as it could have been. Grant utterly nailed the David Starkey character though (except adding some likeability that is not there in the real life version).
  5. I chuffing hate Allardyce. Admittedly, as a Liverpool fan there is a recent reason to be bitter about his approach but for years I've found him to be the worst example of 'English' manager and was unbelievably happy when his rise to England manager turned out the way it did.
  6. I actually find full movement less sick inducing than teleport, even though the settings usually suggest that the opposite should be true.
  7. It was an odd final all around. Shaw just wasn't at the races (bet Terry Hollands is regretting his gentleman's agreement in the heats), Bishop just isn't big enough (although he beat Stoltman for the British title), and Pritchett and Caron don't have the versatility to take the title. It was Stoltman's to lose so I hope he gets another chance as him and his brother are just lovable big softies I can't see the older names coming back so it will be Licis, Kieliskowski, Novikov and Tom Stoltman as the main contenders next year with maybe Singleton if he carries on his progress. The field was ve
  8. I really liked the way that Deep Rock handled single player. You have a robot that assists you and you can tailor it's approach to fit your playstyle. Not the same as multiplayer of course but still an enjoyable experience.
  9. @jonnyalpha Untold Adventures looks right up our street. Will pm
  10. I have some news for you - although if your wallet is feeling thinner than a Jill sandwich then don't open this link - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.imore.com/every-resident-evil-game-you-can-get-nintendo-switch%3famp
  11. I will have one at the start of next month you can have. I loved it when I got to review it. I've got too much on to bother unlocking early though Ancestors got press when the dev accused reviewers of not actually playing the game before criticising it. Funnily enough my review got screen time in Jim Sterling's video about it. The initial release actively worked against you playing it but it has apparently been improved since then. I almost bought Pathologic 2 and Minoria in the sale so happy with those.
  12. There are enough games out there to not need to support bullshit companies.
  13. https://en.psprices.com/region-gb/discounts/?sort=date&platform=3DS Should be everything. Doesn't include DLC though.
  14. Get this monkey off your back before the New Year. You can do this. You will do this
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