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  1. Been playing a (bare bones) fan translation of Black Panther on PSP today. Only an hour or so in and it's enjoyable if a little odd; Kamurocho is present and correct albeit in a Yak1&2 fixed camera style but the cutscenes are done in a Peace Walker-esque stylised manner, and the fighting is really claustrophobic - taking place in set 'arenas' around town (public park 3, behind Serena etc) without the free-flowing nature of the main series. Interested to see where it goes.
  2. The Vita hardware was and is great, and I've had some enjoyable experiences with it over the years (P4G, Everybody's Golf, Tearaway, ... Not to mention the glorious MGS 2+3 ports). Unfortunately in my opinion it never really had the breadth and depth of software (especially the exclusives) the PSP did - not least because Sony gave up on it so quickly. Worst of all is the Ridge Racer comparison. The Vita version is probably the most disappointing game I've ever played.
  3. The resurfacing of this thread made me dig my PSP out. It's grubby and worn out but I immediately selected Outrun and 'just race' or whatever it is and it's just astounding. 15 years old FFS!
  4. Bump! I've introduced my 3 year old to gaming proper this weekend. She's watched me before but I chose her first hands-on experience to be Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii. It looks lovely and the first few levels are so peril-free it was hard for her to make too much of a hash of it. We played 2 player with my wife and took turns to guide her when she got stuck but it melted my little heart when she shouted 'look I did it!' when she jumped over an obstacle.
  5. Bomberman 93 all day long. We used to end long FIFA nights with a few games of the Wii port, it's perfectly judged without any of the extra stuff in 94. Edit: Just look at it! Pure brilliance. https://youtu.be/dJ6a6DlkOUk
  6. Amazed that Areola couldn't find a bigger club than Fulham. He could easily be #1 at Arsenal or Everton.
  7. Brentford getting a taste of the VAR fun and games that awaits them if/when they reach the PL.
  8. Yeah, I enjoyed that, actually much more than the most recent series. Agreed on this. They seem to bend the rules when they want (Alice Levine is a crap DJ, and Katherine Parkinson and Joe Thomas are not comedians by any stretch - in fact they both appeared to be having nervous breakdowns on the show), so it seems a silly restriction.
  9. Also recently the anniversary of this, classic Rousey in every way. Don't think I have ever celebrated any KOs as much as the Holm and Nunes finishes.
  10. Just seems like the Leeds admin is very thin-skinned. The problem with reacting to shit spouted by every pundit who says something you don't like is that it can easily come back to bite you in the arse - Watford's Twitter posted all sorts of smug stuff last year (including stoking their running feud with Gary Lineker every now and again) and we know how that ended.
  11. Jeez. Fine margins! Massive win.
  12. It's such a great film. My 2 year old 'makes' me watch it about once a month ('Tanton' as she calls it).
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