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  1. SLF was ok, but following a short Google - a) I didn't even twig that it was the same person, b) I've just found out that she's the sister of the titular Stath (Jamie Demetriou) and c) I now really fancy her seeing her without fangs.
  2. Finally watched all of these now. Absolutely brilliant, liked it a lot more than the film. The 5 main characters seem like they were born to play these roles, everything is so spot-on. I was pretty much laughing non-stop from 'it's just a formality' in the first episode.
  3. Spurs win last official unveiling! The halves are growing on me now I've seen them actually worn, mirrors the crest nicely. Would love a simple white away kit with those black and red trims on the arms.
  4. I dunno, Spurs need freshening up and he had a relatively crap season but Atletico will see £20m for a seasoned international with CL experience as a decent price. It seems fair for all parties, least of all the player himself who can probably do with a change of scenery.
  5. Weirdly Watford posted a distorted 'teaser' today (with a release date of 26/7) which suggests it will probably be the half and half design which was briefly leaked at the end of March before a cover-up April Fool's attempt was released by the club, this time with a diamond design. Clearly I was suckered in as I thought they were both too shit to be true. Different I guess. And at least we won't have so many clashes with the striped teams.
  6. Commiserations. I really don't know what they are going for there. Arseholes. 18 PL kits announced so far (sorry to rub it in). Watford and Spurs still in the race. In my opinion Watford are always the REAL real last team, but I'm biased.
  7. Oh Scott, never change Second round to be decided by a draw apparently. That'll probably make UEFA's draws look fair and unbiased ... Surprised Gallagher wasn't convinced to move up.
  8. Must admit I had to look her up, I liked Ghosts but her character was a bit ànnoying. As mentioned though, always open to being charmed by unknown quantities on TM!
  9. (Actually Sally Phillips was decent. Leave her out of this!)
  10. I actually really like these films, easily the best of the latter day Holmes adaptations. Had all but given up hope of a third installment.
  11. Couldn't stand Lou this season, she's basically an older Alice Levine. The next champion of champions (if they do one) will be awful, Kerry Godliman, Liza Tarbuck and now her. Everyone else definitely grew on me, TM is great for this - for example, I couldn't stand the likes of Rhod Gilbert, Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett prior to their appearances but they were so funny. Don't really think much of the next lineup. Baddiel will probably be another Mark Watson, I can't see Brand setting the show alight and I've no idea about the others. Anyway the person who sits in the middle has won the last 3 series so that needs to change. Fix!
  12. I guess there is the possibility that Jones himself was fucked up from the leg kicks, he too left the arena in a wheelchair.
  13. Apart from the comedy flying knee stomp attempt in the 4th or 5th - he's still a massive twat. No eyepokes at least though. Marreta was incredible and was probably the best challenger I've ever seen take on Jones. Not in any way a robbery, championships don't change hands on such fine margins. Would love to see a rematch though. Overall a brilliant card, best for absolute ages. Shame BT took the greedy route, I wonder how many people actually bought it. Nunes' win felt weirdly anticlimactic, Holly isn't on her level and is unfortunately trading off past glories. The KOs of Rockhold and Askren were absolute poetry and, while I am never a fan of gloating, unnecessary extra shots and poor sportsmanship, both of those guys are absolute pricks of the highest order so it's hard to feel too sad for them. Also great to see Arnold Allen still moving up - a win over Giblert is nothing to be sniffed at, he should definitely be top 15 this week.
  14. Yeah, it's not a good sign and doesn't scream contestant care or any improvements in the selection process after poor old Mike. They need to get Amy out really.
  15. Yeah I know, I don't normally watch them but left it on for some reason. Still, I can but dream!
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