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  1. @Azrael I'm old school so allowed myself one sub, mainly in the interest of symmetry. I'm going to change one into a red tracksuit top.
  2. Temporary exhibit - 'Tribute To The Premier League Champions'
  3. Hmm no longer seems to exist, but thanks anyway.
  4. Visited, watered and got the flying saucer recipe. Do you have the code for that Liverpool shirt? Got a silver trophy here, I think they'd look good together
  5. Thanks @StumpyJohn, I'll see what comes along over the next week. I am well overdue a meteor shower so fingers crossed.
  6. Good to know but I was kinda hoping to visit for some wishing action I've done 2 wishing sessions since the cancer table recipe came out but only got 1 fragment. They seem a bit harder to come by than previous star signs. Starting to think I might run out of time. And can't avoid commenting on last night's theft. I unfriended cohen205 / Matt from Da Wae after Stumpyjohn's incident having also had a couple of strange encounters and a minor gold flower theft. I too haven't had any other problems with visitors but it could be considered that anything left on the ground is fair game, especially as most of us leave unwanted DIY recipes, clothes or furniture for others to take. I suspect we will hear either nothing, or 'my daughter thought they were spares'.
  7. Do any of you folks with Celeste have shooting stars?
  8. Last chance for someone to grab genuine painting from Redd, switching off at 10:30
  9. Gates are open at Winslow. Redd is here with one genuine flowery paining and one fake solemn painting remaining. If no one needs the flowery painting, please come and buy it for me
  10. How's everyone getting on? I finally completed 1000m on Star Driller so that's 2 down on Level 2. Drindy Adventure next!
  11. Well the sunfish statue is suitably massive.
  12. CJ is here and just landed my 4th ocean sunfish of the day, so that's one in the museum and a statue on the way. Happy with that.
  13. Well that was like opening time at a car boot sale
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