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  1. Saw this advertised on my local Facebook group. Would it be any use for an emulation project? Anything that might be an obvious problem? Should i haggle on price?
  2. Tempted by Dimension Drive at 85% off, now £1.79 but I can see @Stanshall hated it...is it worth the price of a swift half a lager or a cheap Aldi sandwich?
  3. I lusted after one of these and eventually traded for one in the noughties. Compared with other machines of the time, the arcade conversions really were very good but the controllers were a complete nightmare.
  4. Original arcade hardware. At various stages I've been through: - a generic jamma cabinet - similar but with a Neo Geo 1 slot - a dedicated classic game that wasn't well converted at home (Arkanoid with spinner) - a cocktail cabinet (Scramble) - a 'better' dedicated game (SmashTV) - a pinball table (firstly Cybernaut then Corvette) Everything except for the pinball table was done on an extremely tight budget and being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I still have the Smash TV and the pinball table. Being a big car booter in the noughties I think for me a grail item was something sold and found in the wild for a bargain price . After all where's the fun in just buying what you want whenever you can. Surely most of the thrill is in the hunt. At that time I think I found, or traded for, every console variant I could want. I think I'm over all that now. But I'd love a dedicated Hypersports cabinet.
  5. Did anyone else watch this? A 10 parter on BBC4 that concluded last night. All episodes available on iplayer. I really enjoyed it - it's a little heavy on the subtitles if that's not your thing although there is some English dialogue in parts. It's basically a crime drama with two distinct halves to the overall story. Moves at a reasonable pace and I thought it made the most of some lovely scenery despite the grim overall theme of tracking a serial killer. Anyway, recommended if you missed it. Each episode is 40 mins so not too gruelling.
  6. I've really got back into this on Switch. It's a bit finicky in handheld mode but plays great on the big screen with a pro controller. Slowly nudging into global top 5 on many of the levels, well inside the top 10 on all of them. Anyway, nice variant on the Tetris style of game if anyone fancies a punt.
  7. 'versions' of any sort can't replicate the dexterity needed to master the cabinet's button layout. And inevitably the game is simplified with any joystick that offers more than the original's restricted up and down movement. Having separate buttons for thrust and reverse seems crazy on just about any other game. Just look at it!
  8. I'm a fan. Much like several early Williams games, the sound design really adds to the game, especially the deep bass synth when your ship spawns. The ship's laser really feels like it has proper firepower and you really feel like a god when you rescue a humanoid and then catch him, especially if you can carry a few before returning to land. It was a joy to play again on original hardware last summer but I don't think I could score more than 30,000 if I played it for the rest of my life. It's one of those rare games that doesn't translate well to the home because of the buttons, even with any kind of MAME set up. Back in the day the Atari VCS version appeared in my mums mail order catalogue so she ordered it on one of those £2 per week arrangements. It must have been a full six months before it was officially released and when it finally came it was inevitably a disappointment. Not only because the resemblance to the arcade original was slight, but it was just too easy. Fast forward forty or so years and the only vaguely related game that I think comes close as a spiritual successor is Resogun.
  9. Toki is reduced by 80% to £5.99, got to be worth a punt.
  10. Could someone please report back on whether this has Tate mode and online leaderboard? Can't find any info on Google or YouTube. Thanks!
  11. I like the snapshot idea to bring things to life a bit. Adding a date would also be potentially useful I think.
  12. I enjoy score attack games, mostly original arcade stuff via MAME but have also enjoyed challenges on this very forum with one or two other members on older consoles such as the NES. Some set ups I have automatically save scores, some would rely on me loading save states (at the menu, not for cheating purposes) and others offer nothing. I really should keep more of a track of my best scores, not least because I'll play the same game on different hardware solutions, whether the hacked mini consoles, one of a couple of Raspberry Pi set ups or my XBox Crystal with Coin Ops. Is there a more elegant solution to tracking scores than a dull old spreadsheet? Does anyone else even bother? Interested to know if anyone else has a similar 'problem' and interesting solution.
  13. Looks like the same set up that Future Artists did in High Wycombe in the summer last year. I enjoyed the 2 hours I spent at that event but I'd say take any advertised list of machines with a pinch of salt.
  14. @Pioscene is next on my friends leaderboard on 223M
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