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  1. World 1 clear! There’s a lot of game here for the (no) money
  2. Versus mode is brilliant, worth the grind through the largely tedious first 20 levels. Bagged six wins and one loss, which helps with the enjoyment factor
  3. I said 'some' of these games, making the particular point in Pitstop 2's direction. I've also said earlier in the thread that there's content I would be interested in, particularly the Llamasoft C64 games.
  4. This tech talk is all well and good but watching @deKay‘s earlier stream of Pitstop 2 made me wonder who in their right mind would want to spend any time on that versus the Virtua Racing remaster on Switch. Or indeed any racing game of the last couple of generations. Some games - arguably many of what’s on offer - just need to be consigned to the vaults of history and left there. I admit I’m a little bit tempted to sign up for some action with the Llamasoft back catalogue but largely because the games are missing from my build of Coinops7 and I’ve not spent time configuring the C64 emus on my Pi / PS Mini.
  5. That is a shame although I guess what happened to Nintendo from the NES onwards is a fairly well understood story. There’s definitely no better documentation of the company’s early history than Vol 1. The level of detail in vol 2 makes md think many more were planned.
  6. Lidl sold those remade versions a few years back - I’ve got a spare of Mario’s Cement Factory if anyone wants it for the price of postage. It’s opened and needs a battery.
  7. I bought vols 1&2 at the same time, from amazon I think. Certainly quite a few years ago. It’s mint, came with a sleeve protector on it too. I’m thinking I paid £15 each.
  8. I also have this book which covers every game in lots of detail. Seem to recall it goes for silly money now though.
  9. I should probably get round to displaying these properly but these are mine. I used to have a few tabletops and panoramas but the lure of £100+ each meant I sold them. As noted in the ‘best bargains’ thread none of these cost me more than £3 - I think my favourite in terms of rarity is the boxed Tropical Fish although Octopus was the first I ever played and I still like the gameplay on that one.
  10. For those of us car booting in the noughties pretty much every weekend turned up something we would now class as treasure. Some of my favourites: - Vectrex with 6 games - £4 - Sega Multimega - £5 - PC Engine - £5 Then there’s the big plastic tub that contained a pile of G1 Transformers, I wasn’t into them but within a few weeks turned £7 spend into £450 on ebay But most of all it’s probably my collection of 35 or so Game & Watch, none of which cost me more than £3.
  11. The game definitely auto-drifts your car to the right just as you reach the pit exit down the start/finish straight ... but I have also had a few weird issues with the car veering rapidly left or right ruining my lap. Never had drift on my joycons but this does seem to be cropping up as an issue. Doesn’t happen in big screen with my Pro pad so it’s either the game in handheld mode or the left joycon that’s at fault Also just fired the game up in coinops7 on XBox and the game is basically chalk n cheese compared with the remaster on Switch - the emulated game has poor resolution and low draw distance, in comparison with Switch it’s almost unplayable. Gradually been whittling my times down and I’m just clinging onto the top 200 on Beginner with 3:13 and a bit, but not managed a lap under 38.15 at all yet. It’s the last hairpin and more slipstreaming that are my best chances of improvement. Absolutely brilliant remaster.
  12. My best ‘score’ on Beginner: 3.15.43 Let’s see those times people!
  13. I thought I had the drift issue too - my only assumption is that the game is helpfully steering you away from the pit exit to avoid any potential collisions ... which I know is irrelevant in the standard game mode but it’s the best sensible theory I can muster.
  14. In the absence of a 'friends' filter on the high score table, is there any interest in posting best times here to spice competition up a bit? Also what's the preferred approach to the beginners course with manual gears? I usually stay in 7th until the final hairpin when I drop down to 6th just before the turn.
  15. The full range of Zelda amiibo appears to be available for pre-order on the Nintendo store at the moment so maybe a reprint is happening.
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