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  1. I've had one all clear, wondered what that did to the opposition then got rapidly consumed by the resulting incoming junk. In short, rewaarding personally but no great advantage unless you can quickly rebuild your stack.
  2. MagicalDrop

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Yes I get sound dropouts and my set up is the same as yours.
  3. MagicalDrop

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Yes, I've had the issue of sound cutting out on my base XBox One too. Only occasionally and very briefly but it's very noticeable when it happens.
  4. I won a game! I don't quite understand everything that's going on but my, how things have come a long way since I used to play original Gameboy Tetris head to head with a link lead in my lunchbreak. Brilliant freebie and the perfect way for them to entice more online subscribers to the service.
  5. MagicalDrop

    Collecting old magazines

    Think I still have these in the original Edge slipcase in my loft. Need to check but open to offers....
  6. MagicalDrop

    "Restoring" a cocktail table

    Great timing, I am more or less in the same position here. I’m thoroughly enjoying my Retropie setup indoors but in the summer I’ll migrate to the garage for pinball, my Smash TV machine and CoinOps on the XBox. My cocktail machine has been unused for a couple of years so advice on converting it to a Pi/Mame machine would be much appreciated.
  7. MagicalDrop

    Sky Kid appreciation

    Not particularly a fan as such in that it's a game I never encountered in the arcades despite being a fairly regular seaside visitor in the 80s. I do have the Namco Museum pack on the Switch though so will give it a bit more time - fired it up when first bought but it didn't grab me instantly.
  8. Took delivery of my first Pi today courtesy of an Amazon deal this morning and same day delivery. I'd done a bit of pre-planning but am usually doomed to failure with this kind of thing. Amazed to get it up and running so quickly, what an incredible piece of kit. Couple of early questions of course if you can indulge me. - I've installed retropie on the supplied 32gb SD card. This card had NOOBS on it...if I wanted to boot to something other than Retropie, can I do it with what I have or do I need another route? - surprised there was no PSP emulator on the Retropie build.how can I add one? cheers!
  9. MagicalDrop

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    Loving this topic too. Having been hovering on buying a Pi this thread inspired me to have a dig around in the loft and I found my wife's old laptop - a Compaq CQ61 running Windows 7 which should be well up to the job. Installed Retroarch, not used it before. It was easy enough to download and run but not the most user friendly interface...no problem getting a few console emulators up and running. MAME is turning into quite mess though - can't get anything NeoGeo running despite having the BiOS in the ROMs folder, some stuff works, some doesn't. I've linked the laptop to a separate 22" monitor but can't get the laptop to fill the screen despite some basic fiddling with the screen settings in Windows...and rotating games in MAME / Retroarch doesn't seem possible, I had to rotate the display in Windows 7. Impressed that I can plug in a PS4 controller which seems to work most of the time. It's reminded me what a faff it all is - and then I had a lovely session on Dodonpachi, Parodius and Snow Bros and went to bed generally happy. I know this stuff shouldn't necessarily easy but you do come away feeling you've earned your gametime. I suspect I need to download a new version of MAME and compatible ROMset but I've got working versions on some other laptops so will have to spend some time seeing what I want to play and what's missing and do a bit of a ROM audit (ie play them and see if they work). Seems like a slog.
  10. MagicalDrop

    So the Vectrex then

    I lusted after one for years ever since seeing one on demo in my local video rental store when it launched. Finally got one about 15 years ago in the golden era of car booting for the sum of £4 with 4 games.Of course it handled vector games brilliantly despite no official Asteroids license and the conversion of the lesser known Star Castle was pretty good. But then they were left to try to copy sprite based licensed titles like Scramble and the rival consoles did that so much better. What they tried to do with a stand alone vertical screen, arcade style colour overlays and the unique arcade look of vector graphics was niche and brilliant. Unfortunately mine no longer worked last time I fired it up so it's now long gone but I'm glad I had the chance to own one for a while.
  11. MagicalDrop

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    I got a nice 22" rotatable monitor off a local Facebook group for £20. I'm using an hdmi to vga converter so the picture isn't as crisp as it might be but it's been perfectly adequate (awesome) for Switch vertical shooters at the dining table.
  12. MagicalDrop

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I think I have most people on here on my friends list - is that the same with everyone else or shall I post some more screenshots of the friends leaderboards to spur on some more high score chasing? Which game mode(s)?
  13. I played through it solo, which was perfectly do-able and a lot of fun but some stuff is locked behind doors that you need other characters to open, so I'd imagine it's a much better experience with 4. Horde mode gets very busy and the maps can get quite complex...overall well worth a month's Gamepass sub. on its own.

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