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  1. You can get Wander Beyond stuff in cans and on tap at the Knott Bar. Cloudwater tap room is well worth a visit (also the bottle shop which is a walk in fridge). If you're outside of the city centre then there's a couple of good bars in Altrincham, Pi & The Belgium bar out by the markets.
  2. Sometimes waitrose has it. Master of Malt are my go to for booze, its £20 there at the moment. https://www.masterofmalt.com/vermouth/guilio-cocchi-spumanti-cocchi-americano-aperitif/?srh=1
  3. Some of the best episodes are actualy people who don't seem to like food at all. There was one with a commedian who refused to have Starters because she doesn't agree with them and then just ordered a curry and a pint of lager.
  4. It's like, legal to go to a restaurant/bar as normal now but like fuck am I going. I've eaten pretty well (and put on a couple of jeans sizes) since all of this started but there are a couple of things I've just not been able to get properly at home, mostly due to the preparation side or just the longevity of ingredients. I just want a well prepared Daiquiri and a Martini.
  5. Not a fan of this from West Brom. I expect it's a bit of a throw back to the 70s style 3 stripe look but the blue is far too wide and the embossed text (the lord is my shepherd, which the fans sing for some reason) is embaressing.
  6. This is also completely beyond what you were asking but I made a fantastic espresso martini a few months ago. I infused vodka with roasted peanuts, popcorn and black pepper. Made a vanilla and cacao syrup with a touch of salt. Home made cold brew coffee liqueur and rather than espresso, just quite strong steeped coffee chilled overnight. None of the added flavours pushed through individually but the depth of flavour and the sweetness being tempered by the salt and savoury really worked.
  7. If you want to increase the viscosity, dissolve your sugar into water first, to make a 2:1, or rich simple syrup. You could also chill your coffee so you get less dilution. For a richer flavour, make your own home made coffee liqueur from light roast beans, or buy a bottle of mister Black's from waitrose. The creamy thing could just be using khalua rather than tia Maria, though.
  8. I'd agree with that. If you want a better McDonalds, Five Guys is it. If you want a better Burger King, that's Shake Shack.
  9. The pace they get the food out at is definately a huge benefit of Five Guys, although if you are in and out in 15 minutes you don't get to have five different drinks from the ridiculous machine which is the main draw for me. My local pub actually has a relationship with the local honest branch, so they run the bar in honest but also have the honest menu set up in the till so I can get it delivered at the pub without going into town, which keeps it as regular option for me. Most places don't have a patty & bun or anything like that, five guys is all over the country which gives it a massive brand recognition, the same sort of thing as all the other chains that are vastly overrated like Wagamama and Nandos.
  10. It's popular because they serve food consistantly, usually very fast and in a way that's open to customisation but still very tight as a menu. I expect the reason it's so expensive is because there are 6-8 people in each kitchen compared to 2-3 in most McDonalds or Burger Kings. As a former McDonalds "chef" - it's clear from Five Guy's open kitchen that they are still very much fast food, but they are cooking their food fresh to order - your patties at McD's are coming frozen and are placed on a grill which locks shut and cooks them in about 90 seconds. All the toppings come pre-prepped in massive bags too. I never buy from Five Guys because we've got an Honest Burger locally so that's my go-to, but the few times I've been in store I've enjoyed it. I like the cajun fries and the sloppy burgers are part of the appeal.
  11. You would say "They" if you didn't know whether someone preferred He or She or you didn't want to define them as he or she. They includes all people who identify as He or She, even in the singular. So it's less of an overlapping categorisation and more an inclusive categorisation of which He/She are a segment of.
  12. Something to consider might be whether this suggests that non-binary is a 3rd option. Would the "they" actually be a circle around both she/he - as it's a general term that can be used for everyone and is therefore inclusive?
  13. I think you have to consider whether you can drive any change at all by simply opting out of the process. The point of Cloudwater going in with the contract brewing was in part to get smaller, minority owned breweries a source of income that would allow them to grow and set up in a way they wouldn't have had the opportunity to do otherwise. There's very few ways they could have done that particularly as Brewdog & Tesco have a pre-existing arrangement and the scale to be able to take it on. There's no point having an individualistic approach to this stuff, you either use your priviledge to build people up, as Cloudwater have done, or you do nothing. There's very little benefit to throwing away that priviledge to be more authentic, or to show how much you really care. Complaining that Cloudwater haven't "done something" comes across a bit "oh, but you use an iPhone.. ." and just serves to tear down one of the few breweries actually trying to set an example.
  14. Herbs and microgreens/sprouts make a big difference for me. You can buy these little things of sprouts from the supermarket but they are easy to do at home yourself, just stick a bunch of seeds in a jar and add water. I've been getting "sillygreens" recently which is £5 and it's basically pre-sprouted seeds. What I'm doing is planting some up in soil and eating the rest with salad or on sandwiches or whatever. https://sillygreens.com/ Strangely, Tesco "finest" potted basil plants are the best basil I've tasted, if you snip the tops and pop them in a jar with some water they will grow new roots and you can basically have an unlimited amount of basil. Corainder is a pain in the arse to keep alive, you need to keep giving it water but always from a little dish underneath. I just buy fresh from Aldi, chop it finely and keep it in a tub in the freezer to use whenever I need it. I do the same with Chives, Garlic Chives etc. Oregano, Chives, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage all grow really well in a pot in the garden. If you've got some green spaces near you have a look for Garlic Mustard, it's growing everywhere in abundance at the moment and it's a lovely flavour to add to things. I've also been getting some weird stuff from Forage Box https://www.foragebox.co.uk/market and Farmdrop https://www.farmdrop.com/category/fruit-and-veg/salad
  15. Gaz


    I'm actually pretty annoyed with myself for not getting a Wilfa sooner. I've changed my brew method now I can grind coarser and I'm getting much better results, which probably means I'm just under-extracting everything but I really want that fruity acidity.
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