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  1. ChrisN

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Taking all your stuff away about 2/3s through the game in some completely unavoidable mission. Yes, Mr Game Developer, you like designing stealth missions, we get it. Now fuck off and let me use the same gun for the entire game.
  2. ChrisN

    Films with one set.

    I didn't really mean to imply all plays are like that, but far more plays have a single setting than films which is why films that do feel like plays to me.
  3. ChrisN

    Films with one set.

    That's awesome. Cheers.
  4. ChrisN

    Films with one set.

    I watched Free Fire the other day. It's a moderately fun action-comedy, but what's genuinely interesting (to me) is that it's basically set entirely in one location (a warehouse), so it feels almost more like watching a play than a film. Reservoir Dogs is similar, as are Phonebooth, How To Rob A Bank, the first Saw movie, etc. Can anyone point me to more films like that? I'd like to explore them a bit.
  5. ChrisN

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    If you complete the two Marko Dragic missions and then go back to the lab you get a special lantern and his robot is gone. I hope it comes back in a Zombies style DLC.
  6. Something I noticed that's worth noting if you've not completed the main quest yet - when you go past a certain point are some side quests that you can't do later as they get removed from the map (one about some getting hold of some moonshine was removed for me). If you're a completist make sure you do them early.
  7. I'm in Epilogue Part II, and it's been proving quite fun, with the notable and incredibly jarring fact that (massive spoiler if you've not got to the end yet)...
  8. The only time I reloaded from a save was when I had a $1000+ bounty (there is a cap...) , but that was just me seeing how high it goes. I killed a lot of Saint Denis police that day.
  9. ChrisN

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    You literally could when the console version was released.
  10. ChrisN

    Far Cry New Dawn

    The Far Cry franchise has always tried new things on the 'minor' releases like Blood Dragon and Primal. I'm happy that there's new ideas in those games. If it was just a reskinned FC5 that'd be pretty dull.
  11. I think we've become seriously spoilt as gamers when people are arguing about whether BotW or RDR2 is the better game. They're both fucking incredible.
  12. I played FC4 on the 360 and XBox One and it was loads of fun on both of them. If this is a sign that Cyberpunk 2077 will be loads of fun on both the Xbox One and the Xbox One X then that's awesome because I won't need a new console.
  13. ChrisN

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    I'd be willing to bet the cost to Epic for buying the PC exclusive rights to a game like Metro Exodus, or any other reasonably big title, is a lot less than the cost of actually making it. Much lower risk too because you can probably cancel buying it for a minimal cost if it's looking shit. Given the choice between making, publishing and selling through your own store, or just buying in exclusives, I think the latter might actually be a better business model.

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