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  1. SimonC

    Best airplane table games

    They aren't exactly the same. The base game is identical in each but both editions have optional rules that differ from one another. The blue edition adds rivers and lakes and red adds meteors and volcanoes. Red can be quite destructive and although i havent played blue with rivers and lakes it certainly sounds like stuff is less likely to go up in flames!
  2. It's a a rather lovely edition too. Picked it up at Essen last year.
  3. I stopped using mine a month or so ago. It was still working OK but I was getting really sore hands after playing and I think the paddles were causing pain in the tendons in my wrists. I'm not playing any less and have no issues using the standard xbox controller now. I don't know if it was the extra weight of the controller or the paddles (possibly both) but my hands grew to hate using it.
  4. SimonC

    What are you playing?

    I would expect you are missing out on a great deal of the game by not playing against over people as it's essentially a race game (first to 20 points) with worker placement. Both those mechanics work great with others but not so great solo. Card draw can be a bit swingy but you do tend to draw a lot which evens out the luck element. You also need to get a worker on the right spot on the board to play them so there's a good balance between collecting cards, playing them and forgoing other actions to do both of those things. FWIW it's one of my favourite games and not because of the theme or quality of the pieces
  5. SimonC


    The starter box only comes with quick start rules anyway. Full rules can be grabbed in a pdf here: https://www.keyforgegame.com/
  6. SimonC


    The starter boxed game comes with 2 decks that are the same in every copy and then 2 unique decks. The starter decks have extra text on them to explain the keywords.
  7. SimonC

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    1352 hours of OW..... 911 hours of Rainbow Six Siege. I really wish I hadn't looked those numbers up.
  8. My parents got so fed up of me and my brother fighting over the zx spectrum that they bought another one. So i guess they didn't handle it very well! Then we had one colour tv and one black and white so we used to argue over whose turn it was to play in colour instead
  9. I haven't turned my switch on since i got back from holiday in August. I'd sell it but I'm holding out for a proper Animal Crossing. It's not that I dislike it as a console, it's more a case that the handheld aspect is totally wasted on me. I drive to work, hardly ever use public transport and don't have to share my TV much so Xbox with friends wins other Switch alone every time. Also, the joycons make my hands hurt after about 30 minutes. Pro controller is brilliant though.
  10. My 10 year old son carried me to a duos victory this morning. I think he had 6 kills and I had zero. He also had to revive me a couple of times Cross platform works well though. My kids have a PS4 and I have an Xbox and I love the fact we can play this together on different consoles.
  11. You can fit more pelts on a big horse? I mean, it's obvious that should be the case IRL but not in videogame land.
  12. SimonC


    I've played this 6 times now. It's a lot of fun! All the fun of a CCG without the countless hours of deckbuilding. Once you know the rules it's nice and fast too. You can easily get through a game in 30 minutes.
  13. SimonC

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I'm not much of a minis boardgamer either, and KS does seem to aim itself more at that end of the market, but the whole KS model does seem to encourage style over substance. Also, if you're getting the money before your design is complete where is the incentive to ensure you've made a good solid game? Not saying that's true of every KS project mind.

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