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  1. Is this Spidey PS4 Pro available to pre-order on the UK anywhere yet?
  2. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    In fairness, I did invite you to the pub after as well, but I seem to recall something about you ‘needing to nip off’, ‘washing your hair’ and ‘it’s not you it’s me’.
  3. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Well, never say never, but it’s certainly not our agenda for now anyway. But it if you hate pissing around with emulators, this is DEFINITELY the service for you.
  4. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    It’s a cool idea, but there’s retroarch style front ends for that sort of thing. This is about doing things legit. After all, Netflix wouldn’t let you watch ripped Blu-rays.
  5. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    To be honest, that’s actually better than the real reason.
  6. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    We’re not releasing pricing info yet, but you can expect it to be in the same ball park that other streaming services like Netflix were at launch. Essentially a similar licensing deal to Spotify. We’ve already raised quite a bit of investment, but would be happy to talk to you about it offline. As for an ICO, it’s been mentioned before and I wouldn’t rule it out for the future, but I don’t think we’d have the bandwidth as we’re not a huge team.
  7. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    This is why you should never start a topic on an empty stomach.
  8. jon_cybernet

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    So for the last four years, a sizeable team (including @Anne Summers and myself from Rllmuk) have been working on a retro game streaming platform called Antstream. It lets you play a huge catalogue of retro games, with a single subscription that you can access across multiple devices. Systems supported include everything from the earliest Arcade games through to the best home computers, through to PS1 games - and beyond! Each game on the system has been lovingly curated. We've re-mastered artwork, created control schemes that work across touch controls, keyboards and game pads, and created global and friend leaderboards. For some games, we've even created brand new micro challenges that you can compete against your friends with, from simple score attack trials to more exotic challenges, like boss rushes. The best thing is, every game on the system is fully licensed, so you know that by playing the games, people are actually going to get paid. So after nearly half a decade of work, we're almost ready to break cover. We'll be touring Antstream round several gaming shows in August including Play Expo in London and GamesCom in Cologne, so if you're visiting either of those shows, please come and say hi at our booth. We'll also be announcing our full launch plans really soon. In the meantime though, @Anne Summers and myself will be happy to answer any (well, some) questions here, and if you're interested, we'd love it if you'd like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/antstreamgames/) and join our mailing list (https://www.antstream.com/mailinglist) - the more interest you guys show the better the licenses we'll get access to. It's a really exciting project, with support from some of the biggest names in gaming, and we'd love to have you help shape what Antstream becomes. Also, there's free cake for anyone who likes our page, and two pieces of cake for anyone who shares it*. Please, let's make this a big success, so that I don't have to go back to writing stories about my terrible dating life. *The cake may be a lie.
  9. jon_cybernet

    Nanette (Hannah Gadsby’s amazing comedy set)

    Wow, thought that was really strong, had me in absolute tears at the end. But not with laughter (although it was very funny in places too). Amongst other things, I thought she had a lot of really interesting things to say about the intersection between creativity and mental health.
  10. jon_cybernet


    I guess I just felt it leaned into the cheesy wrestling theme a bit more and had more fun with the concept. I loved all the soap opera wrestling storylines of the WWF in the 80’s and liked seeing them embrace that more in the second series. Guess it was just me then!
  11. jon_cybernet

    Taika Waititi's Wellington Paranormal

    Yup, this is the spin off show. Think there’s also a US-based tv show in development that’s more like a remake of the original.
  12. jon_cybernet


    Yeah I liked the first one, but this second series was almost like a whole new show - really enjoyed it. Just much funnier, lots of good cheesy wrestling stories and some really good drama. Can’t wait for the next series now!
  13. jon_cybernet

    Hover Bovver on the Intellivision

    He was really nice. We also got to film him playing Tempest on his original cab that was restored by none other than Archer Maclean! Spoiler alert: He’s pretty good at Tempest. We also got to see his llama:
  14. jon_cybernet

    Hover Bovver on the Intellivision

    We met Jeff today on his farm and he let us stroke his donkey before we interviewed him. He he was saying how happy the Hover Bovver remake made him, and how much he liked the voices. Apparently he designed the game with his dad so it’s one that’s very close to his heart. He also let let us stroke his Llama, but I’m not sure we got a photo of that.
  15. jon_cybernet

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    I don’t really care who wins from the remaining girls now, all my faves are gone.

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