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  1. True, you really need a stable suspension for this one. The McLaren is really suited for it, I find.
  2. Yeah hence the disclaimer. That's what the vaccination person told me anyways. Same here, I think I had it in March 2020 but same story as you - no tests available back then. Had the same symptoms though, so that was sort of an affirmation. No blood test done to be sure.
  3. I had COVID (fairly heavily, still have some 'left-overs' from it) some 8 weeks ago and only needed one jab of 'artificial' vaccine because I still have a lot of antibodies in my system which is basically a 'natural dose of vaccine', they told me. Because of that, there were no side effects from the 'artificial' vaccine because my body didn't have to make more antibodies by becoming ill to combat the 'attack' from the vaccine, as I understood it. That's why your 2nd jab came with no side effects. You got it whilst you had plenty of defence still from the 1st jab. I coul
  4. There certainly is a track in Assen, well known from the Dutch MotoGP TT! The McLaren is very stable around here, but lacks a bit of power. I can be really consistent in it as it's a very predictable car. I had my jab last Saturday (Pfizer), no side effects at all - apart from a sore shoulder.
  5. Yeah, and about 3 hours from where I'm located (Groningenshire*). Wish they came to Assen, much better track. *Groningen province, but I want areas to end on 'shire' here as well so let me have my fun and deal with it.
  6. Damn, they were in Zandvoort last weekend. Oh well, next year then. Dutch meet anyone?
  7. I think you downloaded PilotWings for the SNES.
  8. Aww that's a shame. I would love to do a driver swap race some time as well.
  9. That's how I feel about it as well. I think it flows really well, but it's a bit featureless. Hockenheim maybe as well?
  10. It's sandy dunes! It's not my favourite circuit either (I don't mind it really), but I chose it because we rarely pick it. It was either this or Paul Ricard (same reason). The only tracks I dislike are tightly walled-in street circuits like Monaco, Singapore, Pau, Baku, Long Beach et al.
  11. I'm terribly sorry, but that's me out. My computer can't handle 105 cars. Why was I not informed of this?
  12. By the way, mad props to @DjScream3 for scoring 6 points in his first race! Not bad at all!
  13. Found it, but I'll wait until after the weekend to fix it as per your request, Gaz.
  14. I see it now too. I made the same error as you then. No biggie, already amended. Something has messed up the sorting in my sheet, so I have a new challenge to find out what caused it. To the bug hunt mobile!
  15. I can try and swap the TVs around when Mrs Meers isn't looking. My OLED has a brightness of 1000 cd/m². Hmmm, and supports 120Hz as well apparently. I may have to have a word with the Mrs. Thing is, I (barely) use the OLED for the Xbox One X (anymore) for its HDR content, and Netflix (same reason). Hmmm... And that's a shame, mate. How about a replacement driver?
  16. So it does! Weird, I've never noticed that option! Can't use it anyway, the HDTV I use doesn't have HDR support. Have to swap it with the OLED in the living room for that.
  17. That fireworks pic is something else entirely than what I see on my screen. It's still pretty, but nowhere near as vivid as that.
  18. Oh man, I'd love that! The mrs and I are still looking for somewhere to go on honeymoon, and we were looking at the UK for that. So far Scotland is tickling our fancy but we might decide to tour around and visit you guys as well. Thank you for the invitation! I'm not a stranger to the UK either, been there plenty of times, even went to a Rllmuk Bath meet! I just don't speak the language.
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