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  1. Meers

    Formula One - 2020

    Might as well call them deceased.
  2. Go figure. And your computer isn't even held together with Scotch tape, mud and tooth picks, like mine.
  3. I'm not gonna make that time, so a no from me.
  4. Ahh right. I saw talk about it, but I wasn't aware there was an agreement.
  5. Just FMI, are some of you switching cars?
  6. Does thou not liketh the Nurburgring?
  7. What is it with hard rocking musicians and being super fast at sim racing?
  8. Outbraking you max Locking my wheels all cool Shunting @scoobysi to get past Whilst swearing like a fool... Ja, man. Although it's more the gravel pit that banks than the track. Pretty much. Assen in the northeast near me, Zandvoort in the southwest. I don't think there's any other tracks other than a couple of dirt ones.
  9. I wish for a Dutch DLC with Zandvoort, and Assen, and... err...
  10. Indeed. That's why I use a combination of aids: 3 buttons to look back/left/right (because I've turned off the mirrors to gain performance), radar, head motion, proximity arrows, distance in front/behind, surround sound and the Crew Chief app. There's no way that I'm not aware of someone's position behind me.
  11. I know. I've switched to the in game crew chief, but they barely say anything, not even with message verbosity on maximum. So I'm going back to the proper Crew Chief. Flawed as it is, it still does the proximity things 100% accurately.
  12. Yeah that was me (amongst others). But that's for the Ferrari, which is the most fuel-efficient car in the series. 40l would be just-about, 45l would be comfortable for a 25min race.
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