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  1. Baby Driver 1: but the one was the car driving and that was worth five.
  2. Yeah i spent most of it scraping through, so you the third to play... I think can't even remember now but loved it the whole way through
  3. If you're watching this then definitely checkout the undisclosed podcast
  4. Can't program but I love this thread, great updates Wiper!
  5. Wasn't on the list but definitely picking up Prey after some of the comments on here!
  6. They release a switch without the stupid screen, just seen gossi beat me to this! With less sass as well.
  7. Super Putty on the SNES. I think it maybe wasn't terrible, but lined up against Mario and Zelda it was awful - mum did apologise for it as she is a bit of a gamer too - I think maybe she blamed the Super Play review, got a solid 70 or so? Not sure! An unrelated note is my gran getting me a cd for my first cd player, but it was just an advert in the shape of a CD that had come through the post.
  8. I think as long as rllmuk is front and centre on the title intros and that rllmuk merch are prizes for top of the leaderboards this could be great. I understand though if you're a bit coy admitting that the real reason you've poured years of your life into this is to drive rllmuk membership.
  9. This is the second time I've heard a commentator say after the match 'it would be wrong to analyse it now' YOU'RE A POST MATCH COMMENTATOR!!
  10. johnj

    Best New Music of 2018

    I use Play Music at the moment. Am I using it wrong? It seems really hard to find new music based on my current tastes - are there other better sites for this? Never really tried spotify etc.
  11. Just play for about 500 hours that'll get you to hitting people 25% of the time.
  12. johnj

    The Bookies

    This is probably a stupid question but here goes: Lottery scratch card odds online are 1 in 3.5 mill to hit a 50,000 jack pot. I know its all astronomical odds, but wouldn't you be much better off putting a £2 bet on an 1 in 25,000 accumulator? Is there something about the different types of better that affects these odds?
  13. Sorry everyone, I went from sober to borderline non-functional in a moment.
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