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  1. Made of Ghosts

    Best Films of 2018

    01. Lady Bird 02. The Shape of Water 03. You Were Never Really Here 04. A Star is Born 05. The Post 06. Hereditary 07. Avengers: Infinity War 08. Game Night 09. A Quiet Place 10. The Little Stranger
  2. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

    I enjoyed the bonkersness but it was a very messy episode. It makes NO sense that Swedish guy would set up an elaborate monster mystery just to keep his daughter in the house while he's hanging with deadwife, and the entire moth universe could've been got rid of with almost no plot repercussions. We only get to the core of the story once Bradley meets Grace and the episode's more than half done at that point - the rest has to be done in a massive rush with Jodie pretty much non-stop explaining everything as it's happening. And if you're going to do wacky for the sake of wacky, at least don't have the characters explicitly point out the wackiness.
  3. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

  4. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

    The historicals have been the only decent episodes in this series if you ask me.
  5. Made of Ghosts

    The worst crimes in music

    That thing where music videos (it's almost always dance music for some reason) can't come up with good ideas so they just decide to chuck in as much lol-random stuff as possible in hopes of going viral. See: this page.
  6. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

    Thinking the episode should’ve ended with the doctor rising up and destroying racism forever in the 1960s is... an opinion that a person can have, I guess.
  7. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

    So space racist man had to come up with the bus-cancelling plan because he can’t just kill Rosa because he has a chip in his brain or whatever, fine... but he has a gun that can chuck people into the future? And he’s clearly able to use that? So...?
  8. Made of Ghosts

    Doctor Who

    In all honesty there were a lot of flat scenes and dodgy plotting, but the subject matter was a gift and they played it well when it really mattered. Some nice personal moments with Ryan and Yas too. I also enjoyed the Banksy jokes.
  9. Made of Ghosts

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    You’ve Been Using Keyboards Wrong Your Whole Life (and Game Night was excellent you madmen)
  10. Made of Ghosts


    That’s exactly what I thought, except I thought there were places where the two “things” interacted weirdly and it didn’t totally work.
  11. Made of Ghosts

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    You know what really bugs me the more I think about it (not really spoilers but since people are playing it for the first time):
  12. Made of Ghosts

    A Quiet Place

    This thread reminds me of when my mum didn't like The Matrix because "what do they eat?"
  13. Made of Ghosts

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    This series is STACKED. I like (or like to hate) almost everyone.

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