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  1. Great episode but I really don’t understand why they’ve showed Will’s world so early. The opening of the second book with the cat and the portal is one of my most fondly-remembered parts of the series and they’ve sort of trodden on it now. I can’t think what will even happen in that world between now and series 2. Maybe they’ll chuck in a Mary Malone cameo for shits and gigs. Also, you can explain it away with editing magic, but it was implied that the portal in Will’s world leads straight into Lyra’s, which isn’t true and will surely confuse people.
  2. Didn’t they do “top 10 game characters who are secretly gay” or something along those lines.
  3. 2005 1. Brokeback Mountain 2. War of the Worlds 3. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit 2006 1. Children of Men 2. Little Miss Sunshine 3. Pan’s Labyrinth 2007 1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2. Sunshine 3. Hot Fuzz 2008 1. Synecdoche New York 2. The Dark Knight 3. Hunger 2009 1. Coraline 2. Where the Wild Things Are 3. The Road 2008 is the biggest year for me here (while 2007 is full of critically loved films that I don’t quite love)
  4. Does Obra Dinn gain or lose anything on Switch vs the PC version? Apart from portability obv.
  5. I don’t think it’s the masterpiece it was initially made out to be, but I found it hugely compelling, especially the first half. The second half gets a little muddled, the climax was actually kinda disappointing compared to what I imagined, and it also gets less clear what the film is aiming for. Still, it’s something new for comic book films and mostly a success. Joaquin was always going to be good, but credit to Todd Philips for stepping up too. His material up to now didn’t fill me with confidence but he really pulled something off here. In moral terms (yawn) most of the film makes Arthur an unambiguously grotesque character, but like I said it gets a bit muddled towards the end. Still I think The Dark Knight does a lot more to glorify the Joker than this.
  6. Celeste update: about three chapters in. It’s great. Just feels fantastic to control and I’m getting surprisingly absorbed in the plot too. It’s in that Super Meat Boy category of frequent deaths and instant restarts, sure, but it’s not *difficult* as such. Accusations of trial and error gameplay are understandable but not really fair. You can usually tell what’s going to work, it’s just tricky to pull off.
  7. Splurged on Rime, Thumper, Celeste and Hollow Knight. Yeesh. My Switch pile of shame is rivalling my PC one at this point.
  8. Four in a Bed is the only reality show you will ever need, let’s face it. No writer could ever come up with something as wonderfully petty as eggs-benedict-gate from last week.
  9. Can’t believe they didn’t mention Desert Island Disk.
  10. What’s the cheapest way to play with a decent d-pad? Been perfectly happy with the joycons up til now, but for some reason NES Zelda is really not a pleasant experience with four separate direction buttons.
  11. Is it me or is the 3d World theme a bit... crap? It’s missing LOADS of useful stuff (especially tracks) for no apparent reason, the additional stuff is mostly underwhelming, it’s less versatile overall and the way it’s separated from the other modes means you’ll only choose it if you specifically want beat blocks or !-blocks or something.
  12. 2000 1. Memento 2. Requiem for a Dream 3. Chicken Run (what a triple feature) Tough cuts: In the Mood for Love, Battle Royale, The Emperor's New Groove 2001 1. Mulholland Drive 2. Gosford Park 3. Monsters Inc Tough cuts: AI, Legally Blonde 2002 1. Minority Report 2. The Hours 3. City of God Tough cuts: 28 Days Later 2003 1. Finding Nemo 2. Belleville Rendezvous 3. Dogville Tough cuts: absolutely fuck all. I don't even like these three all that much. What a boring year. 2004 1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2. Spider-Man 2 3. Downfall Tough cuts: Primer, Prisoner of Azkaban, Mean Girls, Team America. Easily the strongest year of the five (followed by 2001)
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