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  1. Yeah, the Particle Accelerator and the Coach Gun are my two long gun darlings; didn't warm to the Beam Rifle due to the lack of knock-back. I should experiment with pistols more, but though there's a boss weapon I'm fond of it's difficult to move away from the SMG.
  2. Don't think so, it's just "rare" - drops intermittently from elites, and occasionally find it in chests. Periodically one of the vendors sells some in the hub, though I haven't clearly identified what causes her to get new stock. Running through the campaign again on Hard (the second run in my world, but switched between mine and a friend's world during the first so it's effectively my third time through the game) and close to the platinum.
  3. This is rough around the edges but really bloody good. Thoroughly enjoying my time with it, and plays really well in 2-player co-op bouncing between each other's worlds.
  4. I had a great time with Broforce; think the only trophy I couldn't be arsed with was completing the mode where every "bro" has a single life for the entire campaign. It's very enjoyable nonsense.
  5. I'm about 3 hours in and seeing a few issues with the UI text, in that it appears garbled for a couple of seconds at various points (often, but not always, during saving). I also had one issue near the start where inventory item descriptions were correct, but the icons were not, though haven't reproduced that since. If you can live with those few issues, it seems like a solid port so far. Having it in a handheld format means I stand a chance of actually finishing it!
  6. Just ordered a couple of cans from https://www.marionvillemodels.com/products/testors-dullcote-lacquer-aerosol-90ml seemed a far better price than elsewhere, even with shipping.
  7. Aw, thanks for the kind words guys. Excited to get back to more now Any recommendations on varnish/sealant? The Games Workshop spray stuff used to be considered a bit dubious, but uh, that was a long time ago; is it decent enough now?
  8. Kind of embarrassed to post this right after feltmonkey's incredible pieces (seriously dude, wow), but this afternoon I painted my first model in 20 years, and though it's a far cry from where I'd like to be, it didn't turn out quite as crappy as I expected. Hopefully I'll get better - 36 more 'nids to go!
  9. Did you play Ganz Schon Clever at all? That preceded Doppelt, and I really enjoyed it until I made the mistake of reading up online and finding there is basically one key strategy you should always use, at which point the game becomes far less interesting. Haven't had a chance to get Doppelt to the table yet.
  10. Yeah, I've had to make some changes to targeting, and bound a "target focus" macro to R3, but I find healing on a pad is actually, surprisingly , pretty decent.
  11. Most who own the first edition claim it's the better game, as the second edition streamlines and simplifies a lot, and the madness and complexity of the first edition actually tie quite nicely into the theme. Then again, the second edition is supposed to be faster to play and teach, and there are plenty who would claim it's the better game as a result; it's certainly more accessible for new players, and the board is prettier I own the first edition and though I do quietly adore it, as I haven't played the second I can't really claim to have an informed opinion. Would suggest watching a review or two of each and gauging which would be a better fit for your group.
  12. Yes they do, so you can happily level up Summoner, then switch to Scholar and be the same level; the only things to be mindful of are that you'll need to progress the job quests separately to unlock new actions for each, and that their gear sets diverge. Other than that, you're good.
  13. They have just gutted the Scholar class, I'm afraid. It obviously gets better at higher levels, but even so, last week it was a lot more interesting Summoner was always better for solo questing (it's a DPS class, so naturally things die more quickly, and you get your own tank pet), but the changes have also made that doubly true.
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