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  1. Kauwiks

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I've been getting into this over the past week or so, and while I'm no MOBA expert, I'm having a lot of fun with it. A bunch of Hero prices seem to have been reduced over the past few days such that a bunch are now very affordable with free currency.
  2. Kauwiks

    Valkyria Chronicles 4

    I dread to think what “No guy’s got an ass this tight.” was before the localisation team "took liberties".
  3. Laser League is excellent; played it on Steam when it first came out. Hopefully being a PS+ title helps to address the small player base, as it's my only gripe with an otherwise slick little multiplayer game. I'd be interested in giving Friday 13th a go, if I wasn't already stuck into Dead by Daylight (which I've been very pleasantly surprised by), but don't think I need 2 titles to fill that niche. Not a terrible month for me.
  4. Kauwiks

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    The main drawback comes if the console loses internet, as all of the content becomes inaccessible until the connection is restored. No offline play whatsoever, basically. Also no auto uploads of savegames, and no automatic downloads/remote play, but I wasn't terribly bothered about those.
  5. Kauwiks

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    A little more convoluted than it should be (so sorry if I explain this poorly), but if you set your son's PS4 to be the Primary Console for your account, and your PS4 to be the Primary Console for his account, you should have access to each other's libraries and any downloaded DLC, provided the consoles are online. In this instance, it would mean you can both enjoy the full BF1 experience (and together) even though he doesn't have the Premium Pass. This certainly works, as it's what my wife and I have done this for some time now, and can play Destiny 2, Dead by Daylight etc together even though we only own one copy of each. Hope that helps.
  6. Kauwiks

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    £3.99 for the base game when the premium pass was already free is insanely good value, so I picked this up and set it downloading last night. Anyone know why setting BF1 to download on PS4 automatically downloaded BF1, the Premium Pass and...all the DLC for Battlefield 4 (I don't currently have BF4 installed)? I had to cancel the BF4 stuff and then manually hunt for the BF1 DLC packs 2-4, as they weren't listed as being attached to BF1 at all in the Playstation Store; not a big deal, just really odd.
  7. Kauwiks

    Do/did your parents game?

    My Dad was actually the one who got me into gaming, ordering a bunch of shareware games on disk for our first 386 PC. The Commander Keen series, Duke Nukem 1-3, Wolfenstein, Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2, Populus, Sim City etc. I remember being unimpressed with the prospect of a game about a duke, and my Dad trying to explain the name when I didn't know what a "nuke" was...in my defence, I was eight Dad worked long hours, and I barely saw him during the week, but one of the few activities we'd do together on an occasional weekend was play the original Worms, or Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe; the latter wasn't actually two-player, so one of us would pilot on a joystick while the other fired missiles on keyboard (and occasionally encouraged the pilot to shoot down the enemy trying to parachute to safety). After a while Dad lost interest, and with the rise of the internet I started looking there for multiplayer options instead. I'd sometimes try to get Dad excited about a new two-player game by leaving magazines with what I thought were particularly impressive screenshots on his armchair, but he'd just complain that I was leaving clutter around the house, and was adamant that I'd get a "real outdoor" hobby soon enough. He never made much time for gaming after that...though he did quietly 3-star everything in the original Angry Birds. Mum fucking loves Words With Friends though.
  8. Kauwiks

    Sniper Elite IV (PC/PS4/XB1)

    Holy shit you're good @Karzee - very impressive shooting!
  9. Kauwiks

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm (F2P on Switch now)

    IIRC that's probably because you need to have unlocked a whole bunch of Champions before you're able to access Ranked on Switch? If most players are F2P and aren't splashing out on currency/the character pass, they'll be locked out of ranked play for a long time.
  10. I've quite enjoyed the multiplayer in Black Ops 3. Someone else commented before that the traversal feels like a prototype of Titanfall 2's, and I'd have to agree with that, but there's something quite satisfying about the basic TDM loop in this; I can see why people get into it. I choose to believe the ridiculous heavy metal riffs that play out of the DualShock speakers when you level up are intended to be ridiculous. Actually I choose to believe the whole thing is intentionally over-macho and ridiculous - that way I enjoy it a lot more.
  11. Kauwiks

    Nintendo Switch

    Holy shit the controls for Darkest Dungeon are awful. Are they this bad on other platforms too?
  12. I'm 12 hours into Hollow Knight, and have been bemoaning the lack of manual markers for the map, to highlight impasses and return to them when you unlock the relevant upgrades without backtracking to every single dead end you don't clearly remember. ...Turns out I bought the items from the shop that let you do this exact thing very early in the game, I just never read the text on the map telling me to press A to use them
  13. Kauwiks

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Playing on Switch and this is excellent - first boss down and first ability unlocked. I wish the map would build dynamically as I explore a la Castlevania, but that's my only gripe so far.
  14. Kauwiks

    Monster Hunter: World

    Ok, that's good to hear - would be a shame if this event turned out to be the path to best-in-slot weapons, and online became a sea of identikit hunters.
  15. Kauwiks

    Monster Hunter: World

    A friend is grinding Kulve Taroth while he "works from home" - reports that it's showering him in Tier 8 weapons. Bit worrying if so.

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