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  1. I had a great time with Broforce; think the only trophy I couldn't be arsed with was completing the mode where every "bro" has a single life for the entire campaign. It's very enjoyable nonsense.
  2. I'm about 3 hours in and seeing a few issues with the UI text, in that it appears garbled for a couple of seconds at various points (often, but not always, during saving). I also had one issue near the start where inventory item descriptions were correct, but the icons were not, though haven't reproduced that since. If you can live with those few issues, it seems like a solid port so far. Having it in a handheld format means I stand a chance of actually finishing it!
  3. Just ordered a couple of cans from https://www.marionvillemodels.com/products/testors-dullcote-lacquer-aerosol-90ml seemed a far better price than elsewhere, even with shipping.
  4. Aw, thanks for the kind words guys. Excited to get back to more now Any recommendations on varnish/sealant? The Games Workshop spray stuff used to be considered a bit dubious, but uh, that was a long time ago; is it decent enough now?
  5. Kind of embarrassed to post this right after feltmonkey's incredible pieces (seriously dude, wow), but this afternoon I painted my first model in 20 years, and though it's a far cry from where I'd like to be, it didn't turn out quite as crappy as I expected. Hopefully I'll get better - 36 more 'nids to go!
  6. Did you play Ganz Schon Clever at all? That preceded Doppelt, and I really enjoyed it until I made the mistake of reading up online and finding there is basically one key strategy you should always use, at which point the game becomes far less interesting. Haven't had a chance to get Doppelt to the table yet.
  7. Yeah, I've had to make some changes to targeting, and bound a "target focus" macro to R3, but I find healing on a pad is actually, surprisingly , pretty decent.
  8. Most who own the first edition claim it's the better game, as the second edition streamlines and simplifies a lot, and the madness and complexity of the first edition actually tie quite nicely into the theme. Then again, the second edition is supposed to be faster to play and teach, and there are plenty who would claim it's the better game as a result; it's certainly more accessible for new players, and the board is prettier I own the first edition and though I do quietly adore it, as I haven't played the second I can't really claim to have an informed opinion. Would suggest watching a review or two of each and gauging which would be a better fit for your group.
  9. Yes they do, so you can happily level up Summoner, then switch to Scholar and be the same level; the only things to be mindful of are that you'll need to progress the job quests separately to unlock new actions for each, and that their gear sets diverge. Other than that, you're good.
  10. They have just gutted the Scholar class, I'm afraid. It obviously gets better at higher levels, but even so, last week it was a lot more interesting Summoner was always better for solo questing (it's a DPS class, so naturally things die more quickly, and you get your own tank pet), but the changes have also made that doubly true.
  11. Can't help you source it I'm afraid, but when you do find a copy make sure you know which edition you want/are getting - the first and second edition are very different games.
  12. Ooh PM'ed! I have to agree that Scholar feels massively oversimplified, though granted I'm only a baby level 58 Scholar. Logging in to Shadowbringers and finding half my action bar greyed out or otherwise uncastable was quite a shock. Sticking with Scholar for a while yet, because I've had a ton of fun with it so far, but it does feel suddenly very basic at the moment. Only just into Heavensward though, so plenty to unlock yet!
  13. Kauwiks

    Nintendo Switch

    FWIW I picked this up a few weeks ago and (particularly as a fairly unfit bastard) it's great for a workout, and definitely aimed at that. You can select one-off workouts yourself and/or set it to provide a daily workout for a range of durations. It's not exactly AAA production value stuff, and the music selection is limited, but if you're looking for something to incentivise you to get regular home workouts in, this will do the job.
  14. 19/05 - Neon Chrome (PS4) My wife often watches when I play games, out of genuine enjoyment. I've never seen the appeal myself and thought she was just weird, but Streamers are a thing, so what do I know. Anyway, sometimes I'm in the middle of a narrative-heavy game and she isn't around, and I switch to something relatively mindless instead. So it was that I trawled my PS+ back catalogue and wound up playing Neon Chrome. A twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements, it looks and feels like it could have been made ten years ago, but while I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, and it's far outstripped by comparable titles like Alienation, Neon Chrome still has something about it, as I found myself coming back to it for several consecutive evenings until I'd beaten the final boss at least once. 03/06 - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn campaign After I finally ditched World of Warcraft about seven years ago, I was certain I was done with MMOs. Occasionally I'd get the odd itch to give it another shot, but always knew the game I had such fond memories of didn't exist anymore (not a gripe, just natural that it has been reworked and evolved in the 3 expansions since I quit), and the community I played with had long since moved on. About six weeks ago, I happened to get one of these itches at the same time as a friend had casually mentioned they were excited for the upcoming FFXIV expansion, as they always resub for the new content. A Free Trial was followed by Complete Edition upgrade, was then followed by a pre-order for Shadowbringers, and I'm firmly in love with this ridiculous behemoth of a game. The main story questline in the base game was mostly tosh, but get past a fair bit of interface clunkiness from playing on PS4, and the game itself is rich and satisfying, and there is so very, very much to do. In the last few weeks all of my usual Destiny 2 group have jumped in too, so I expect to keep going through expansion content for months to come yet. Previously:
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