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  1. Agent L

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Although I've been following NFL to some degree since my teens I've never really rooted for a particular team. Each year I've watched the first 3-4 games and then followed whoever looked the most exciting. Last season I went for the Rams and really enjoyed it, so much in fact that I decided to make them 'my' team. I've been bloody loving this season as they've been great to watch. Then I saw last night's score, then I watched the highlights on YouTube, MY GOD! The Chiefs have been amazing this season too and I was so happy to see the match-up lead such a great game.
  2. Agent L

    Top Gear - Series 24

    I can see Flintoff being OK but I can't stand McGuiness if he's doing his usual schtick. If he leaves that behind them I'll give him a chance but I'm not looking forward to the series to be honest after this news.
  3. Agent L

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I'm a little confused with what's going on at Force India and Williams. Are any seats confirmed yet? I'm assuming Stroll will go to FI? I would have thought Ocon was a strong choice for one of the seats, no money to bring to the team?
  4. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Found a great vinyl seller in a flea market I've not visited before in my local town. Really good stuff all reasonably priced. Covers were a bit tatty on a lot of them but the vinyl it's really good for the age. Nothing I got was over £8!
  5. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    @Butters, World's Strongest Man has really clicked now. I flipping love it all of a sudden. Still don't think it's as good as Matador though, quite.
  6. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    A much smaller solution: But just as expensive. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/turntable-lab-ph01-phono-preamp-headphone-amp
  7. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Yeah, I came to the same conclusion after reading it all again. It's not clear from the details either way though. @Jonzo, do you run the speakers on phono or not? What about a dedicated phono amp that has RCD out for the speakers (which could be set to non-phono) and also has a headphone out? Do they exist?
  8. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Yeah, they're the best two. I got 'Travelling' as a gift. It's got a couple of great tracks but the album is nowhere near as good as the first two.
  9. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Like I say, I'm no expert. This is in the Amazon features for the deck: -Built-in MM phono stage What does that mean?
  10. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    I'm no expert but as the speakers have no output I guess you'll need a 'box' in between the record deck (which I see has a built in phono stage), and speakers that is effectively a headphone amp with (passive?) RCA pass through when not feeding to the headphones. I've never looked into headphone amps though so I've no idea if that is common, possible or maybe even impossible.
  11. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    It's definitely a grower, listened a couple more times yesterday and I'm getting more and more into it but I don't think it'll surpass Matador for me. Regarding Jamiroquai, it's the 2017 reissue. Emergency On Planet Earth and Travelling Without Moving (I have that too) also got reissues last year. Synkronized got one this year. I picked up Return Of The Space cowboy last Monday in Resident Brighton so easy to get. http://www.resident-music.com/search&keyword=Jamiroquai It's a great album, still sounds as good as I remember from '94 and '95.
  12. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    I'm also a massive fan of Matador (was my album of 2015). This isn't grabbing me as much yet and I've listened quite a few times now. I like it and some of the songs are amazing, Wounded Egos is a belter, but I find it a little disparate with the big swings in vocal style. Overall I'm liking it quite a lot but so far it's not up there with Matador.
  13. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Nice. What colour vinyl did you get? Pink or black? I think the green is pre-order only. And what do you think of it?
  14. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    I've had a great week for vinyl. Anyone else got anything recently that isn't an RSD release?
  15. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    I was in Resident Brighton today. They had a whole wall of RSD stuff still. Can't remember any of them specifically though as almost all were things I'd never heard of.

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