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  1. Top Gear - Series 24

    Really looking forward to this series now:
  2. Top Gear - Series 24

    A guy at work went to two in the last series too.
  3. NFL 2017

    Am I right in thinking the 49ers have won every game since Jimmy G joined them? Is it 5 in a row now? As I have no allegiance to any team I pick one to support each season after the first 3 or 4 weeks depending on who impresses me most. This year I went Rams so I'm hoping we can break their run tomorrow.
  4. Formula One - 2017 Season

    Alfa Romeo back in F1, sort of. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/42166023
  5. vinyl lovers

    I was just being facetious about the 100 pressings. I've no idea how many were made. Since posting I've seen its due a re-release next month but it's been delayed years already. It is 10 years old now though. Any insider information? What about Road To Rouen? I'm not prepared to pay the £70 that goes for but I really want it on vinyl.
  6. vinyl lovers

    I've liked Panic Prevention by Jamie T since release but only recently have I got really into it and realised just how good it is. Thought I'd check out if it got a vinyl release back in the day. Holy Moly, did they only press 100 copies!
  7. NFL 2017

    This story about him is a really good read. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/american-football/41530732
  8. vinyl lovers

    What's everyone's experience of new vinyl being warped? I don't buy new vinyl very often but when I do it feels like 50% of the time it's warped. I don't mind a wobble at all and have never bothered taking anything back before but I got a new EP today and I can actually hear the warped area on the run in. Don't think it's audible through the music (not listened with my good headphones yet). It's just bloody annoying.
  9. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    If anyone uses/knows about WiFi SD cards could you take a look at my ask the forum thread and over some advice please. Thanks
  10. Formula One - 2017 Season

    It is a Ferrari. Naughty boy. Edit, I can't work out what model though. I've seen before that he has/had a La Ferrari. Sure Mercedes won't be too pleased about it being on social media but not really that big a deal.
  11. Guess the song from the lyrics.

    Just googled this one, never even heard of the band!!
  12. Guess the song from the lyrics.

    Well done WK. I have absolutely no idea about these other ones!
  13. Guess the song from the lyrics.

    Good effort, close, but not quite.
  14. Guess the song from the lyrics.

    Like a shit version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, who wants to partake in a quiz of guessing the song and artist from a small section of lyrics? Try not to make it too obscure, lets stick to popular artists and maybe give one rhyme in the lyrics. Winner stays on, no fun if you Google it, I'll start with: "Mathematically turning the page Unequivocally showing my age"
  15. Formula One - 2017 Season

    I forgot to update my predictions, just getting in early with the excuse for another terrible score!

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