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  1. Yakuza 7 Resident Evil 3 FF7 Remake Doom Eternal
  2. This is a great run down of the demo. Really hyped. Sounds like a love letter to traditional JRPG's.
  3. Me too. I find it quite relaxing after a busy day at work and the family. Still in Chapter 2. Unlocked the bike and blood grenades. Also a lot of bridges appeared on my map so getting around is haslefree. Just going back and forth delivering packages, and raiding the MULE camp now and then.
  4. Planning on trading in CoD for this game when I'm done with the single player campaign. Really curious about an unrestricted Kojima game.
  5. I took this audio tour of Kabukicho a couple of years ago. It was really fun. https://www.tokyorealtime.com/
  6. Curious about this too.
  7. It's releasing in the west on 27th June. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/virtua_racing_and_wonder_boy_monster_land_arrive_in_the_west_at_the_end_of_june
  8. First screenshot after the adjustment has leaked.
  9. Aurelius

    Nintendo Switch

    Slay the Spire looks really good, supposed to come out later this year on Switch.
  10. Aurelius

    Nintendo Switch

    I wonder who was developing it before?
  11. Aurelius

    Nintendo Switch

    Metroid Prime 4 is being rebooted; developed by Retro Studios now
  12. Aurelius

    Nintendo Switch

    Did anybody ever play that 3D AW look-a-like game? Tiny Metal? Didn't hear much about it.
  13. Aurelius

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Katamari Damacy to dead on the PS2, thinking of trying Donut Country since that seems to have the same kind of vibe.
  14. How is Flashback? I remember really enjoying that game on the Amiga.
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