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  1. They've put the price up to £89.95 and it's sold out. It's sold out on Nintendo as well and Game want me to pay for delivery. Anyone know of anyone else selling this?
  2. Watched a bit of Star Wars on the Samsung was pretty damned good for a stream. Then tried the same thing via Sky Q and the quality is shocking. I know it's not 4K and no HDR but it's worse than the Sky movies HD version.
  3. No app on my Samsung TV yet. I could go through the Xbox if needed though. Nevermind...found it.
  4. or not even there https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8104653/Cineworld-warns-coronavirus-closures-mean-pay-debts.html https://www.ft.com/content/ba40e3a6-6434-11ea-a6cd-df28cc3c6a68
  5. If Nintendo and Lego are teaming up I'm hoping for some Lego Zelda sets in the future.
  6. He was a special constable and as a volunteer I'm assuming either requested the night shifts or claimed he had a day job that he had to fit around the police work.
  7. I'm sure we'll find out. Episode 3 spoiler Really enjoying the series so far but my god the video quality is shocking. It's like watching a pirate rip on SKY HD.
  8. Would love it if A Plague Tale was console as well, been meaning to play it for ages.
  9. I always though the Series X would be comparable to PC gaming. The same game can run on different specced machines, it's just the more powerful one has more detail and a better frame rate. That's how I imagined it to be.
  10. My style on my profile says Media Hotshot so no idea what that entails. Can I change it in my profile before we go? Just looked on the profile page and it looks like I'm going full Miami Vice!!
  11. My daughter is a big fan of the show so I got her tickets to go in February. One question, do you need to dress up or do they supply costumes?
  12. New Louis on Sunday https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000dbcf
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