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  1. sofasurfer

    EDGE #321

    Would be nice if my sub copy turned up. First time in years that mine has gone missing.
  2. sofasurfer

    Nintendo Switch

    I did too....was annoyed last night that even though I had pre-ordered it and it was in stock I had an email that there would be a delay. I fired off a polite email to their customer service department and they came back with an apology and a £10 gift card applied to my account. I had ordered it when it was £29.99 and along with my automatic £2 discount for game pre-orders meant it has cost me £17.99. Just checked my account and it will be here tomorrow. Seems like a result to me.
  3. sofasurfer

    Nintendo Switch

    Got to love the plastic tat version. Think I'll stick to the standard edition.
  4. sofasurfer

    Good new horror films

    Now that looks good.
  5. sofasurfer

    Amazon Prime Video

    Haven't checked for a while but the 4K content was always hidden right at the bottom of the listings for me. No idea why they hide it and cannot just be like Netflix and stream the best quality automatically. Just checked via the Amazon app on my smart tv and if you select the TV tab at the top, then 4K content such as The Grand Tour is the fifth row down. Movies on the other hand seem to be hidden. No section on my app, and even if you go into a movie such as The Shape Of Water which is available in 4K, there's no option to rent or buy it in 4K.
  6. sofasurfer

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

    Superb band and saw them last week as well. I missed out on their London gig as I was attending another one that I had bought tickets for ages ago but saw they were playing in St Albans and tickets hadn't sold out so it was a no-brainer. Agree about them being tight and being able to see them in such a small venue was a treat. Probably one of the best bands I've seen live in long time and going to see them at Koko when they come back. The album is out on Friday and judging from the songs they played live from it, I feel it's going to be one of my albums of the year.
  7. Don't remember that about Beyond, it's been a while since played and I agree Cage's games seem to be one play through only. However, after failing a certain part of the game and a character dying I played that section again
  8. It has Lauren Laverne hosting it...so I doubt many do.
  9. Fixed that spoiler....thought I left it as vague as possible but realise it might annoy someone on their play through. Although if it stops them being as pissed off as I was by a poor gaming decision then it might be worth it. No way am I going all that far back though, I'll Google it and play through the relevant Connor section it's needed in.
  10. That's what I thought. They make a big thing about Now all I have to do is find out the and reload that checkpoint. Good job too as
  11. sofasurfer

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Bollocks to this if it's just an online Fallout. Was looking forward to a new campaign in that universe.
  12. FFS Cage.....near the end of the game and I'm asked I know you shouldn't get attached to the characters as they can die but still, this is annoying.
  13. Count me in as another fan of his games. I'm looking forward to picking this up today and giving it a run through tonight.
  14. sofasurfer

    Xbox One X

    Nope...just tried it and no message. Will not connect to wifi but the ethernet connection goes straight in.
  15. sofasurfer

    Xbox One X

    Strange that a wired connection didn't show this. Will unplug the ethernet cable and see if it throws this up.

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