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  1. I'm sure we'll find out. Episode 3 spoiler Really enjoying the series so far but my god the video quality is shocking. It's like watching a pirate rip on SKY HD.
  2. Would love it if A Plague Tale was console as well, been meaning to play it for ages.
  3. I always though the Series X would be comparable to PC gaming. The same game can run on different specced machines, it's just the more powerful one has more detail and a better frame rate. That's how I imagined it to be.
  4. My style on my profile says Media Hotshot so no idea what that entails. Can I change it in my profile before we go? Just looked on the profile page and it looks like I'm going full Miami Vice!!
  5. My daughter is a big fan of the show so I got her tickets to go in February. One question, do you need to dress up or do they supply costumes?
  6. New Louis on Sunday https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000dbcf
  7. Didn't have any buffering issues but it judders like mad all through the episode. At first I thought it was my internet connection but playing an episode of the Grand Tour shows none of the issues at all. It also doesn't matter what format I play it in, the judder is still there. Also trying to find the show in 4K was impossible and I had to resort to searching James UHD. I really hate Amazon Video sometimes, just wish it was like Netflix where it will stream to the best quality you can.
  8. Love the Have to agree it was the worst episode in the series but still an amazing hour of TV. Everything tied up and that ending nice and ambiguous. Am I right in thinking there is to be no second series? Would be perfect if not.
  9. Just another superb episode. Answers so many questions but cannot believe we only have 1 more episode to go.
  10. I'm just wondering what Lady Trieu's clock is going to do.
  11. After a good first episode I think the show just dithered on for another two episodes and became boring at the end. The whole alien invasion was handled well but there wa just not enough of it. The flash forwards to life after the aliens died off were not interesting at all, and parts didn't make sense. At the beginning in one the post alien death scenes, Amy is told somebody will be arriving and we are led to believe it will be George, but no, it's just Ogilvy. Thus we are expecting George to turn up at some point but then in the last episode we see George sacrifice himself to save Amy. Just didn't make any sense at all. Maybe the Fox version will be better but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  12. I thought it was pretty funny
  13. Lovely remix. In other news I broke my Chemical Brothers live cherry last night. Even though I've loved them since Song to the Siren I've somehow never seen them live. Last week I noticed 2 relatively cheap tickets for their gig on StubHub at the O2 and thought it had to be done. All I can say is that the live show is phenomenal and being right in the thick of it near the front was a brain melting experience. I'm sore and tired from dancing non-stop for 2 hours but it's worth it. Had so many 'moments' last night. Hearing Swoon live and also using Wayne Coyne's vocals from The Golden Path over the top of Escape Velocity was just unreal. What a way to end a year.
  14. I disabled the automatic lock due to it not working and then never used it. One thing that puzzled me though, in the game Greez mentions food going missing and hearing weird noises in the ship but this is never mentioned again. I expected a new character to be stowed away on the ship but nothing.
  15. Quick question, how do you know it's perfume in two week's time? I'm off to see You're Fired again on Monday and if I go to another show before the final, I automatically get a ticket to You're Hired. Will be hard to resist.
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