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  1. Is Garnett drunk again?
  2. The PAX video is yet another playthrough of that level, difference is, it really flows this time and it looks so fine. Red lines will be off when I get to play it for real. This is one of those game ideas that I've wanted to see for years, except in a more freeform context, but this is more than good enough for now.
  3. Shouldn't be too hard to get running, the Picodrive folder is in the PSP/GAME folder and you definitely haven't got the KXploit (1.50) version? What happens when you try to run it?
  4. DGen hasn't been updated in ages, but yeah, 1.70 (Slim) is the only one that'll work with the slimline PSP. Picodrive is a far more versatile MD (and Mega CD) emulator which works with all PSPs. Best SNES one is snesTYLsmcm. A few of the readme files are in Japanese, but I wouldn't write them off, all the solutions to emulator problems I've had have been in there.
  5. What's there to set up? It's just a matter of transferring some folders by USB to the GAME directory. Sometimes, you'll need a bios file as well, but it's all detailed in the emulator readme files. It'd help if you mentioned the names and version numbers of the emulators you are trying to use. Or are you asking about CFW?
  6. MDK


    Are you saying the Semper Fi guys did the art, or is that a tribute? I got lost in their arty flash-jungle years ago, but I think I might have seen that page way back. Edit: Rolitoland is definitely not new to me. These guys got plenty more good material to work with. Anyway, Patapon. It gets exhausting after a while, no? After four hours my brain just gave up trying to keep with the beats. The desert puzzle held me back for a while, not great design, that. About the same as Loco Roco on the fun scale. Stupid chants won't get out of my head though, I keep walking in Pata! Pata! Pata! Pon! time.
  7. That's exactly what I thought after watching the gameplay video yesterday, except more in a "Tigers, lol" sense. That and the other one where she's swimming on the surface of the water, it does look as though the character's not moving and the environment is simply scrolling over her. Lara's animations look incredibly fluid in the trailer, although not quite so much in the gameplay videos.
  8. "It's a goal! Oh no, he's missed!!"
  9. I'm so glad this is true. Thanks for the reminder, I'm grabbing from UKN right now. I'm surprised how tough it is, it really holds true to the text adventure template. Some of the item choices are a lottery and there's not always hints available. Choose wrong and you're screwed, you just don't know it yet. The bomb deaths are proper lol moments, because it goes off prematurely when the guy's legging it across the room. My favourite NPC's the Swedish guy "Veery happy to be looting you!".
  10. It's a good mix, but a bit too familiar for me, recognised some of the tracks from his more recent tech-house sets and the warmer vocal stuff in between is like what he was playing two years ago. Sodasurfer, the promo voiceover plays only plays a few times, it's not intrusive.
  11. Yay. Driver's definitely getting sold now.
  12. Anyone bought Driver off PSN yet? Does the rumble feature work on Playstation games bought off PSN?
  13. 'Defense of Bruma' played out in mute for me, the 360 couldn't keep up, so it dropped the sound until the last gate opened, which gave it a surreal feeling.
  14. Finished it last night. I only had one sword to fight Mankar Camoran with, which broke after I hit him a good few times, so I all I could do was punch him. Backed him into the corner upstairs so I had him on his own for a few minutes. About 50 punches later he's still standing and his minions are closing in on me from behind so the only thing I could do at that point to beat it was lower the difficulty so I was able to floor him, which robbed me of the pleasure. Excellent game, could've been more creative with some of the maps perhaps, I got really sick of all those caves and dungeons after a while, knowing I could have run through the gates instead doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. I don't think I ever got over how wide it all is, even towards the end, I was surprised to discover new things I could do.
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