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  1. It also looks like the laziest port I have ever seen. It’s like they took the windows 98 version and wrapped it in a current hardware mould. The quest mode is going to be a blueprint of afterthoughts, with no reason of it being there. Lazy.
  2. Oh man, that game was poor on release. It looks even worse today, still has that weird looking through a bottle of beer effect.
  3. Yeah, loved it to. Some unexpected moments and the jokes worked. Not quite as good as bad boys 2 but it’s up there!
  4. Is Jared Leto going to run an ice cream van? this looks like junk lol
  5. Thank you Secret Santa! Got Sayonara Wild Hearts Katana Zero The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the 3rd Really thankful and happy, really need to crack on with SC. Sayonara I loved on the iPhone and always wanted to play more of Katana Zero. Thanks @JPR for organising this again! Hope my SS enjoys what I got them!
  6. All done from my end too, all have a nice Christmas!
  7. Good news though we still have the original and Arrow are putting out a decent release of this next week. https://www.arrowfilms.com/product-detail/robocop-limited-edition-blu-ray/FCD1918
  8. I was enjoying this, thought I made all the roads then I got to another area of the map and about 10-15 more needed to be built. Also having to carry someone across a map when they can drive themselves kind of miffed me off. This game is a council job. #Fuckthisgame.
  9. Yeah that trailer was overwhelming corporate tested. Trying to make it feel like the tone from Spider-Man Homecoming including some of the tracks used in that.
  10. I hope the trailer isn’t reflective of the final movie otherwise it’s going to be nauseating. He makes a quip every second he’s in this trailer. Hopefully this is going to be so bad it’s good.
  11. What is the Rev-9 based on? 3D printing? Never understood why there was two of them and how that worked. It also had the abilities of the t-1000 but didn’t use them as much or as practically as the Robert Patrick version.
  12. I enjoyed it, it basically was a soft reboot starting from T2 with almost all the exact same set pieces. it was entertaining, arnie was hilarious and Linda was great. I think it could have done more with Mackenzie Davies character though in the present. The action set pieces were great with her though.
  13. Definitely give them a watch, they are great laughs. The human tornado especially. Still waiting on that black dynamite sequel! Don’t think a sequel could top it, however the cartoon was really good.
  14. Watched Dolemite is my name. Thought it was really good.
  15. I gave up half way, typical Damon Lindoff nonsense. Looks cheap and the dialogue sounded like it came from the walking dead. Utterly pointless extension.
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