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  1. What was that guys name on the podcast this week. Jesus Christ! Pointless having anyone else in the room. What a dull ****.
  2. Loved Judgment, if they do another spinoff with Yagami, I hope they get rid of the following bits. Those were just boring and not fun. Everything else I enjoyed.
  3. Where can people watch this; Local indie cinema?
  4. I loved this - won’t get into spoilers. I was feeling anxious how he would handle the ending and he did a great job with it, good stuff. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were excellent.
  5. Zero9X


    Totally agree, was going to post the same thing. Beautiful song too.
  6. Watching watchmen ultimate cut, what a poor version on 4K. They made it darker than it was before. Shame.
  7. Anyone else pick this up, came out today. By the numbers port. Couldn’t find a thread or mention of it. If there is my apologies. Audio mix is as bad as I remember it, wish they fixed that. Don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s really low and muffled.
  8. Yeah but only as a flashback sadly. Want him to be one of the team like in the comics.
  9. Was excellent, changed a lot after episode 1, brought things in that were later in the comic and put it in season 1. Don’t know where it’s going to go next and if the other things still not revealed actually happen. Only sad thing was the lack of Terror. Hopefully Butcher’s buddy makes an appearance next season.
  10. Judgment - I hope I’m not the only one that aches his heart the kareoke is missing from this. So sad. Yakuza 0 still the best in the series. 6 was a disappointment after 5.
  11. Alita looks really nice in Dolby Vision. Us and “don’t look now” are both out on Monday. Can’t wait for them.
  12. First episode was a very faithful adaption thus far. One of my favourite comics, bleak and humorous. Karl Urban is excellent as Billy Butcher. Hopefully Terror shows up! I can’t see this being for everyone due to the treatment of women and the themes it has. Just like most of Ennis work. But I think it does a good job showing both genders of the supes doing horrid things. They are insane.
  13. He did the same thing last time. Don’t know why he does it, not like he needs the money.
  14. Thanks @CovisGod! Appreciate it!
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