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  1. Phelan

    Rogue Trooper

    Saw the tweet this morning and can't stop thinking about it. He is one of my favourite directors and this is one of my favourite characters. And what an awesome reveal!!!
  2. My dev friend Jennifer Scheurle gets so much abuse online it is horrendous. Within a day or two of the Price firing she got this: Already people are messaging her boss trying to get her fired. Now go tell me that gaming isn't full of toxic little children.
  3. Phelan

    Far Cry 5

    It is. It even comes up at the beginning of the game.
  4. I’m not crazy!
  5. I can't remember that year at all That should explain it. I take back what I wrote all those years ago. It's shit.
  6. Ah great. The old to get it you must have completed the Raid. Well that's a big fuck you to people who don't do raids. This kind of shit really fucking pisses me off.
  7. Phelan

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    Most impressive use of limited hardware? Elite on BBC Micro. It was something insane like 52kb of data for the whole thing!!
  8. That percentage graphic annoyed me due to the way they did it. Cropped it.
  9. Nice one Bungie. Kill everyone's favourite character...
  10. I managed to get to Rank 31 on the faction rally and I can honestly say I've never been more tired of the game or doing the same stuff. I'm really glad I fly back to the UK this week solely to get away from the damned thing. I think they have made a massive mistake doing it this way.
  11. Phelan

    Anthony Bourdain has passed away.

    I’m devastated by the news. I’ve watched his shows over and over and he brought such vibrancy to the screen. What a tragedy.
  12. @Gorf King Yeah we had just all finished a public event which would explain it - however most of the time you get people around to do an escalation is after a public event otherwise there is nobody around. Would just be nice to be able to get rid of it for situations like that. On your character have a click for Dispel Reputation or something.
  13. I see they are making Forsaken stuff 600 which is a massive jump - that must be to block out people who don't pay and are locked out due to their light level. Because we have been getting small jumps and a jump from 360 currently to 600 is massive!
  14. Can I also complain that I don't like that the only way to get a damned MIDA masterwork is to force me into Crucible and hope it randomly drops. I wish they would realise that some players just want to play PVE and don't give a fuck about PVP - and limiting them for not playing is fucking rude.

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