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  1. Nope. Can go straight there.
  2. Yeah in general I found Bloodborne to be easier than the Dark Soulseses. Only a few bosses required more than one or two attempts. I don't think any of the series are unfair per se mind.
  3. Am I supposed to be trying to do the dungeon's in one push? Cos I keep running out of SP and that.
  4. Oops forgot endless try hard cut scenes and waffle in a driving game! Just let me fucking play. Icons everywhere games.
  5. Irritating characters. That's you 99% of the Nintendo roster.
  6. Can't be Skye as the plane isn't being eaten by midges, blown off course every 5 seconds, and its not absolutely pissing down beyond all belief. Also that yellow thing in the sky. Dunno what that is.
  7. Lets face it, you were never going to like it due to your preconceptions. You were also never going to say that your preconceptions were wrong in any way, shape, or form.
  8. See, opinions CAN be wrong!
  9. I just find it incredibly hard Makes me feel well thick.
  10. Nah CV was shite. Suffers quite badly from DC mark up syndrome.
  11. Yeah I adore the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, and many Souls likes. Yet Sekiro leaves me cold, while I loved my first playthrough I have no intention of returning to it and I can't put my finger on why. Partly because it feels restrictive, partly because the combat is a bit one note.
  12. I find Mario to be irritating as all fuck is my main issue. So, so annoying.
  13. Nope really didnt get on with Breath of the Wild either. Just found it very samey and a bit irritating. Not that interested in scouring a massive map for seeds and identikit shrines.
  14. Smash. Its not a fighting game and isn't half as fun as it likes to think it is. Hate it. Any of the Zeldas. Always get around half way through and then it gives me some convoluted fetch quest, an annoying dungeon or I simply get fatigued. See Wind Waker stupid ass tri force quest. Fuck off with that. GTA games and most open world games. The amount of icons and do this type things on the map make me want to switch them off.
  15. Yep I have never understood the negativity around DS2. It's by far my most played Dark Souls. While Dark Souls is fucking amazing, the last few areas are terrible. Dark Souls 3 is also brilliant but its essentially Dark Souls Remember This. Has as many gank squads as Dark Souls 2 as well. Magic is almost useless as are Miracles. Str build is pretty much the most viable build or the weird hollow one. Dark Souls 2 is pretty consistent, has a lot of variety build wise, and the DLC is awesome. There's very few areas I don't like.
  16. Don't think I've ever had a problem with the Shrine of Amana . Well not since the original release anyway, then it was hard. Ridiculously so. SoTFS version just requires a long range weapon and patience.
  17. Lack of decent defensive options is really getting to me now. Still liking it a lot, but yeah give me something other than press Y with a delay and no cancelling.
  18. The lack of ability to defend in any way is a bit... Irritating. Seems like something that should have been put in even if it's a parry system or something.
  19. Ooh just found a certain sword on 4.1 that'll do me very nicely indeed thanks. The dickheads on the run up to it can fuck off mind.
  20. I've started messing around with this in RCPS3 and so far so good. Sound is a bit messed up at points though and I can't seem to fix it. Not too keen on the amount of enemies it tends to plonk in one place.
  21. Repeatedly until all resistance is ground to dust. The moan squad have really got a hard on for this game.
  22. Have you even played it? Or is this another Rubber Johnny judges people from afar and says nostalgia a lot joint?
  23. You've never mentioned it before.
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