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  1. Well it seems Sekiro is so hard that it creeps into the real world and gave my 7 month old dragon rot (tonsillitis). Clearly died too many times!
  2. El Spatula

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Dual swords and spear here. Using light or medium armour. Axe is probably the most difficult weapon to use. Protip: Warrior of the West armour is awesome for most of the early to mid game. Red Demon I used for the majority of the end game and DLC.
  3. El Spatula

    Edge #331

    Crackdown 3 score is bang on.
  4. El Spatula

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    Try changing the controller settings in properties for Sekiro. May think you're using a steam controller. Seen a few people have that issues. Just change it to Xinput/Xbox pad/PS4 pad.
  5. I just parried a fuckin' wolf. Bad ass. Then died as I celebrated cos I got shot by a man I didn't see innit. Then killed the gun man. And got attacked by an "alarming" (har de har) cock of an enemy.
  6. El Spatula

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Wait til you get to the DLC areas...
  7. El Spatula

    Devil May Cry 5

    The Cavaliere Angelo boss fight is amazing. Proper clash of swords madness. Also I somehow did it without getting hit and with an SS rank first time. Never happened to me in a DMC! I prefer playing Dante to the others so much though that switching back faintly annoys me. Nero feels really limited in comparison.
  8. Clearly. Playing a game on a PC now is as easy if not easier than the consoles. The patches are certainly less painless/huge.
  9. Do you live in 1998?
  10. Hmm no CDKeys key yet
  11. Dunno man, I've just finished Bloodborne streaming on a PC via PSNow and had no issues at all. PSNow is way shitty compared to this.
  12. El Spatula

    Classic games spoiled by current games

    Jet Force Gemini had god awful controls even at the time!
  13. Before the patching it was awful. Random crashes between loading transitions, fucked lighting etc. Since then I managed to play through the entire game without any problems whatsoever at 60fps. That was on an i5/970. Fired it up on my new 2600X and 2060 and still no problems. It's really, really good.
  14. Yes. Here is a screenshot.

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