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  1. My trickster build is hilariously gung ho but when it works it lays down the hurt. Not so awesome against bosses though. Teleport into group, Venators Knife, shotgun fire willy nilly, temporal blade. Clean up with assault rife. Never gets old.
  2. There's something about odd numbered Sony consoles that turns them into massive dickheads.
  3. Yeah its much better to make Generic Space Marine 20, Driving Game 10 and Open World Driving Game 8.
  4. Netflix? Started out like this now everything is pretty much piss poor because they know people will watch it for 5 minutes or whatever.
  5. That's me convinced. I'll start believing it's amazing now. They probably play them for more than one session though.
  6. I'm unfortunately not one of the GamePass is amazing crew. I have it and subscribe to it but can count on no fingers how many games I've played to completion. It feels like playing games in the Spectrum days. I can't help but feel it's gonna Netflix games were everything becomes incredibly average. If nobody is going to play your games to completion and just give it a go and move on then why bother putting effort in.
  7. Right but they're nothing to do with MS and can be found on all platforms pretty much. Including the PS5. So it's an odd argument.
  8. I don't think you're gonna see anything like Soundshapes, Hohokum or The Last Guardian on the Xbox either. MS are equally conservative.
  9. Italian stereotype jumping man, pink blob jumping man, occasionally racially iffy jumping monkey man, toadstool jumping man, extremely Caucasian jumpy fighting game, extremely Caucasian stretchy fighting game.
  10. Scotland makes loads of great beer? Overtone, Fallen, Tempest, Vault City, Fierce, Newbarns etc.
  11. Eh? Not defending Sony one bit. Haven't even played any of these blockbuster games. Haven't owned a Sony console since the PS2. Primarily Xbox and PC for me. Sony now are a shadow of the old Sony i just don't vibe with the current MS can do no wrong thing a lot of the forum seem to have shifted over to. MS haven't released anything for ages. Sony have.
  12. Best to just not make any new games like MS. Seems to be the future.
  13. Perhaps you shouldn't have skipped the cutscenes if you wanna know what's going on?
  14. Could just post that for every single Thor post about a game since the dawn of time. Sometimes the other way round.
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