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  1. I seriously may have to consider ditching game pass. It's making me treat games as if they're dodgy tapes from the Spectrum days with millions of games on them. The amount of games I've been interested in, started and then abandoned due to almost nowt is ridiculous. Even games I'd ordinarily have been well into. I've actually gone back to playing Nioh again, because I actually have some £ value attached to that. How do I get over this? It's really annoying.
  2. I fucking loved Sekiro. Once. Upon replaying I didn't find it fun at all. The rest I can replay ad infinitum.
  3. The loot in Nioh is essentially a non concern. Sell everything bar the thing with the highest number. Once you finish the main game farm for decent kit. That's about it. There's some subtlety as well like but it only really kicks in after you finish the main game. The combat is the best. Possibly better than Bloodborne. Just the variety of enemies/locales lets it down a bit.
  4. It basically goes DS, Bloodborne, Nioh, DS2 SotFS /DS3, Sekiro.
  5. Just buy DeKay brand Nintendo filter glasses. Makes any differences indistinguishable.
  6. Yup Lagavulin should deffo be on any top 10 and Ardbeg.
  7. Its definitely Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix AND beatmania IIDX substream CLUB VERSiON 2
  8. The DC is by far the most overrated console there is. Bar a few standouts the library is the most 5/10 there has ever been. Plus that fucking controller. I used to despair every time I bought another well reviewed game only for it to once again be the definition of 5/10. See also Nintendo.
  9. Man Ninja Theory have the potential to make a fucking amazing single player game and they get to make... This?
  10. Dunno man I've had massive issues with MS customer service over the years.
  11. Each to their own, I've never really thought that grinding would help and have certainly never really bothered doing it.
  12. Dark Souls certainly doesn't rely on grinding equipment or skills to change the challenge. Both would do very little. The Surge does offer the option of using better rigs but again it's mainly about realising why you're dying and to stop doing it.
  13. I also have all of those, via Game Pass note most of them aren't developed by MS. I love GamePass it's amazing. I do think that Revivals take on Sonys first party is utterly daft though and I haven't owned a Sony console since the PS2.
  14. Not everyone can make games as fresh as Forza 8, Forza Horizon 5, Halo 6, and Gears of War 5 (actually 6)!
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