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  1. Hah. I vaguely recall doing Dragon Sword only run-throughs. They weren't too bad... I had a lot of time as I'd just broke myself rock climbing and had nothing better to do. I suspect now it'd be more painful than the 4 broken ribs.
  2. Not that I've seen. Not many cutscenes at all. The fetch quests take seconds and there really isn't that much to read. Seems slightly exaggerated. I'm probably about half way through.
  3. It's still an interruption when you have to stop every 5ms to skip some banal conversation, plot point or slow talky bit or fan service crotch shot.
  4. Dunno you're the one who hates narrative driven games. Bayonetta is a narrative driven game.
  5. You can skip cutscenes in almost all narative driven games.
  6. Bayonetta is also extremely narrative driven. And cringy as fuck. it has cut scenes every 4 seconds and is constantly fucking interrupting, it's also bloody hard to tell what's going on at times, especially compared to the DMCs. DMC 3 SE or DMC 4 (with Dante obvs) along with Ninja Gaiden are still the kings of that genre.
  7. El Spatula

    Devil May Cry 5

    Watch out though it may have a wonky texture!
  8. El Spatula

    The Arcade Ten

    Oh shit forgot Salamander, R Type and Darius!
  9. El Spatula

    The Arcade Ten

    XMen beat em up thing Bombjack Sinistar Galaga Arkanoid Golden Axe Operation Thunderbolt Time Crisis Afterburner with the cabinet like. Space Harrier
  10. Headhunter was a prime example of Sega Glasses in full effect. It was utter, utter shite but DC owners , including me, frothed over it. Along with almost everything else released on the DC. There were some good games but a lot of shite got a lot of praise because Sega. See also Nintendo.
  11. El Spatula

    The Arcade Ten

    More accurate.
  12. El Spatula

    Castle Rock - Stephen King and JJ Abrams

    Not sure I entirely got the ending...
  13. El Spatula

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    The goddamn South Ocean almost ruins Skies of Arcadia. Take an already ridiculous encounter rate and then ramp it up massively only this time the fly above the clouds thing doesn't work? Why not!
  14. So 1 more than Nintendo have managed since the SNES days then?
  15. Did this last night. Don't see the problem gives a nice little story and takes about 2 minutes. The reward was decent as well.

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