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  1. I've done no co op all so far and after a rough start its been hard but manageable so far.
  2. It's mainly about learning the area, the enemies, conserving stamina, and making sure you take care of the bigger threats first. There is a bit of levelling up to do, but its less important than the above. If you explore everywhere you should be fine for materials. Also hidden goodies.
  3. I'm totally buying this once I finish Remnant. It looks great and it's nice to see Spiders finally match their ambition to an extent.
  4. I've just had Enchanter Mangler. Also a dick.
  5. Jesus. Just had an enchanted version of a boss spawn. Fuck me that was hard. Difficult to pin down boss with loads of adds? Fine? Add random rot explosions? Fucking hard.
  6. You can switch to public co op easily. I actually found it harder with others....
  7. 47 quid *spits out coffee". Epic with their competitive pricing. I totally appreciate the passing more to devs but they seem to get that back by charging a fuckload.
  8. Done him in. Turns out he doesn't much like a shotgun to the face. Or being twatted with a hatchet. Boss fights are gonna take some learning! Doesn't help I haven't played a shooty mans game in ages!
  9. Jesus the first boss is nails!
  10. I just want a decent team based shooter. I've tried all the main Battle Royale style games and been left cold. I won Apex once while away from the computer feeding my baby for gods sake. I don't understand the fascination. I wish somebody would just make something akin to Unreal Tournament Black again.
  11. I started this last night, played the tutorial and then my 1 year old decided sleep and being on your own is for losers. She's the hardest boss.
  12. Theres a massive difficulty spike towards the "end" that definitely requires you to either grind or to make sure your characters are set up a certain way. Think wiped out in the first turn if you're unlucky.
  13. That looks like a PS2 game even without the camera going mental. I assume that's just an ugly area?
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