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  1. Well that was fucking great from start to finish. Bizarre that a linear, single player, shiny graphiced game is a breath of fresh air. Loved it.
  2. The parry is so fucking irritating as it's contrary to every other parry ever.
  3. Will it even run on the Switch? Perhaps Daggerfall?
  4. Nice you guys get something to play that isn't a generic Space Marine game or a driving game.
  5. I suspect somebody disliked the look of a game and cancelled their pre-order.
  6. Can't be worse than Smash Bros so...
  7. Yeah it's a really fucking annoying writing style and the twist was rubbish. Only book I've been more irritated by recently was The Only Good Indians which skitters all over the place in terms of viewpoint and at times is a bugger to follow.
  8. Well all they had to do was reskin Forza Horizon 4 and increase the Dudebro slider.
  9. Listening to Shimmyhills opinion regarding anything Sony is kinda like listening to Harold Shipman's opinion on elderly care. Or my opinion on Nintendo games.
  10. This was my big issue with FH4, for some reason I haven't had it hear. In the last one I couldn't win anything as every other car hooned off immediately and was often miles ahead.
  11. The Buxton Coffee Porter from Morrisons is pretty good.
  12. Yep that's annoying. Especially when EVERYTHING is miles away from Waxwork Mans house.
  13. Perhaps I can now finally regain the 100gb taken up by a supposedly uninstalled Gears of War 5!
  14. Well that was an interesting bug. My plastic faced avatar just replaced every NPC in a cut scene. Loads of him gurning away around a car.
  15. It's also surprisingly difficult to make your avatar look like a proper idiot which would help.
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