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  1. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    Finally. The Stardew update every Switch owner has been waiting for. https://stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-3-multiplayer-update-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch-this-week/
  2. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I don’t know or really care about doing well in that bonus stage but I started off a chain of destruction by luck during one go. No need to worry about working it out and perfecting it until about, ooh, the 70th attempt anyway.
  3. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    There was also a full Splatoon lobby around launch.
  4. DC Lemon

    SSBU DLC Fighters Suggestions

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s exclusivity might be a clue but it’s tough to pick one from that lot.
  5. I just successfully searched for three cephalon fragments without any helpful mods in order to access Phobos Junction. That’s the kind of chore I wouldn’t want to go through again. Nor will I have to because I received the Thief’s Wit mod for completing the the Phobos Junction. Is this some kind of cruel joke or incredibly unfortunate timing?
  6. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    As far as Fortnite goes, the stage based on it would be a bigger deal than any character.
  7. DC Lemon

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    PSVR or riot.
  8. DC Lemon

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 5 out now!

    This latest episode was like sitting on your own somewhere, sad and lonely, and a group of people pull up next to you and have the time of their lives and so you seek solace by telling yourself that all they’re doing is sniffing bags of shit.
  9. DC Lemon

    Xbox under the Xmas Tree: recommendations for kids

    I’m happy to report that Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is undead after all this time.
  10. DC Lemon

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    He hadn’t even left the battle bus for the other incident.
  11. DC Lemon

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    It’s the other video circulating where his daughter calls out to “dadda” while he’s playing Fortnite and he tells her to “shut up, cunt” that sealed the deal. The tabloids might be right about Fortnite.
  12. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I’ve decided to get the fighters pass. At the Joker reveal Reggie said the remaining DLC characters are all ones you wouldn’t anticipate. That hasn’t stopped me anticipating... Tracer Leon S. Kennedy Ribbon Girl Waluigi
  13. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    had me working up a sweat in World of Light. After various fighter and spirit combos failed, Fox saved me from going to bed in tears with some cheap tactics. These tweets give me comfort.
  14. DC Lemon

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    The stats page says I’ve already put 15 hours into this. That’s at least three times as much as the rest of the series combined. Is it that much better than previous entries? Well, I’ve unlocked Inkling and Isabelle, so yes, of course it is.
  15. DC Lemon

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    On first viewing I didn’t make it to the part in the video where the creator says ‘this is why people become gay, by the way’. It’s unfortunate that it’s presented with a commentary but that’s what I found. I’ve since seen the stuff that came after the edited version, which is oddly the most disturbing part.

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