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  1. I went cheap with a pair of these microfibre ones. They work perfectly well on the Switch screen. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07QT5KHRG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Buying Crypt for full price a week after it was under £5 would be a stinger. It managed to grab top spot in the eShop from Cadence for a while but is naturally falling away now.
  3. Well, it’s interesting viewing. Weird and a little embarrassing but interesting.
  4. Hugely positive reviews for this, although the tone of Eurogamer’s Essential one is oddly fanboyish. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-21-crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-review-generous-remaster-of-a-cult-classic
  5. Super C, Operation C and Super Probotector all beaten and enjoyed. I don’t have much time for the arcade games. Some interesting differences in the graphics and levels but they’re as mean spirited as Castlevania’s arcade outing and control poorly. The NES versions are far superior. I was waiting for the Japanese patch before tackling Hard Corps. Having suffered enough abuse at the hands of the western version, I wanted to experience it as intended before someone decided to be hateful towards western gamers. It might be the best in the series now. The synopsis on the menu screen says that Hard Corps is set on Christmas Eve with the city ‘festively decorated’. I’ve never seen any mention of this before and see no evidence of it in-game now (three levels in).
  6. Just caught up with what happened in the Scotland match. It’s a watershed moment because I’m sure that goalkeepers have been off the line like that more often than not for every penalty I’ve seen taken and refs have just ignored it like tonight’s would have without VAR.
  7. Now I’ve got this stuck in my head (not for the first time, admittedly).
  8. VR. I doubt I’ll ever get to play the arcade game and I don’t like the idea of going to the grave without having experience Mario Kart in VR.
  9. CoH’s boss fights in meme form. They’re why it’s unlikely to make my games of the year list. It could have been a classic but instead it’s a brilliant idea that’s the victim of its own generosity. Games often live or die by their boss fights. This approach wouldn’t go down very well in Dark Souls or Cuphead.
  10. I’m guessing you left it in sleep mode. It has the same bug as Xenoblade 2 did at launch for counting that time as part of your total.
  11. As expected I’m back to struggling on the final stretch. I have to think rather than mindlessly barge my way through everything now. Noooo! This is not helped by a fatal error where I now have a ruby broadsword instead a titanium one. I thought I could have both. Ruby’s half a heart refill for every five kills is not a good upgrade over Titanium’s 2 damage with my playstyle. This was not the moment to voluntarily weaken myself and have to come up with a plan B.
  12. Ninjara scrubs vanquished in the final! An upset to be sure. Proud to have fought on the side of good for Min Min. Where Arms goes from here, who knows? This cast of characters cannot be allowed to die. Apart from Ninjara, obviously.
  13. Yes and once you get the right equipment you could even argue it’s too easy The four dungeon bosses didn’t require any strategy whatsoever and fell ridiculously fast. I’ve left off for the evening at the final boss which is where it’s said the difficulty level rises significantly and now I’m nervous...
  14. Yes, like Tetris 99, this is one of those games where the Joy-con grip is much better than a Pro controller if you’re playing docked.
  15. Horde Rush is the most fun I’ve ever had with Fortnite despite playing with Switch and mobile randoms, which... well... isn’t ideal for success.
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