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  1. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Finally got around to pinging Rorie a mail about my auto sub renew. Dude mailed me back with a refund less than half an hour later. @snowbind @Mr. Gerbik
  2. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Cheers guys!
  3. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    my Gaintbomb sub auto renewed last night at full price. What a fucking muppet I am. I thought I had a few weeks left and I’d buy the sale membership this weekend. Seems rather shit that it does not auto renew at the sales price (or price at the time of auto purchase). I might pop them a mail and see if I can get a refund but I doubt it. Arse!
  4. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I’m pretty much the same. Since Drew and Dan left it’s been very dull. I only really listen once in a blue moon to test the waters (more so if I know Ben isn’t on).
  5. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Sounds like Polygon.
  6. Just reading through this. @Clipper are you still thinking of starting this in June? My background - I used to play a lot of Warhammer FRP (1st Edition) in the early 90s (I'm 44) with a bunch of mates for several years. We did play some Advanced D&D but I can't remember that much about it tbh. We also messed with TMNT and Rifts RPG (which i'm sure was part of GURPS system) Due to starting to watch Critical Role SE2 I've fancied getting back into it. Just had a bit of a falling out with said mates as I wanted to set up a game using Roll 20 and Skype with D&D 5 Edition and they want to go back to WHFRP over a weekend in some rented cottage. I can't help thinking it will turn into a glorified piss up rather than people wanting to get immersed in a campaign and role playing. Hit me up if there are still spaces on this. cheers!
  7. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I just got a mail this morning about mine running out too. When do we expect the next sale to hit? Apart from Black Friday stuff are they all pretty random?
  8. As someone else posted, it was like watching a Pirate VHS tape of Teh Thing from 1989
  9. For some reason I'd totally forgotten this*.. I really should have rewatched SE7 again... Like @scottcr its hard as the books (which natch don't exist) and the show are just polar opposite sometimes. *I had to read a wiki to remember what had happened.
  10. I love how there’s been no mention of Rickon Stark; the Stark kids have met up for the first time since season one and not one of them mentions Rickon. Da fuq!?! I wonder if we’ll see Hodor as one of the undead
  11. idiwa

    Dead Pixels

    I saw a piece about it on the BBC a few weeks ago before it aired. The producers said it would be a refreshing take on video games and be a more accurate and less patronising portrayal. Then I saw the trailer and I thought it looked utter shite. I keep meaning to watch it just to see how bad it is. Respects to @jonamok I will join you in the fiery hell soon!
  12. ^ what he said. The forum weekly time trials were fantastic fun. Some great gaming memories.
  13. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Ha! thats another thing... being in a firefight and taking cover behind a car and seeing the car drop a few inches as the bad guys shoot out the tyres. Just amazing attention to detail. I don't know why but every firefight felt like I was in the bank shootout scene in Heat. Just pouring fire into an area and pinning down the enemy, again the sound/ audio making it sound insane. I bought it via PSN so I might go back to it as some stage, you never know.
  14. idiwa

    Solid little thrillers

    Cop land Lee Marvin's Point Blank Headhunters 36 Quai des Orfèvres Blurb for 36 -

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