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  1. I noticed The Handmaiden's Tale SE 1-3 is on Prime now. Mega depressing (I stopped at the start of SE2) Not sure if I'll go back to it. ^ A glowing review.
  2. I think I watched 2-3 episodes. Absolute shite.
  3. Fantastic. I just grabbed this for myself. I read a piece in The Guardian about him (promoting the autobiography) last year and it sounded fascinating but also very brave/ raw. I'm looking forward (if thats the right word) to reading it. Thanks @Boothjan and @Stopharage for highlighting this.
  4. I was just randomly thinking the other day... with GW/ WH40K being popular in North America and Australia are they using metric for all measurements of sticking with Imperial (lulz)? I've not played anything since WHFB and the first edition of WH40k RougeTrader so for all I know its all metric now. God knows why this popped into my head. Thanks.
  5. idiwa

    PGA Tour 2K21

    What about the dull, lifeless comments? Have they done anything to change that or is it all about the gameplay/ physics. Ta.
  6. I think it's interesting what was posted above re: popular streamers and evangelist cult types. I've never really gotten into Twitch other than the occasional look at some of @murray Resident Evil 2 content. I find watching FPS games gives me instant motion sickness so I tend to avoid. But back to the evangelical slant; I see similar things with YouTubers within the design community where someone builds up a channel, offers insights into their workflow has known heads on within the design community and like clockwork a few months later they monetarise the shit out of it with exclusive content. Partly this is giving away stuff but I think it's a bit like PS4 Pro and video card branding... OMG you must be the real deal because you are part of this inner sanctum. Look at your exclusive <insert brand here> t-shirt you posted on Instagram. What I find is within the design world is these cults appear to be large yet you ask anyone in the real* design world and nobody has a scooby who these people are. It's all smoke and mirrors and cult of personality. * Grafting, working designers rather than bedroom aspirational types hitting up Dribbble.
  7. I can't think of any.... Seems like you're grapsing at straws with this. Can you name some more please?
  8. @englishbob was that screen grab yours or just something you posted? Like @moosegrinder an update is not showing for me on PS4. Cheers.
  9. Ack, sorry @ZOK was sure it was you.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen that reduced in price. I bought it years ago as @ZOK was always banging on about it. I didn't really think it was that great. I mean it was ok but not like OMG!!! horses for courses and all that.
  11. Feel your pain on this; I tried to set something up between my Mac and my work Mac using Google Drive. It was just a total pain in the arse. I also pissed about with using a Library on a flash drive just to take stuff to work, edit on my lunch and then import back into my home Library. It's do able but it's just a daily pain in the tits. Lightroom (non classic) was easier but fuck that shit.
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