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  1. Re-done the 3070 with an additional PCIe cable and a 6pin extensions the same as the 8pin. Also bung in the CoolerMaster 90 degree adapter for the 24pin ATX cable.
  2. Yeah, as soon as I get the 6pin extension cable I'll use two dedicated cables. Previously I just used small zip ties on the rat's tail to keep it close to the parent cable.
  3. @RJames This isn't supposed to be a hahaha fuck you but I got mine from Scan when I randomly looked on the site and they had 3070s and 3060ti just sitting there. Just worth a look a few times a day just to see if they come up.
  4. I half expected to see Dan storming the Capitol Building in his Stars and Stripes trackies...
  5. Yeah I was thinking the same. It's just a pisser each cable has a rat's tail. I've already got a 8pin extension cable for tidier build (previously for 1660 super) so I've ordered the same as a 6pin. Fuckin' cable management when you're a phat handed twat is nae fun!
  6. Re: 3070 Should I be using two separate PCI-E power cables or can I use one cable that has a rat's tail? The 3070 requires an 8pin and a 6pin power connector. The Corsair modular PCI-E cables (2x) both have rat's tails in place. This is a 750watt supply. Ta.
  7. I'll be selling my MSI Gaming X 1660 Super as soon as. Must be all of 5 weeks old with 16hrs of gaming use.
  8. I spoke via Live Chat to Scan this morning. I tired yesterday but starting at customer 99 in the queue it would then time out around No.20. Oh how I laughed... Mr idiwa What is happening with the above order? This order was placed on 24th Dec and money taken as payment immediately at time of ordering via PayPal. Since ordering I have spoken to Customer Services via live chat and I was informed that the order was going to dispatch with DPD and I should expect delivery on the 30th or 31st of December. It is now 6th of January and the item still shows as awaiting dispatch via yo
  9. I suspect the DPD van will be hit by some highwaymen on route to your gaff (highwaymen with Scan dogtags!!!!)
  10. You're getting delay notifications.... Ooooh you lucky bastard!!! I do hope during tier5 lockdown Scan's customer service are still able to ignore the fuck out of me. Amazing service since 11 days ago they took nearly £600 out my account. Normally I get kissed before I get fucked.
  11. Home for Christmas was a fantastic watch, so far only watched SE1. Thanks to @Plissken and @jon_cybernet for the recommendation. Moments where my wife and I were totally pissing ourselves laughing.
  12. How many episodes are left to air for SE5? I've not looked at it at all yet. I've read all the books and I think I found SE4 rather meh. I'd just rather binge season 5 rather than waiting for episodes to be released. Hell, I might even watch season 4 again just to remind me. The problem with reading the books and other space operas is that shit starts to merge together.... Amos is a cylon right?
  13. Disappointed. Clicked on thread thinking it was a beat'em up set in the gusset of a pair of Pretty Pollys.
  14. It's probably easier to go into Argos and pick up a 3000 series card than it is to speak to fucking Scan customer service atm.
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