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  1. I've been playing as its free on PS Plus this month. It's been on my hit list for a while and I kind of glad I didn't fork out for it as I'm not that taken with it. Which is a shame as I really enjoyed playing Sniper Elite on the xbox. I think its more the way I'm playing it rather than the game. I doesn't seem to penalise you for murdering everyone or making too much noise. I expected it to be more stealth and more trying to mask shots with overhead aircraft and stuff. As far as skill level I've did the first level (the island) on Marksman (Normal) and then I've started the second mission on Sniper Elite (Hard) but again I can wipe out a patrol boat and assorted bad guys and no one seems to give a toss. Just feels a bit pointless. Not shitting on anyone else's parade I just a bit underwhelmed with it.
  2. Just finished book 8
  3. What was the burger building game Abbey was talking about on the Beastcast this week? Ta. Edit - its Automachef
  4. Really love this @TommyG, excellent work.
  5. @Trumpets you missed out Brad revealing spoilers (after telling us he definitely would not reveal any spoilers)
  6. I'm sure Roar was featured on Blue Peter when it was in production. Simon Groom visited the set... Lots of kid friendly B-roll of Goldie being mailed to death.
  7. I fancy getting back into MGS V but its been a dogs age since I last played it. Am I right in saying that to start a new game I have to delete my existing save?
  8. Just came to post this is 4.99 on iTunes... But I guess it's old news now Not even seen a trailer yet, so looking forward to this.
  9. Due to work I'm pretty much tied to Adobe's ecosystem and the only exception to this is Sketch App (not to be confused with Autodesk Sketchbook). A while ago I was having no end of bullshit with Lightroom Classic and I nearly threw in the towel and defected to ON1 Photo RAW and Capture One Pro. A mixture of getting a new Mac and updates to Lightroom Classic sorted it out (I was so close to building my own PC just for Lightroom). As I said I'm pretty much tied to Adobe due to work, but the upside is that I have access to Adobe CC on my own Mac as it allows two logins per account.
  10. idiwa

    Which Dark Souls?

    Cheers everyone (even JPL) I've gone for the Dark Souls Remastered. I'm sure I'll be dying a lot before this night ends.
  11. idiwa

    Which Dark Souls?

    There's something about Bloodborne that puts me off. I think its the colour palette just seems very depressing. I think I watched a Giantbomb quicklook when it was initially released.
  12. PS4 I'm going through a bit of a Meh period with gaming and I can't really be arsed with anything apart from leisurely games of Everybody's Golf. Having never touched anything like Dark Souls in the past I was wondering about giving one a go. Dark Souls 3 is dirty cheap at the moment on PSN. Is that a good one to start (die) with? Not sure if this sound stupid but is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice similar to Souls? or just the same studio? I assume these games are not tied in anyway, ether by narrative or previous character saves? Cheers.
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