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  1. I'd really like to see Cavani and Dan James on the pitch together, really pressing a defence with relentless running. I reckon they could force a few mistakes out of most defences.
  2. I couldn't disagree more. There are certainly sections that demand you travel in a specific way to progress but there are also plenty of sandbox areas where you can approach the combat in completely different ways, from total avoidance, through stealth up to absolute balls out carnage. Its telling a very specific story, so of course some actions are unavoidable but the areas in-between allow for loads of experimentation.
  3. I just binged all four series and I thought it was incredible. Its definitely one of those programs that I'll read up on afterwards to see what I missed and would be a satisfying rewatch at some point in the future armed with the knowledge of what is going on.
  4. I've taken a dislike to the new presenter, Siobhán McSweeney. I really liked Melanie Sykes as she came across as warm and often very funny but I'm just not getting that from Siobhán. Keith is as amazing as ever though.
  5. ukdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    This looks interesting.
  6. My local is a Titanic pub. I tend towards the darker beers these days so I've had a fair few of those. With lockdown in full effect, I've not really been getting out much. My local Aldi's beer selection is terrible (I don't like hoppy beers, so IPAs are wasted on me) but I've found a couple of interesting options in... B&M. It's not the first place I'd think to do my beer shopping but these two are right up my street: https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/old-ginger-tom-strong-ale-330ml-307644 A dark ale with extracts of ginger. Not something you could drin
  7. ukdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    Don't think he has to fight him. Wilder missed his chance by waiting too long to activate the rematch clause, then started with the nonsense about Fury's gloves, his water was tainted, his budgie was sick etc.
  8. Yeah, same here. I've downloaded my TVs manual to have a read. Was wondering if there was a specific HDMI port I should use. Not sure I'll get away with another new TV, two in 1 year seems excessive even to me.
  9. Smart move. It'll do well on PSPlus but I think it would have died on its arse at full price.
  10. This finally gets a release on October 29th. Fingers crossed it's good.
  11. Are Wolves playing the long game to get Ronaldo in the squad?
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