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  1. Embrace the bow! I’m not saying they are the same as snipers, because they’re not at all, but while we don’t have snipers, they are the best ranged weapon and sooo much fun. One thing that settled it for me, was the realisation that whilst I was frustrated at not having a sniper, neither did anyone else. Changes the way you play when you’re not having to worry that you could be sniped at any moment.
  2. You know what, I feel like I’ve been neglecting the flame lately - no gas can shall go unexploded!
  3. Love that video I keep meaning to figure out how to clip stuff on the PC, but I never get round to it!
  4. Lol yeah it was so hectic there, I hadn’t been keeping an eye on your health and was planning for us to ride out of the storm in that whiplash, it looked as though you were having trouble getting in and I panicked thinking there was an enemy hiding in the passenger seat when you went down carried you to the water, realised I wouldn’t be able to get you out while swimming, managed to fit in a revive and just made it out on about 2 health myself! Another quick floating revive then we were right back into it on that hill! Everything after that went smoothly by comparison
  5. Hopped on for a quick lunch break game, hooked up with @Shimmyhill and we got a duos dub Did panic a wee bit that we weren’t going to make it out of the storm near the end there!
  6. There’s a high chance I will be, 11:30 / 11:45 ish onwards!
  7. Had what I think could be my best ever win last night! I was playing random squads, and had a match with the typical behaviours - one dropped out before we got on the bus, one landed the other side of the map, and one landed with me at Lazy Lake. Got swamped but somehow managed four eliminations off the bat; my companion got eliminated, and by the time I’d cleared the threat, healed up, armed myself with more than a pointy stick and harsh language to go and get his card, he’d quit Since I’d done well on my own I decided to soldier on. To my surprise the ot
  8. Tac shotguns are back!! And infantry rifles. Plus even more crafting materials.
  9. Nice one @Shimmyhill! Was he trying to go for a pickaxe kill there? Even sweeter if so
  10. Don’t forget the unstable bow! 4 in one with that
  11. Yep I’m on late most nights and always happy to squad up! Imagine what we could do as a full squad @Shimmyhill... it does make the dubs all the sweeter when it’s three against fours, but it’d be great to have a full complement!
  12. Yeah great session last night! I don’t tend to use the shockwave bow myself; my spatial awareness isn’t the best, and when I’ve got a bead on someone, I want them to stay in one place If I shockwave them away I’ve typically lost them! And as for boosting myself around... yeah, hello storm in most cases! It’s excellent for final circle play - but I can’t carry one just for that. Whereas the splodey bow is so satisfying when you land a solid shot, breaking their shield then half a second later the bombs take them out! Love it.
  13. I have used the £1 offer before, so I guess it’s option two like what you done it then!
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