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  1. Thanks for putting up with me again last night @Shimmyhill, that victory Royale was certainly spiced up by the surprise flying shark out of nowhere
  2. Pistol

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheapest place I found it was £4.40 at Wickes.
  3. One X packs were £260 about a week ago weren’t they?!
  4. Pistol

    Nintendo Switch

    They are pretty big, makes the whole switch something of a beast but honestly they don’t feel too big, if that makes sense! Seen them described as an Xbox pad cut in half which is a pretty decent approximation, though I’d say they’re a little more compact than that. Here’sa pic of ours:
  5. Oh God yes this. Ladders were always my nemesis in games, could never climb a ladder to save my life; Fortnite has managed to top that particular nightmare for me Takes me about three attempts to get out of the water onto a platform. On a happier note, I got my first solo win of the season last night! Well chuffed.
  6. Pistol

    Nintendo Switch

    Fixed my dodgy drifting joy cons the other day The right one was my own fault, I changed the joy con shell for a clear one and managed to damage the analogue stick ribbon cable while putting it back together. Replaced it with one from eBay, which predictably started wobbling and drifting after a while. I’d bought two, in case I knackered the left one as well; but before putting another low quality stick in, thought I might as well see if it was feasible to replace the damaged ribbon cable on the original stick with the one from the cheap copy stick. Destructive disassembly of the cheap stick showed it might indeed work, so I carefully dissembled the original stick, and replaced the original floppy pcb bit with the one from the copy stick. It actually worked! The left stick I hadn’t touched after the harrowing experience of changing the case on the right one, but it was still knackered. Wouldn’t go fully up or down. I thought I was going to have to replace it with the spare copy stick, then I read about using contact cleaner on them; £4.40 from Wickes, sprayed a bit into the guts of the stick under the little rubber flappy bit, and when I tested it, it was as good as new! In the interim, I’d actually purchased a set of Hori Split Pad Pro controllers as I felt so guilty about my middle son having to struggle along with defective sticks. Fortunately they’re excellent, really good for Fortnite and other such games.
  7. Well another live event turned into looking at a login screen for half an hour then watching some streamer experience it. Pah.
  8. My son’s birthday is coming up and he wants an Xbox one X. I know, new one’s coming out and all but ain’t gonna be buying one of them at early adopter prices. Looks like £260 is the common factor price point for an X, unless anyone knows of a cheaper price anywhere? Any likelihood it’s going to drop again this month?
  9. I’ve saved up enough points for £15 of credit, should get another fiver’s worth while the deal’s on too
  10. Just had to chime in because that was almost exactly my experience with Grendel! Loved the setting in my teens, never got to finish it. Revisited it about a decade ago and finally finished it. I used to draw Grendel, the bikes and the armour in art lessons. The only thing that bugs me is that having only got into War Child, the concept of other series being totally different conceptually didn't click with me in my younger days. One to go back to soon I think!
  11. I did hear you so scrambled to find a mic, not sure I got it plugged in in time though! It was a good win, well executed! I managed an unexpected solo win the other night, I love it when that happens - one minute there were 5 people left, next minute I’m in a battle which I manage to win and the victory royale pops up! Surely would’ve choked if I’d realised
  12. Yeah you were so close there!! Spectated your duos win before we started, well done on that one! Level 100 is the main target, yes; similar to last season, there are stretch goals as well. Basically the battle pass agent skins get more golden the higher the level you are. But you have to get to something like level 345 to get full gold Peely, and the Xp isn’t as easy to get as last season so I’m not grinding for that. If you’ve got loads of challenges still to do you should reach level 100 without too much bother; this season was extended until June 4, so plenty of time yet. Use thesquatingdog’s cheat sheets and you’ll get a load done in no time. I’m always happy to help if I know what you’ve got to aim for; tried a mic last night but not sure it worked!
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, really great stuff.
  14. If you look up Squatingdog on reddit or Twitter, he makes really good cheat sheets each week for the challenges - helps get them done easily.
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