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  1. That was a clean nade throw! ...and weren’t we just talking about the crystals doing just that the other night
  2. If anyone’s getting the Terminator skins, turns out there’s a glitch to get them a bit cheaper. The bundle costs 2,800; but if you buy the T-800 skin on its own for 1,500 then the bundle price gets reduced to 1,000 making a total of 2,500! Bit of a pain for those like me who jumped on the bundle straight away, could’ve saved myself 300 vbucks!
  3. Just wait till she starts moaning about all the “sweaty tryhards”
  4. The Terminator pack is out, and it’s awesome!!
  5. Apparently if you just damage the predator, you still complete the challenge even if someone else eliminates it. So, shoot it once then run and hide. And for the thermal challenge, supposedly guns with thermal scopes work for it, which would be a lot easier than using thermal fish; just buy the Night Hawk revolver from Mancake at Butter Barn, or get the Mandalorian’s sniper rifle.
  6. Nice! I’m guessing Stealthy Stronghold is going to be even more out of bounds for you now @Shimmyhill...
  7. That would’ve been interesting Did you get to use your rocket launcher in the end?
  8. Got a rare solo victory last night :D Six eliminations, only one bot! It was the first elimination that was the most satisfying, my opponent was clearly better than me - he was building and editing, I can handle throwing up builds for defence and ramping up people’s structures but editing in combat situations is beyond my ability Managed to keep my head and land my shots where it counted though! The “secret” skin has been confirmed as the predator!! Awesome. They’ve introduced a new lever action shotgun, the look and reload animation are straight out of
  9. Check what hard drive you’ve installed it to. IIRC, if it’s not in the default directory on the c drive it can’t find the right files for some reason.
  10. No longer available, anyway.
  11. This week’s legendary challenge: eliminate 50(!!) IO guards I had a nice glitch last night, was in the battle bus when the hourly New Years celebrations began. Jumped out of the bus under the enormous disco ball in the sky, and instead of falling, I rose up into the disco ball! Then up through it, and was gliding around amongst the fireworks! That was pretty cool.
  12. They’re the modern day equivalent of full games on cover tapes.
  13. Couple of thoughts on games where allies worked well that stuck with me. The first was Goldeneye. The level where you have to protect Natalya while she fiddles with the computers, from dozens of soviet troops pouring down the stairs at you. It’s a bit of an odd one really, because rather than being well executed it was more of an exercise in frustration; sooo many attempts it took me, so many occasions where I had to focus on stemming the flow down one staircase only to get Mission Failed. “I can’t turn my back on you for ONE SECOND without you getting shot can I!!!” But ult
  14. Oh didn’t realise there was a new one, I just bought Peter Pan Goes Wrong on Amazon Prime the other day to rewatch with the family. Love that. It came with the Christmas Carol one as well, which I remember being forgettable.
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