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  1. Looks ace. Really like the theming. Hope the dev teams are fans of Hunt: Showdown...
  2. So, I found this curiosity and thought I would post it here. Someone incredibly talented people have created a special THREE PLAYER version of Final Fight that is actually designed to work on real CPS hardware, called Final Fight Anniversary That git hub page has mra core for it to work on the MiSTer. You will need to locate a version of the Fight Fight rom to patch. For some reason, the one that gets downloaded by the update_all script won't work, as its missing some files(?). I downloaded just the one ROM file from torrent file on internet archive and patched that. You'll also ne
  3. Eurogamer Review "I've been playing it on PlayStation 5 (and) I have come across the object interaction bug, which sometimes doesn't register your interactions, or doesn't quite trigger them. Pressing the button again usually rectifies the issue, so it's sometimes annoying but rarely more." Wondered if this was exclusive to the PS5, or just generally a issue when playing on a pad.
  4. Well, everyone was moaning about the controls, so I was wondering if that was related to the pad, or specific to the PS5?
  5. So, if you had the choice, would you go for the PS5, or PC version of the game? (On pc I would probably be playing on a pad).
  6. I remember trying this when I was living in a flat. I left my SFC case in a transparent storage case, covered in that peroxide cream. Some next door neighbour spotted the box, looked inside, tipped away the "plastic rubbish" inside into his black bin, and then took the box for himself. Cheers.
  7. The SNES core has both a turbo and extra sprite drawing toggles, which improves Super R-Type! Always preferred R-Type 3 because of the better performance on original hardware...
  8. Another noob question, but how do you get the MSX to run? I tried googling and was confused by the responses. Was curious about trying Metal Gear.
  9. Yeah, this was the bit I was also trying to allude to. The games just feel nicer to play than most other emulation solutions.
  10. Yeah, they touch on that a bit in the video. Even huge companies like Nintendo and Capcom etc. would (most likely) be turning to open source to work out how their own old hardware worked. Fascinating.
  11. Wasn't sure where to post this, so am gonna add it to this thread. Great YT video about the preservation of video games. Talks about the MiSTer project, and about how mame is really about documenting old arcade hardware (which I didn't know).
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