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  1. Only 10 pages in, but this thread is such a joy to read.
  2. I was lead designer on that game. Nice to have at least one fan.
  3. To be honest, I thought that at the time.
  4. Is it worth waiting for a sale? Or will it be £15 for a fair while now,?
  5. Tomdominer

    Outer Wilds

    I assume its been patched then.
  6. Tomdominer

    Outer Wilds

    How does this run on ps4? The jittery framerate comments on xbone are worrying me slightly.
  7. I've completed Bloodborne twice and have absolutely no idea what that is.
  8. Yeah, this is what worries me too. Metal Gear 5 was one of my favourite games of all time, but I really didn't like MGS4. Its seems to be equal parts of those two titles.
  9. Posting this before I may have to move again. Man Cave 3.0
  10. Utterly agree. This confuses me to this day that anyone could like that game. Especially compared to the first, which to me, was one of the greatest first person shooters of that generation.
  11. I am sure I asked this before, but I couldn't see the question. Anyway, does anyone know how to undo this all? Is there a revert guide on reddit or something?
  12. Review embargo is up. A recommended from Eurogamer. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-10-08-grid-review-a-slim-muscular-and-magnificent-arcade-racer
  13. Also, I read on reddit that "If you use a finisher, it recharges shields in season 3." without the gold shield. Holy shit, if that is true.
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