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  1. Tomdominer

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    Could people add me on PS4? ID: Tomdominer
  2. Tomdominer

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Yeah. I've had the pc game bug out in a similar way. Do you have a save game to roll back to?
  3. Tomdominer

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    I used to beat my brother at street fighter by laying the pad on the floor and playing with my feat, just to piss him off.
  4. It isn't available on their website yet, is it?
  5. What's the best place to pre-order this badboy then? (First game I have pre-ordered in about 5 years I think)
  6. Cheers for this, Slapper, it worked like a charm.
  7. Can someone post a guide to this bit? Or a link to a reddit guide or something?
  8. Tomdominer

    What if all games were subscriptions?

    I guess the real problem would be how the money is distributed. It seems to me that it would give even more power to the platform owners and indie games without strong publishing backing might end up receiving less money than purely through sales. Then again, this is a hit driven business, with 5% of game releases making 95% of the money, so it might actually help diversity.
  9. Tomdominer

    Rat Arsed Gaming

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2 vs 2 online with a friend. Me and a mate actually went through to sunrise one night, drinking guinness and playing people across Europe. No matter how drunk we got, we still managed to somehow keep winning. I think its because you really just need to stand in space and pass to each other, which gives a good margin for error.
  10. If it already had the update downloaded it doesn't give you the choice. Had to format my harddrive to fix it in the end...
  11. Ok, followed the guide and got a bit stuck. I've got all the way to downloading the correct firmware pup file and was ready to install but my console has automatically downloaded 4.83 firmware. This firmware is the only selectable option from the "system update" menu and I cannot seem to delete the update itself. Some googling online has returned nothing useful. Do I have to perform a system reset or something?
  12. Tomdominer

    What Type of Player Are You?

    That's interesting. Wish I has the same opportunity, but most of my friends begrudge paying for xbox live / psn. What are some of your favourites you've enjoyed with your family?
  13. Tomdominer

    What Type of Player Are You?

    I'm not sure that's entirely true. I think its useful to try and classify what types of player there are, or even what play styles people enjoy. Tom Francis kinda covers the same sort of subject in his blog post what makes games good. I think it also goes some way to explain why games such as GTA and minecraft are so universally popular. They don't just reward one play style, but actually offer something to players who are seeking these varying experiences, especially online.
  14. Tomdominer

    What Type of Player Are You?

    I've been thinking about how I am not personally enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 all that much, but people on this forum seem to be getting much more enjoyment out of it than me. it also reminds me of the divisive debate around No Man's Sky, where some people considering it to be one of the greatest games of all time, while others were totally left cold and these debates both remind me of Richard Bartle's Taxonomy of Player Types. The basic idea is that Bartle found that certain players had certain different interests or goals in online games: "Achievers" wanted to beat the game, judged themselves on performance and technique. "Explorers" wanted to find out as much as possible about the world they were in, both from a physical and game-rules point of view. "Socializers" want to interact with people. Whether its through sharing their experience of the game, playing co-cooperatively together, or even enjoying games with meaningful character relationships "Killers". Essentially griefers. Being allowed to cause chaos and destruction, either in single player, or online games. Although, this doesn't describe all the pleasure "types" you can have while playing video games (playing a role, game feel etc.) I do find this classification useful for explaining why some people choose certain styles of play or enjoy certain games more. When you start thinking this way, you can even see how game designers have consciously integrated this concept into their games ("invasions" from Dark Souls being one of the most overt "Killer" type implementations I can recall). Also, the now defunct 360 xbox live gamer types were a deliberate effort for players to assign themselves into these four categories (and looking at some fairly recent microsoft articles it looks like someone at microsoft still thinks these categories apply). So, what do you think about this concept? Where do you think you land on the player type scale? I personally think I'm very "achiever" led, with games like Spelunky, and Dark Souls being some of my favourite. But also think I am fair bit of an "explorer", especially when it comes to game rules, which also very much applies to Spelunky and Dark Souls, with their obtuse items and complex behaviours.
  15. Tomdominer

    What game is the most FUN?

    Or this.

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