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  1. Ok, that issue is definitely because of a power issue with the USB. Are you sure? I made the mistake of copying over my first USB to my second USB drive and one of the retroboot files got corrupted when copying over, so it didn't run. Maybe try a clean build with the second thumb drive, and if that works, then copy the roms over after? You can buy this, which means you can wirelessly connect dual shock 4 controllers to your classic (if you own any).
  2. Yeah, everything Souls. The way that you could be invaded by another player without "enabling multiplayer" felt truly revolutionary at the time, and still is an incredible brave design choice.
  3. This website does list Micro Machines 2 as one of the compatible games for the megadrive "team player" device, which is definitely one of the multitaps I own. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the thing has six settings: "extra", "A", "B", "C", "D" and "multitap". Also, because I don't own another game that uses it, I am not even sure the thing works... Actually, I might own ISS. Maybe I'll give that a go... EDIT: I've just read the instructions from that site. it explains the modes, also says the device even supports the EA play multitap games. Didn't even need to buy that other device...
  4. Hhhhmm, maybe the cartridge without just doesn't work for more than two players...
  5. Ha yeah. There are two versions, I think the 96 version has the ports on the cartridge, but the original MM2 doesn't and I can't work out how to get that to work...
  6. Well, it was the same back in the day as well. I own TWO multitaps for the megadrive (the main one, and the EA four play one) and still can't get either of them working for Micro Machines 2. :|
  7. I'm at work, so working from memory, but if you go into the "video settings" menu there is an "integer scale" I turned that off to get a full screen picture. Is this on mame or megadrive or what?
  8. Yeah, got V3 working. I may as well tell you here, as its one of the easiest. If you are running retroarch, press start and select and go to the "options" menu to access the options for the PSX core. From there, you can actually toggle if there is a virtual multi-tap plugged into either port. Turn the one in the first port on I believe (this can vary for game to game, as some games only work with the multi-tap plugged into the second port), then change all player's joystick input settings from "auto" to "standard" (I can't remember the exact terminology, but its something along those lines) and then finally "reset" the game (as it only detects the multi-tap on boot). After that, you just need to plug in a USB hub and keep plugging in any controllers you have (retroarch will work with 360, XB One, PS4 pads etc.) and you should be good to go. On the player selection screen, you should now be able to add up to 8 players.
  9. Yeah, doing more advanced stuff is definitely tricky, but I am always here to answer questions! Also, I've managed to achieve my ultimate goal for the thing, which was to get the PS-Classic working with multi-tap / 4-player games, which I have now achieved. Gonna write up an explanation when I get time...
  10. Yeah, I agree. Its got such a good pad for snes, md and neo geo games and great picture over HDMI that I am beginning to wonder if my retro game set-up is really needed anymore...
  11. You can also go into the "options" inside the "quick menu" inside retroarch and access the similar options for the PSX core (they might be using the same emulator actually, not sure). There is a "high res mode" and a "high res performance hack" that (probably) improves the performance. Works a charm on ISS Pro Evo 2.
  12. None of the mods require soldering. Only bleemsync requires actually modifying the PS Classic firmware. If you order the recommended USB sticks from the original post you don't need to modify the hardware at all. If you DO have a power hungry USB stick, you could first perform the OTG mod, as the OTG USB adapter is powered (because you plug it into the AC adapter cable), but you'd first need a USB stick that works with the low USB power of the classic to perform the mod....
  13. Make sure, if you have bin and cue files, to load the cue file, as that makes the emulator understand the track listing. For instance, Return Fire / Wipeout has their soundtrack as separate tracks.
  14. So, as far as I am aware, each core has a database which looks up if the rom is valid and only then creates the playlist. I downloaded the correct rom sets for snes & cps3 and after that they would scan. I would assume you can still load them using "load content" from the left most retroarch menu? Your other option is to manually make a custom playlist of all the games you have. I've attached my snes playlist as an example... Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System.zip EDIT: A quote from the developer: RetroArch's scanner only recognizes roms from some specific romsets, usually no-intro sets but it varies depending on the system; more info on supported sets is available at https://github.com/libretro/libretro-database/blob/master/README.md That being said, just because a game isn't recognized by the scanner doesn't mean it won't work just fine - for instance the scanner doesn't support PBP files because of the compression, but the emulator will run them just fine. For games that don't scan, you can manually add them to your playlists (stored in /retroarch/playlists/) with a text editor or RA playlist editor, or you can open them with "load content" and just add them to your favorites.
  15. Updated the modding thread with analogue control if anyone is interested...
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