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  1. If you send me one I'll let you off. I was thinking, the bigger fish models do not fit in the display stand, so maybe they fit in that one. If you put a live fish on it, does it basically look like an aquarium on a stand? Sounds good.
  2. Np! I also have a display stand and lighted display stand if anyone's interested in those. They can be customised into various wood finishes, plus grey marble similar to the museum gallery. It's a damn shame you can't put statues on them (the smaller ones might work).
  3. I got this cool item in Nook's today, so I've sent them out to a handful of regular posters here. Give me a shout if I missed you out and you want one. There's a lot of items you can place inside it. I'm going to take it to Cyrus to see if it looks better in another colour.
  4. A week later, Larry is digging around in the back of the freezer. What's this?? Oh, what an idiot! The last ice lolly had fallen behind the frozen broccoli! Larry: (turns to camera) And this boys and girls is why you should never judge someone based on their appearance. *Curb music*
  5. Check mail! I got the crane game a few days ago. I have two on my high street. No matter how many times I try them I can't seem to win.
  6. I have an electric sign which you can customise to coffee/restaurant/etc. I popped it outside the museum of course. These supermarket shelves are pretty cool as well.
  7. It was a bit weird. Like, if I had the choice between a skinny teenager who doesn't have a clue, and this Quint-type guy that looks like he's been doing manual labour for forty years, I'm not going to give a fuck that he's got a bit of a belly on him.
  8. Earlier in the year I played through it twice, got the plat, but I don't remember anything like that. This website might be helpful; https://www.taminggaming.com/en-gb/game/Ghost+of+Tsushima
  9. God dammit Stumpy!! Nah, it's fine of course. Do items not transfer from the DLC then? That's crappy. Everyone keep an eye out for them anyways, plz. @shirubagan Just heading over with some bits!
  10. I can send if anyone wants one? I have a chandelier in the shop too if anyone wants that. Does anyone have a cement mixer or scaffolding?
  11. Received! Thank you! I just got a strange recipe from an island...not sure if it's new.
  12. I don't have any of those! I'll just take one though if that's ok. Let some others choose first? I have the following recipes but I doubt anyone needs them: Pine bonsai Coloured-leaves flooring Leo sculpture I've been picking them up on Kapp'n islands. Got the Torii, love it thanks @Meatball
  13. When I get home, sure. I'd love a Torii! I mean obviously. Edit: Sent!
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