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  1. Yeah, I feel fairly confident with following the guide on build.kingdomdeath and have watched a fair few videos. Supahamstas was pretty good as his even colour coded where they were on the sprues per mini. It shipped from England somewhere. I didn’t hear anything for a few days, then got dpd tracking to say it would be delivered next day.
  2. The expansions look totally overwhelming. There is just so much! And the prices. (If you didn’t KS) I’m giddy about building the first minis. I have never built a mini in my life so I have no idea how badly this is going to turn out. Hopefully my thin cement and plastic glue will turn up before the weekend so I can get started. I think I’ll practice on the Shadow of Brimstone minis first!
  3. Well, the guy that was selling never got back to me. Instead, I took a chance and ordered direct from the store for $400 (£280) with the free shipping option. I was a little nervous but here we are, 4 days later and it’s in my hands!
  4. What are you playing?

    I missed the Kickstarter for Sword and Sorcery, but did pick it up when it hit retail. I unboxed it and settled down with the 55 page rule book and went through the set up. I felt a little bamboozled so watched a playthrough. In the end I packed it all away again without really giving it a proper go. I really need to try and get it to the table because theoretically I should love it! Have been thinking about it a fair bit recently. I have done a pretty similar thing with Shadows of Brimstone. I didn’t get as far as punching the tokens of that though. Are you heading to the UK expo this year @Cosmic_Guru? I know there was talk of a board games meet last year but it didn’t go ahead I don’t think! It would be really cool to get in some gaming.
  5. Let me know how quickly your stuff arrives from the store, please! I ordered the anti knock trays and the dexterity pack / resources on the store last Wednesday and haven’t heard a peep but unsure if that’s just due to the Easter weekend.
  6. TERA Online

    I am a founder and I have only played about 4 or 5 hours. Which is why I made the comment about it seeming easier than way back at the original release!
  7. TERA Online

    I was actually talking about the PS4 version.
  8. TERA Online

    UBB born again I actually didn’t see this Tera thread and my character is on another server. I may re-roll but dunno. Archer is still super fun and the game feels way easier than it did way back when. I nearly solo’d Tim Burton Mansion at level 32. Just the final boss I couldn’t get the last x4 bars down as I ran out of health pots. Lots of pew pew fun and whacking out 40k crits at such low levels feels awesome.
  9. I agree, the most I would play with would be three players because of that exact scenario. I would hate to settle down for a huge session of this and be “left out”. I was offered an in to play as a fourth player but I was very conscious of the fact that I might actually shit all over someone else’s play time if that happened. Plus to join mid campaign I would miss out on the settlement stuff and that just intrigues me. @revlobIt looks amazing, I’m tempted to back it at the lower tier on my credit card so I don’t miss out entirely! If you do go in on it, the shipping to UK takes the highest tier to around £260!
  10. I think I'll love it. Found a shrink wrapped copy for £330, including shipping, in the UK, so I've cancelled my all in Wilson Wolfe Affair kickstarter and I'm going in on KDM instead.
  11. I’d be playing solo so that doesn’t really factor for me. For me the whole game looks like the Monster Hunter of board games. Given Monster Hunter is one of my all time favourite series it’s really hard to not buy into. I actually do like the idea that you can be killed straight from the off. But I understand that it would be really annoying for that player to get killed and sit with nothing to do for hours.
  12. Someone needs to talk me down. Send help. I have Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 in my cart with HUGE shipping costs.
  13. Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PC/PS4)

    Yep, I’d say it holds your hand a little too much for my personal liking but it’s clear as day. You have a quest objective for what to do next, it’s displayed under the mini map and there is yellow diamond objective marker on the main map which shows as a yellow arrow on the mini map compass. (I’ve only played 10 hours and can only speak for main story stuff - I have no clue how side quest stuff is signposted) I’m liking the game so far, i’m getting so many vibes from it from all the different elements. The music is glorious. And when the characters lines are voiced, they are done well.
  14. What are you playing?

    Bit of an odd one for me, I'm usually all about the Dungeon Crawlers and RPGs, but I decided to buy This War of Mine. I never played the video game, typically anything war related isn't my thing, or sci fi for that matter, I just don't enjoy those themes, but something about This War of Mine had been attracting me to it. It's inspired by the 1992 - 1995 Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War and you play as civillians trying to survive. During the day you take actions to explore your shelter and come up with ideas and scrounge around for parts trying to put together the basics to survive. Fighting hunger, thirst, fatigue, misery. The game doesn't offer an endless supply of these things either so you have to be really selective and it feels quite dark choosing who should go hungry or who should go tired to allow someone else to be more productive. As the day goes on, you get prepared to go out and scavenge the surrounding areas hoping you don't run in to other survivors, or worse yet, soldiers, all the while trying to fulfill your objectives and resolving events as they come up. You can play solo or co-operatively. Solo allows you to make all the decisions yourself, co-operatively you take turns as the leading player and switch around the final decision making on who does what actions and when, the turn order is very good. Only the leader can move things around the board. I really like the sound of this mechanic and it kinda makes me wish I had someone to play with! I've only played a few "rounds" because it was surprisingly emotional, not really something I have felt from a board game before. The entries from the books of scripts (during certain points, you read from this book and it can be a bit choose your own adventure) are really thought provoking and the choices are quite hard to live by, you know something is going to end badly for someone and it just feels really harsh. In saying that, I am enjoying the game. It's a weird one to say that you're enjoying, because it all feels so bleak and desperate and you feel like you shouldn't enjoy that.
  15. What are you playing?

    Sounds ideal! What night / time do you guys meet?

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