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  1. Rikku

    Monster Hunter: World

    Pretty similar to me. Can’t join sessions, can create a session. Responding to SOS is fine, and I flared one but ended up being disconnected. Also getting totally spammed with steam notifications about people playing the game. I’m not sure if that’s connected to the network issues? Is there a way to turn those notifications of? Have resorted to setting myself to invisible. Game is constantly blowing me away, I’m still finding new things despite playing extensively on PS4 and being able to respond to Anjanath SOS confidently is incredibly satisfying. For now, I’m just farming loads of materials and pottering around doing investigations and trying to build a good supply of ammo and traps and tranqs. Amazing fun.
  2. Rikku

    Monster Hunter: World

    16 hours until unlock, I was hoping we would be able to at least download it before launch. Edit: Just checked the discussion forums on steam, and definitely no preload! Booo, sucky internet speeds means probably won't get to play until the weekend. All the more time to decide what weapons to main in the PC version I guess!
  3. Rikku

    Monster Hunter: World

    No PC preload?
  4. I would be so up for getting involved again. How disruptive do you think it would be? Realistically. Sunday nights are bed time at 8pm so would need 10 minutes and then another few minutes at 8.30pm.
  5. Rikku

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Because Sam? He wore it well.
  6. Rikku

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Episdose 27, 28 and 29 spoiler discussion! (I've just caught up on all three over the past few days)
  7. Rikku

    Monster Hunter Stories - Even a khezu can look cute

    Ridiculously late to the party on this one. I can’t recall why I didn’t pick it up on release but boy. It’s PAWSOME! Loving the sounds, the animations, the art, the monsters, pretty much everything. For the first time in a long time, my 3DS is in my bag at work to be played at lunch time and am desperately hoping for some street pass hits!
  8. Rikku

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Booked my tickets!
  9. Rikku

    No Man's Sky

    PC: I had one crash this morning but it was on loading so I didn’t lose anything. Loads of stuttering when loading shaders but smooth as anything when actually in game.
  10. Rikku

    No Man's Sky

    Press down on the d pad, and you can navigate to the gestures
  11. Rikku

    No Man's Sky

  12. LETTEN US BEGINNEN! But yeah you UK folk are an odd bunch. Zero issues with the game's regional dialect myself. I think it was the same when The VVitch came out; loads of people disliking it because the characters spoke they way they did, you know people from 17th century New England would sound? THAT SURE IS WEIRD! I'm not too sure I understand what's odd about asking if the one thing I disliked about the demo was rampant throughout the entire game, or restricted (as I had hoped). Thanks to @Mogster and @Mitchell for the confirmation I needed. I picked it up and really pleased that I did. I just finished recruiting everyone today, done a bunch of chapter 1 side quest stuff, and unlocked all the shrines that I wanted. I got really, really lucky with some early Cait skills so my main party is of a good level and I'm just about to hit Therions chapter 2 main quest. My pary at the moment is made up of Therion who is a 31 Thief / Hunter, Olberic who is a 31 Warrior / Merchant, Ophilia who is a 29 Cleric / Dancer (which I feel a bit guilty about, I'm on this holy pilgrimage and dancing on the side?) and finally Cyrus who is a 30 Scholar / Apothecary. I'm sure there are far better combinations once support skills have been learned. (Can you only equip support skills from the secondary job you have equipped, or is it a case of once you have learned it, you can equip it regardless of job?) The battle system feels really familiar due to putting hundreds of hours in to Bravely Default and Bravely Second, although I can't help but feel spoiled from Bravely Second where grinding was made much easier by the automation options. The music is just gorgeous, and I think the game has a lot of charm about it. I'm really pleased that my judgey second demo impressions were all wrong and you never know, H'aanit has time yet to win me over.
  13. Can anyone confirm the extent of the olde language in the full game? Is H'aanit the worst of the bunch? I don't recall it being as thick in the original demo when playing Primrose, if the other 6 characters are on Primrose level then I could perhaps live with it.

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