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  1. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    It was this Unsure if there was anything new in the TGS as haven't really compared them, should be time stamped:
  2. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    There was only two showings today... a lot of hype went in to the Nier thread given that's what the Square Enix show was all about. I do agree that disco is pretty dead though. Almost as dead as Elden Ring, amirite @Benny?
  3. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    I didn't say it was smart or rational, my brain just went there!
  4. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    I seriously thought the Paper RPG thing, was Dragon Quest Drawn to life type thing for a minute.
  5. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    Mmmmm, I hope Square Enix is going to be a bit more... revealy? I like some of the things we are seeing, of course. But it's just not new and shiney.
  6. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    Well if there was ever a time for an Elden Ring announcement, it would be the TGS. Benny, I think we should have new betting terms for this event, if I "win"* (no NEW Elden Ring news), you have to stfu about Elden Ring for the rest of 2020. If you "win"*, (something new is announced), then I dunno, I'll eat my hat. *there are no winners here
  7. Yeah, it's really, really good to finally get to play some form of Gloomhaven! Really love the bitesize way it's introducing all the rules and everything to us. @ClipperI believe you were at some point considering picking up a copy of Gloomhaven, I might be mistaken there, but I have a vague recollection of it. Jaws of the Lion might be a good option to look in to! It's a very, very friendly way to learn the game and the set up and tear down is unreal compared to Gloomhaven full. It still needs a fair amount of space but nowehere near the table hogger that its momma is and no worse than
  8. Don't feel bad, I fully accept that I'm a complete dickhead for this sort of shit.
  9. I know I'm one of those dickheads that bought the super shiny gold edition, but in my defence, nope... I don't have a defence. The first hour, I was thinking, "mmmm" but then the little guy came in and he was super hyped watching me play as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and trying to back seat game me on a game he has never played for super heroes he has never seen the movies of or read any comics about. It was quite joyful. Ms. Marvel is fantastic, it's really refreshing as a female gamer to play a female protagonist that is just...I dunno, normal? The little touches, like
  10. Could be a good shout. There is a 12GB update for it downloading now on PS4, hopefully it will fix some of the issues!
  11. Not especially, imo. There are of course nods, but prior knowledge isn't a pre-requisite,
  12. It's pretty similar to Divinity Original Sin 2, you create a multiplayer game, one person hosts, the other joins. The multiplayer is a seperate save file from your single player, and then each time you play, the same player hosts the game and the other joins. You can continue playing without the other player present, but i'm sure I read that there are certain story beats - few and far between - that won't allow you to progress without all players actually present. Playing single player on the ps4 - I've had a pretty smooth time of it. Playing multi player - we're get
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