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  1. @Clipper Just to make sure I have Whisper noted correctly: Longbow 60ft Darkvision Can communicate with any willing creature within 30ft (is this limited to 25 words) - person can't reply I have noted "Hidden / Visibility - can deal pyschic damage instead of piercing damage type" - I don't know what I mean by that Attunement Required
  2. Thank you! I didn't buy many on Sunday due to poverty but did leave a donation by the bridge.
  3. Will pop out some more fruits, Benny got here first because Benny.
  4. Typical Benny. CT1F2 is new Dodo code.
  5. Think there are still some cherries and apples on my beach to be picked. 293DL is my dodo code.
  6. Hupperdook Beach Trading Post is open for visits, have tried to bundle everything in to twos this morning. I'm popping away, so please come and help yourselves. Some interesting items at Hupperdook Nook's Cranny this morning, and Mabel is also in the plaza. She has some very nice items for sale! Turnips are costing 105 bells I think! (Might be 110, can't recall!) Dodo Code: 293DL
  8. (Got a communications error! Sorry to anyone that was in Hupperdook )
  9. Come visit me! You don't need to be my friend. Use dodo code: G42BP
  10. Honestly, if you want to pop back for some ore and a ladder go ahead! I have stuff to make more! I'm just helping the little dude on Dragon Quest Builders (He loves that but not Animal Crossing! If he wasn't 8, I would be requesting a refund but as it happens am fairly attached to him now) so not being as sociable as I should be! But people are more than welcome to look around, etc. Edit: Also, thank you for the peaches!
  11. Dodo Code is: G42BP I think that everyone that wants to come to Hupperdook needs to use that for the moment instead of searching for open friend islands if anyone else still wants to swing by. Going back to napping on my hammock!
  12. Can you open to all friends and Dodo code at same time? Will pop back to airport and grab it if so! Beach is open @bradigor
  13. Thanks for the apples @Lyrical Donut! In a few days, Hupperdook will have all fruits growing. And then I can start thinking about the layout of my trees a bit better.
  14. Leaving my switch running and gates open. Have left some coconuts, peaches, cherries, a couple of tools (ladders / slingshots) and a few bits of iron on the beach. Help yourselves if you come by.
  15. All good to go here Am looking forward to some social interaction!
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