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  1. Rikku

    The Division 2

    This is glorious. I started out at level 23 yesterday, pottered around for a couple of hours getting every control point in the game, completing projects, and doing some other adhoc activities. Then joined up with Hexx and we did some side missions, some control points, and bounties! Ridiculously good fun. I hit level 30 really, really quickly. It wasn't something I had been aiming for, I like that it happened without it being something I was "working" towards and didn't feel like a grind at all. The gameplay loop just feels really good. Decided to jump right in to the strongholds last night with some randoms, they were tough, but I wanted to unlock my specialisation. I think I spent half of Roosevelt Island chasing my teamies trying to get a photo of 4 agents together for the trophy.
  2. Hit a real stonewall last night. I was tired and cranky and just didn’t have the patience to do what needed to be done. Was being too greedy. I thought I would have another quick pop this morning and did it first time. It was utterly joyful. Now I just need to get through the working day.
  3. Seriously? I was there for work for a week like 3 weeks ago.
  4. That fills me with fear! Hoping my boss lets me take a quick lunch to pick up my copy and allows an early finish. Last time I watched any footage was E3, but my will broke last night and I tuned in to a stream for half an hour before bed. Gorgeous looking game. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  5. I don’t think I can make Sunday. My Shipley colleague is arriving on Sunday at 5pm and it’s her first time up here and has asked me to meet her for food, etc. Not sure what time i’ll get home.
  6. Rikku

    The Division 2

    Every time I try and go in to the clan screen it crashes the game, definitely borked! Ran around with Hexx for a little bit last night, really good fun. One mission that we did is still super confusing. It was a blue question mark relating to someone called Andrews. If someone would care to spoil what the hell happened, I would be super grateful. Subtitles had turned themselves off!
  7. Doesn’t someone have detect magic? It was very typical of Roscoe though.
  8. Rikku

    The Division 2

    Just ask them to res you as a grenade is incoming and it will be just like playing with me.
  9. Rikku

    The Division 2

  10. Rikku

    The Division 2

    I was just about to post something extremely similar. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I am, it's great fun. I've only done the first main mission which I did with some randoms, the rest has been solo play. Just running around picking up all the collectibles and caches and exploring underground, doing some projects, control points and activities. I actually struggled quite a bit with the first control point, was ready to give up on it, but finally managed to take control. The others in the first area were a little easier! I had just started creeping slowly around the second area and unlocked the safe house when I got kicked for maintenance. Think I'll try the second story mission when I get back in.
  11. Rikku

    The Division 2

    I've decided I'm picking this up today for the PS4. Going to trade in Dirt Rally and God Eater 3. I have never played Division so not really sure what to expect. But I will be around this weekend! Just popped you a friend request @pinholestar
  12. I did genuinely think someone was going to die die in that fight! She may have 34 hp, but with an ac of 14, she would very quickly go splat!
  13. Rikku


    I have really enjoyed what I have played so far, really. I think it was Uncle Mike that has said a few times about the stability in the game, and he's spot on. The Challenge of Valor requirements need you to go and do something 25 times that is utterly broken. I've joined 30 quick play sessions (counted) and have ticked off one. I either get a ps4 blue screen when joining or if I get past the blue screen, I get a bugged mission. Then my brand new PS4 pro refused to switch on. I unplugged it for a bit, then tried it again and I could get it on, but I genuinely fear for the life of my PS4. Which may be a little extreme, but I'm worried that all these blue screen crashes can't really be healthy. I tried it one last time last night, instantly got a connection error, tried one more last time and got in and did some world events, but with the sound bug. I really want to keep playing, but I think I might leave it for a bit now.
  14. Sorry for the short notice guys, but I don’t think i’m up for playing tonight. Fell asleep at 2pm as I was feeling really icky, and have just woke up. Still feel like I’m going to throw up everywhere and could use another 16 hours sleep.
  15. Rikku


    I'm just going to be messing around doing some strongholds for a bit, if anyone on PS4 wants to join. I'm just doing normal mode for now as I haven't done them before and want to get the lay of the land before bumping up the difficulty.

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