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  1. You're saying it wrong!

    Not game related (except for all the video games about this subject matter I suppose) but reading the first 4 Harry Potter books and Hermione was 'hermy-own' in my head.
  2. Edge #318 out now

    Got my replacement copy through today, and it’s the normal cover not the beautiful subscriber cover, which is a real shame. Should I complain or just be grateful it finally arrived?
  3. Edge #318 out now

    Just to chip in, I've still not received my subs copy so asked for a replacement from My Favourite Magazine on Monday. Hoping it will be there when I get home.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    and Wii U - I want to re-buy all my games so I can play them on the go.
  5. Christmas gaming

    Last Of Us (which I have never played before) remastered on my PS4 Pro and Mario Odyssey on my brand new Nintendo Switch which arrived early this morning. Best Christmas gaming ever?
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Well my resolve has just cracked and I have finally ordered a switch from Very. Should be with me Friday at the latest so I'm going to book that off work. Whoop! Already got Zelda on the Wii U so will just be getting Mario for now. I'm sure this has been asked and answered a million times already (but it is a big thread so I've not been through it all yet) but what are the essential extras that might be needed? For instance, is a screen protector essential and if so is there one that is considered the best? What about carry cases, memory cards, charging things. Any must have items that are not games? I remember reading , back when the screen was released, reading about the dock scratching the screen. Is that still a thing? If so, is there anything to buy to protect the screen from this? Scratches scare me!
  7. Xbox One X

    I just followed the instructions on this TrueAchievement link last month and it went through at £360 plus £4 delivery.
  8. Xbox One X

    I am super excited now for this. I'm going to go from an XBOX One with a 37" 720p Panasonic Plasma (bought in 2008) to an XBOX ONE X (costing £360 from Very, 20% off first purchase, which I can pay off over 12 months interest free) and tomorrow I'm off to buy a Sony KD-49XE9005 from John Lewis which comes with a free CT290 soundbar and subwoofer. I'll sell my XBOX One and Plasma TV (gonna miss her) to pay hopefully about £200 towards the costs. I've never seen HDR or 4K. I've got Wolfenstein 2 which I purposefully haven't even opened yet to play as my first X-enhanced game. And I've got Tuesday and Wednesday off work next week. Super, duper excited.
  9. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Our football is simply far too slow to get through any defensive setup. I'm not sure I've even seen us pull off a successful 1-2 pass in the oppo half. I would even put Firmino or the Ox on in the middle in the hope we might do something a little bit quicker whenever there is any potential to break.
  10. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Utter, utter, utter shite!
  11. Rock Band 4

    Well done everybody, great effort all round but especially to @Munty Cakes Playing guitar full of cold is not easy, I had to sit down after 3 songs and then kept missing notes every time I tried to manually overdrive, so frustrating. Without wanting to sound like an idiot, what does getting to Bloodstone rank mean/do for us? Is it purely just a kudos thing or does Dazzle, my Rock Band rock chick character, get to wear some new exclusive sunglasses as a reward?
  12. Rock Band 4

    I'll try and do at least an hour tonight before the footy.
  13. New issue of Super Play out now!

    2 big supermarkets, one giant WH Smiths and one other store and nothing. Time to order online. Was really hoping to read it tonight
  14. Xbox at Gamescom 2017 - 8pm Sunday - Stream in OP

    Cheers, got it working on the Twitch app on Xbox first time. My first go at Mixer, less than impressive performance.
  15. Xbox at Gamescom 2017 - 8pm Sunday - Stream in OP

    I've no idea about this streaming stuff seriously, is Twitch on Xbox?

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