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  1. 4 games I don’t already own, so that’s good I guess.
  2. I was thinking the same. Play NFS this weekend and then wait for it to arrive on EA Play to continue the free* fun. * Game Pass Ultimate isn't free, I know.
  3. Nonsense. We’ve been shit but that is a fucking diabolical decision.
  4. I'm in the same boat, playing the waiting game for several games hoping they will be improved via a future update. Exciting and frustrating in equal measure.
  5. reef

    Xbox Game Pass

    Everyone values their time differently. I've been collecting rewards points since the start, in dribs and drabs. However, since March I have been working from home and my morning routine consists of a 09:00 Teams meeting at which time I do all the online rewards which takes at most 5 minutes. I did the 10,000 point grab twice as a nice challenge. Last year I got Star Wars Squadrons, Control UE (with bonus points for each) and The Sinking City for free and I currently have £75+ in points to claim which I have earmarked for Back 4 Blood and Resi 8. Seems a good use of my time to me.
  6. That’s the best counter attacking goal I have ever seen!
  7. 10,000 reward points got with one day to go. Woohoo! I played the following GamePass games: Full Throttle Remastered PHOGS! The Little Acre Hyperdot NHL 94 Rewind Sea of Solitude Hotshot Racing Super Lucky's Tale I got the full 1000 on each, apart from only 850 on PHOGS! where it hasn't counted all my bones. Each game was played through with no guide first time, then I mopped up where I had to. Had lots of fun doing so. Good luck anyone trying to get the full amount before end of play tomorrow.
  8. reef

    Gears 5

    I played Hivebusters in two parts, finishing it this morning. I'm playing on the Series X and it is easily the most graphically impressive game I have ever played. They did a superb job integrating this story into the Gears cannon and while a little ham-fisted with the characterisation at times (it is a Gears game after all) I think they did an admirable job fleshing out the 3 characters and providing suitable back stories. Providing it for free with Game Pass is a bonus treat and I would suggest this is not one to be missed for anyone with a passing interest in the Gears games. Great set piec
  9. I did the same with Star Wars Squadrons. Bought it before the the bonus reward points were available. I just cancelled my order on the website, activated the rewards and purchased again. All worked fine and didn’t speak to anybody to do so. Good luck.
  10. Never thought I’d be saying this after all the hassle I had with mine being cancelled, but... I’ve just picked mine up and its currently being updated. So bloody excited. Have fun everyone. We deserve it.
  11. No, unfortunately not, it’s clever enough to know you haven’t bought it. I try it every time just in case.
  12. reef

    Rock Band 4

    Hi everyone, it’s been so long since I played any Rock Band but seeing the thread updated has me keen to get back into it. Looks like I have still have my place in the crew (phew) I promise to deliver some good numbers for this new season. Right, where did I put my battery charger?
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