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  1. reef

    Gears 5

    I played Hivebusters in two parts, finishing it this morning. I'm playing on the Series X and it is easily the most graphically impressive game I have ever played. They did a superb job integrating this story into the Gears cannon and while a little ham-fisted with the characterisation at times (it is a Gears game after all) I think they did an admirable job fleshing out the 3 characters and providing suitable back stories. Providing it for free with Game Pass is a bonus treat and I would suggest this is not one to be missed for anyone with a passing interest in the Gears games. Great set piec
  2. I did the same with Star Wars Squadrons. Bought it before the the bonus reward points were available. I just cancelled my order on the website, activated the rewards and purchased again. All worked fine and didn’t speak to anybody to do so. Good luck.
  3. Never thought I’d be saying this after all the hassle I had with mine being cancelled, but... I’ve just picked mine up and its currently being updated. So bloody excited. Have fun everyone. We deserve it.
  4. No, unfortunately not, it’s clever enough to know you haven’t bought it. I try it every time just in case.
  5. reef

    Rock Band 4

    Hi everyone, it’s been so long since I played any Rock Band but seeing the thread updated has me keen to get back into it. Looks like I have still have my place in the crew (phew) I promise to deliver some good numbers for this new season. Right, where did I put my battery charger?
  6. How the fuck was that not a red? It can’t be because the ball is dead. Terrible decision. Let’s hope it means we can get away with one if we need to balance things up.
  7. Thanks @carlospie I live in sunny Liverpool but would be happy to pay for courier if you do have one. @Jei said he might be able to hook me up with a pre-order he had so I have already contacted him. Thanks @JPL I know and you are right. I'm a bit of an Xbox fan boy and have been very excited about this new console release but I do know it's not the end of the world. To be honest, I am more upset with Microsoft and the way they have dealt with the situation rather than the actual cancellation. I would have accepted it if they had said, sorry, system fucked up and there's nothing we can do abou
  8. Because I know you have all been on the edge of your seats since my initial post on Tuesday, here is my update on Microsoft needlessly cancelling my Series X pre-order. There has been 4+ hours of multiple phone calls, I have been passed up and down the hierarchy. Ultimately there is nothing that Microsoft are prepared to do to help. We even set up a three way conversation between myself, PayPal and Microsoft to try and ascertain where the fault lay, only for the Microsoft representative to conveniently drop out when discussions were underway. The most frustrating thing on earth must be to phon
  9. That would be amazing indeed, thank you so much for your offer. I’ve been told I’m getting a telephone call back tomorrow from the most senior manager you can find in the Microsoft Store to go through the remaining possible options with me. I’m not holding out much hope after 2.5 hours total on the phone today and being taken up 3 seniority levels. They still refuse to acknowledge that they didn’t actually attempt to take any payment from PayPal, even when provided with that evidence from PayPal (who have been really helpful). When I offered the other cancelled order information, Microsoft sim
  10. @Pug - if you don't mind, can you please send me the order number. I can contact Microsoft and say you have cancelled so it must be available for me to order against.
  11. I have spent 90+ minutes on the phone to Microsoft. They claim the transaction was declined by PayPal. Speaking to PayPal, they can see no evidence whatsoever that any contact / attempt was even made by Microsoft. I have provided Microsoft with this evidence, they are not moved, saying computer says no. My preorder is gone, never to be retrieved. They tell me someone else now has it. They have said I can have an Xbox Series X from Poland, but delivery on 10th is not guaranteed and I would need to provide my own power adapter for the different plug shape. I'm now asking if I can go
  12. I received an email from Microsoft Store this morning. They have cancelled my Series X pre-order, stating they couldn't process one or more items in the order, so they cancelled them. I paid using paypal so that shouldn't be a problem. There's no "use an alternative payment", just cancelled. The bloody swines. Anyone else received this?
  13. Occasionally they include a quiz, like today's mountain one, where you have 10 questions and are given 5 reward points per correct answer. You only get one chance to answer, so 10 correct answers gets you 50 points. @womble9 , rllmuk's very own bing search engine, has very kindly provided the answers for today's "which is bigger" mountain quiz.
  14. Has anyone answered the most important question yet? Can you rotate the X button 90 degrees if you are placing it horizontally on the shelf? Rotating the PS symbol was one of the PS2's best features
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