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  1. The only highlight of episode 3 for me was recognising the exterior club scene shots were under Peckham Rye train station!!!
  2. That would be great if you could. Thanks mate.
  3. I’ve tried 3 different cards, but all have been declined (iPad/Mac and 2 different browsers) If anyone could purchase some rubles for me, enough for the ultimate edition, I’d gladly chuck in a few extra quid for the inconvenience....
  4. I'm thinking of starting a Megadrive collection again from scratch. Where would be the best places online these days to buy stuff from? Would like a minty 1st gen Japanese Megadrive, and minty games to start the collection. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Some help please people!! I have just downloaded the Nacho 64gb image, and burnt its image (via pi baker on a Mac - that implied everything went successfully) to a brand new sd card, and when I put it in the PI and turn it on, I get nothing but a black screen. Any ideas/suggestions?? Thanks in advance
  6. That's incredible. I didn't even notice it was a Vita!!!
  7. This is sexy Friend code is: SW-5045-5253-4241 Please feel free to add me, I'll be adding y'all later!!
  8. It has a 16 rating on the box - but that probably applies to the demo disc I presume.
  9. I couldn't have taken it much easier mate. Three hours max, with breaks in between. Perhaps it was the curse of DriveclubVR.... But Rez and Until Dawn were amazing.
  10. Got mine today, and as fantastic as it is (Rez was absolutely amazing), it's going back tomorrow. I have played it for a few hours, and have been as sick as a dog ever since ☹️️
  11. And Shopto still haven't sent mine out. Off to Argos tomorrow morning.... I'd tell them where to shove it, but I really want the steel book, and they wouldn't give a fuck anyway.....
  12. Shopto still has mine as 'processing' even though they promised today over live chat that they would dispatch today, via DPD for delivery tomorrow....
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