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  1. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I did thanks. First time at Ipswich, enjoyed it obviously, but nice to go to a proper ground that’s not just a bowl. Ipswich looked good on the ball and could have snatched a point, but really, Wolves should have been out of sight. Much better from us today.
  2. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    My Ipswich ticket came today, you lot won't beat me up if I wear colours and talk in a funny accent will you?
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

    Does everyone sing that song to Leeds or just us? I'd never heard it before our game this season. Albion were singing it at us this weekend though, so I might have just missed it.
  4. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Whats wrong with it?
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    Well played Villa:
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    That Leeds badge is bloody awful. Hope they got a discount on that.
  7. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I agree with that, I would love to see RWB cover, I just don't expect to. MGW was the main plus for me from Saturday. First time I've seen him play and I was impressed. Different sort of midfield option and he looks like he belongs there. Confident to try to make things happen and looks good on the ball. Hope Nuno carries on trusting him now, I'm sure he will.
  8. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Yeah, we did score what looked to be a perfectly good goal at Barnsley too, also Jota managed to miss an open goal from three yards. In retrospect it was a mistake to play Doherty and Douglas away at Swansea, but Coady insists the players aren't tired. Doherty's crossing first half was just awful, Costa's too second half. Yep, while Forest were a bit lucky with that first goal they deserved the win, well done to them. With Nuno taking the players away this week, either we aren't signing anyone, or he's just given names for Jeff to sort out I guess. My gut feeling is we won't be making any more signings in January, I'd actually be ok with that, I think we have enough to get over the line.
  9. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I don't think it's too bad honestly, the worriers are always the loudest. Those of us that are calm have no reason to say how calm we are. It'll be fine. Having said that, there are things that are a cause for concern, but I have no doubt they will be rectified. This trip away this week was a great move.
  10. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Bought a ticket for Ipswich away last night. Couldn’t resist. Never been there and only only an hour away from London.
  11. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Forest played really well, they were very lucky for the first goal but took what few chances they had and packed the defence. Wolves looked short of ideas, and while I think we’ll be fine, that’s zero wins and one goal in four games, it’s cause for concern. Ipswich away is now a really important game, and after that it’s Sheffield United. The way we’re playing I could see us getting only a point from those two. I think come mid February we’ll probably see performances pick up again, I expect our nine point lead to be cut down a bit by then. Finally a word on the Forest fans, they were terrible. Not a peep from them until the 89th minute.
  12. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Forest deserve this. Defended very well and took their chances.
  13. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Snowing pretty heavily in Wolverhampton. Should make for some fun during the game.
  14. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I'm travelling up from London tonight for the game tomorrow, really looking forward to it. Wolves v Forest has always felt like a great fixture to me. I am worried that Karanka will set up defensively, and with no wins and one goal in the last three games, it's starting to look like a blip (two of those were in the cup and not our first team, granted). We're still taking loads of points in general though even though our goals have dried up a bit, there's nothing to worry about, we have a large points cushion and I expect performances to pick up for the last third of the season. I have a sneaky feeling it'll be a disappointing draw tomorrow however, I'd love a win to cheer me up as I'm feeling pretty shitty right now. Fingers crossed, Up the Wolves.
  15. Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    I saw a post on reddit with a guide, but seems like too much hard work to me.

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