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  1. I absolutely think there should be a relationship to the effort spent yes. However, in actual fact it’s really what people will pay of course. Good for Nintendo I guess.
  2. I’m currently playing through the games, and they’re absolutely wonderful, but there’s no way the remakes will have taken as long to develop as many of the other games Nintendo charge full price for. That’s my issue with the pricing. I guess the sales expectations are much lower which is why they feel they have to charge as much as they do, but the value exchange seems off to me. Anyway, I’m really hoping it sells well, I’d love little more than to see the series continue.
  3. I think full price for this is an absolute rip off, and find it odd how people are defending it in here, however, this is exactly the reason I'm in, I want Nintendo to see the appetite for the series.
  4. Impressed with Scotland. Looked much better than I expected.
  5. Atmosphere sounds surprisingly good
  6. Even Man Utd would be embarrassed to accept that penalty
  7. cheers, that explains a lot Edit:- just tried and managed to get it to work! Thanks for the help! Perfect timing for the weekend
  8. Ah I had no idea I had to enable it in the core. Thanks! I guess that means I won't be able to navigate the main/initial mister menu with the controller until after that is switched on. Thanks, I'll give it a go later!
  9. Ah good to know, thanks, I'll look up the version. Edit:- v5.5 according to my order. I read somewhere that another user seeing the same thing needed to use a super famicom pad rather than SNES for it to work, which seems odd to me.
  10. I have one of these and it just doesn't work, no idea why.
  11. Since promotion three of our four opening away fixtures have been agains Leicester City
  12. I have to agree, it looks like shit. I'm currently playing through the first two on GBA (through Mister) and adore the style. Preordered though.
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