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  1. Gunblade

    Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

    Just saw this last night and was well impressed. As has been mentioned, comes across as a modern fairy tale with excellent performances all round. Superb!
  2. Gunblade

    NFL 2017

    1st quarter down, really hope the eagles do this!
  3. Gunblade

    Illustration Club

    Away from home, stuck in a hotel. For what feels like the first time in forever I managed to find time to do some sketching. Always fancied a go at drawing in white on black, so what better way to start than with the greatest villain of all time.
  4. Gunblade

    PlayStation VR

    Totally agree, although I think if i played P.T. In VR the first time i played it i would have had to purchase new pants and would have probably suffered some kind of nervous breakdown.
  5. Gunblade

    Mini Games / Side Quests you love.

    Totally agree. So many hours lost to monkey tartget. Also, prettty much the only game my non-gamer friend would play when we were all together. happy days.
  6. Gunblade

    Sonic Mania

    Just had a quick go on this and I have to say I'm loving it. Full on nostalgia fest with loads of nice new touches. Loved the boss in zone 2 This is totally bringing back memories of teenage years spent huddled round a telly in my mate's bedroom sinking hours into the originals. Really enjoyed my my first go on a special stage too. Must find more of them!
  7. Gunblade

    Life is Strange - Season 1 & Before the Storm

    Oh wow. I have just finished playing through this after not going to bed. I think last time I pulled an all night gaming session was co-op halo! i have to admit, I almost gave up on it towards end of episode 1. Really glad I went back to it and felt genuinely moved by some of the events/choices late on.
  8. Gunblade

    PlayStation VR

    It's just a simple version of classic playground games. Mice have to collect cheese without being seen. Cat has to peek out from curtain to catch mice. That's it. used to play something similar in primary school called 'ice-cream'. No doubt called different things in different areas.
  9. Gunblade

    SNES Mini

    House phone just rang - 'this is a message from Argos, thanks for pre-ordering.' That was it. Looking forward to to getting my hands on a wee Snes!
  10. Gunblade

    SNES Mini

    Argos order completed. Hopefully be having a nostalgia fuelled birthday in October! And just cancelled the Very.co.uk order. Might be worth checking there if anyone still looking.
  11. Gunblade

    SNES Mini

    Sorry, was tesco: by the time I got to checkout it was showing as out of stock. These things are disappearing fast. Hopefully there'll be some in shops when they launch.
  12. Gunblade

    SNES Mini

    Showing as available right now!
  13. Gunblade

    PlayStation VR

    Just saw this, sorry if posted before. Be spider-man and live another childhood dream. Yes please PlayStation!
  14. Gunblade

    PlayStation VR

    Just had a friend over who I only ever see a couple of times a year at best. He has never been big into console gaming - think n64 was the last time he took any interest in games, but I game him a go on the psvr. 'i have to get one of these!' Was his reaction. Absolutely loved vr tumble and kitchen demo and was just blown away by the whole experience. Still to try batman and the Star Wars vr mission. Don't think he'all be disappointed. for me, vr has really been a huge leap in gaming - when you realise you are in the game and not viewing it through a screen it totally changes the experience. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on with far point later.

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