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  1. I can’t decide if it’s worse or better than the PAL Mega Drive art.
  2. Also, it’s cheaper. You can usually get 5% or so off when buying top ups. I do actually have my CC details on the Nintendo store and keep meaning to take them off (but never on the PS store - Sony have fucked up too many times).
  3. Didn’t Amazon do something similar years ago with opting people into Prime? I’ve never seen anything like that on the PlayStation store though - as crap as it is.
  4. That’s good to know. I loved the original and funded this too - I wouldn’t want to miss out on it. I even enjoyed the Meat Circus (the original unfair Xbox version).
  5. I started this on hard difficulty, or whatever it’s called (the one above default). But it’s actually really hard. I was expecting it to be fairly easy for some reason but I’m already stuck on a boss fight.
  6. Is this still coming out for PS4? Or is it Xbox and PC only now?
  7. I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes. But I might have to stop burning through it - as my wife would probably enjoy it too. Am I imagining it or did I hear the Superstars theme at the start of episode 1?
  8. I'd like to try that Star Wars game in VR but I don't think I can be arsed to set up the PSVR again. Even when I had it set up, I'd rarely use it because of the cables and charging the two waggle thingamies. Also, some games made me feel sick - I imagine that Star Wars game would be terrible for that. I couldn't even handle Drive Club.
  9. I’m enjoying this despite the Ubisoft style stodge, maybe even because of it to some extent as it’s years since I’ve played one of those games. I have a few niggles/frustrations though: 1. The camera is a bit shit. I often get bits of scenery between myself and the camera during fights (so I can’t see what’s going on). I’ve even had this happen in one standoff, making it unwinnable. 2. Escort missions with enemies that make a beeline for the escortee. 3. The archers (not “The Archers” before someone makes a joke) are just annoying. Even if you can block the
  10. The archers are infuriating! I had no arrows left and two of the buggers were standing up on two towers. If I tried to climb one, then the other would shoot me down. There was no way to get them unless I ran back to find arrows.
  11. I’ve noticed my PS5 install information says 50.39 GB/51.94 GB as if it’s not finished installing. It’s been playing fine for the last few days though. Is this normal? I don’t really want to redownload and reinstall the thing unless I have to.
  12. I’m crap! How do you hit Tower Knight without getting hit? I wait for him to do his big aoe shield bash, then sprint in, hit his heel once and try to sprint out but get hit by a second shield bash every time. He’s slow but I can’t run fast enough to get away. I’ve managed once to knock him over but had to heal up so didn’t get any hits in. I must have tried more than ten times now. Will I run faster with no armour? edit: and on the eleventh try, he went down.
  13. I find 60fps much easier on the eyes. Toggling back to 30 gives me a headache. Which is odd because (the games I’ve tried in) 120fps make me feel really sick.
  14. Reading through this thread, I just had a flashback to some old Sega magazine where kids would send in really disturbing crayon drawings of Sonic murdering Mario.
  15. After about 20 hours I finally got to the biome 2 boss. I didn’t last long (only just got to the second health bar before it went bananas). I only had about a quarter life bar left. I have real trouble with severed, especially when there are a few of them and/or mixed with those big octopus things. I don’t know how to deal with them teleporting around me. I’m ok if it’s one severed alone but usually there’s more to deal with. I’ve also learnt not to open those tomb chests or go to bonus rooms in biome 2 because more often than not they’ve been traps.
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