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  1. I’m pretty sure there isn’t. There’s a zoom option though - but I can see that being a bit awkward.
  2. Could it be LCD lag? I’ve noticed a lot of stuff being harder on newer screens. It might only be a tiny difference but it makes a difference. I’ve been thinking of going back to Shenmue now I’ve got some time. I’ve had 3 since release (backed the Kickstarter) but didn’t want to play it until I’d gone through 1 and 2 again. Now seems the perfect time but I can’t muster the energy to even switch on the PS4 right now. Someone please convince me it’s worth it!
  3. Browsing through the sale on the Switch itself is nigh on impossible. I don’t understand why they have one long scrolling page full of images that slows down more and more the further you scroll. Didn’t the Switch store use to be broken down into pages, or did I imagine that?
  4. I was amused to see a game called “Welcome to Hanwell” in the sale, then disappointed to realise it’s not set in the West Ealing suburb.
  5. I remember seeing the film of Lord of the Flies when I was a kid (the B&W one - this would have been before the colour one was made). I remember it being slightly upsetting.
  6. Before the lock down I was planning to cycle into the centre to take photos. I can’t really do that now. Ealing was actually fairly busy today. Lots of people milling around - not as busy as usual - but still pretty busy.
  7. There was a wedding happening here but it’s barely visible.
  8. Breath of the Wild. There was a tricky maze and ball puzzle in one of the shrines controlled by the gyro controller. I’m sure like me most people thought, “I wonder what will happen if I just flip over the controller.” And then you’ve got a flat slab to just roll the ball across.
  9. I’ve only played the “remastered” Halo CE on the 360 and really didn’t like the new graphics - or the old ones much for that matter. The new textures and lighting completely changed the original atmosphere. Dark areas were now far too bright. The old textures looked really washed out compared to how they were on the original Xbox (I played that game to death) - maybe it was something related to playing on CRT vs LCD or, IIRC being based on the PC version complete with glitches. But even with adjusted brightness and contrast it never looked “right.”
  10. Yes. Lovely place but we only spent an hour or two there on the way to somewhere else.
  11. Even if I could afford to, I’d have no space for them. I don’t know if I’m going to bother with either console this next gen. I’d probably buy a more powerful Switch if it were cheap enough though.
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