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  1. I’ve got the same Ico and SOTC but mine are much more battered-looking! I had that Silent Hill 2 version as well but lost it somewhere. I miss games having nice non-special edition boxes like that. edit: and the Dark Souls! 360 version though.
  2. I remember years ago getting the BioShock one that came with a statue (I think it broke straightaway) and wondering why I bought it. Those big boxes come with tat that I’ll just stuff in a cupboard and forget about. I got the GTA V one too (just remembered). I can’t remember where that is either (or what tat it came with). We’ve got so little space in our flat that, even if I put to one side the actual cost, I can’t justify the space stuff takes up. The only reason I still buy physical games is that they are cheaper (and sellable and returnable). They don’t even come with manuals anymore.
  3. Was That not just copied off the VHS of the time?
  4. The scary thing is how many of those books I try to buy only to notice “You already own this item. You bought it on ...” I’m sure I’ve read a good number of them too and completely forgotten.
  5. I’ve been drinking a lot of Magic Rock and also Northern Monk as they are available in Morrisons. But I get a bit worried when craft beers go to supermarkets - I’m sure Brew Dog used to be a lot nicer years ago and even Beavertown doesn’t seem quite as nice as it used to be. I also remember when Leffe was a decent Belgian beer - they made a lot more than just the standard farty two beers you find everywhere now. I had a few Kernel beers a few weeks ago for the first time in actual years and they still seem really really good. The same with Brew by Numbers. But I was bewildered by the amount of newer beers they had in the shop (most with brightly coloured labels or cans).
  6. They actually sell a couple in Morrisons. I’ve tried “Vermont Sessions,” which was a Brewdog collaboration. I’ve gone off Brewdog a bit, but that beer was pretty nice. I don’t mind heavy/strong IPAs but don’t think I’d go for the 10%+ IPAs I was getting from Weird Beard again. 7% is about my limit now unless it’s a fancy Trappist beer.
  7. Recommend me some good craft beers! I haven’t been buying fancy craft beers for a while now - just supermarket stuff (overpriced Beavertown from Sainsbury’s and Magic Rock from Morrisons being the most extravagant). I generally enjoy hoppy IPAs but I’m not very fussy as long as it’s good beer. A few years ago I was buying a lot of Kernel, Brew by Numbers, and Weird Beard. But the amount of different beers available now just leave me bewildered.
  8. This is something I’ve barely thought about. I feel no excitement for either right now. It makes more sense to wait for some unmissable exclusives to come out and/or console prices to be revealed before I make a decision. If they turn out to be £500+, there are lots of other things I’d prefer to spend that money on.
  9. How is this on Switch? Is there any reason to get it on a different platform?
  10. Monkeyspill


    It’s much more even with the Wilfa grinder. But I’m not sure about the coarseness. I’m not sure what it should be for V60 but I’ve got it set halfway between the Filter and Aeropress settings. The “Filter“ setting seemed a bit coarse, while the “Aeropress” setting took quite a long time to filter, leaving sludgy cement-like dregs. I’m still getting some flaky lighter coloured bits at the top, but I think that’s the coffee we’re using. And maybe from swirling too much at the end. This was an Origin coffee (San Fermin, Colombia). Previously we were using Square Mile “Muchagara” (Kenya), which I think was a lot nicer.
  11. Monkeyspill


    The black Wilfa Svart (the good one) is out of stock absolutely everywhere. Our friends have said the newer Wilfa Uniform is better but at £250+ it seems quite pricy. My limit was £200 for a grinder.
  12. Monkeyspill


    Yes - one of the reasons my wife wants a hand grinder is so we can take it on holiday. But we have a second unused Hario grinder which I think would be fine considering we will only be travelling a few times a year. I’m not sure what the £200 hand grinder she wants is but it seems silly if we can get a Wilfa for under £100.
  13. Monkeyspill


    Is this a decent grinder? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wilfa-WSCG-2-coffee-Freestanding-Stainless/dp/B016TKEJ38/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=wilfa+svart+grinder&qid=1594495066&sprefix=wilfa+s&sr=8-1 My wife wants to spend £200 on another hand grinder - but I think electric is the way to go.
  14. Monkeyspill


    I’ll show it to my wife but I think she’s got her heart set on the £200 one her friend has got - she’s been on courses with Hoffmann teaching I think. I honestly think the Wilfa would be enough as we’re unlikely to be making espresso. Just V60 and maybe Aeropress. We’ve got a few Moka pots but I haven’t used them in years.
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