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  1. There really needs to be a Phoenix Wright bit in there!
  2. I had the C64 version. I spent probably hundreds of hours on Kokotoni Wilf. Seaside Special was part of “30 Games”. 30 games for a tenner! Bargain! It had some decent games games on it too. Sadly, I could still name about half of the games on the cover. Bozo’s Night Out would never get made now. Get as drunk as possible before attempting the journey home from the pub. Avoid police, hooligans, grannies, sex workers, and DT monsters.
  3. There was a game called Seaside Special on the Commodore 64 where you had to collect radioactive seaweed from a beach and then throw it at Margaret Thatcher and other Tories. At least I think that’s what it was. I got it on a massive compilation and didn’t play it much.
  4. “Subs off” is actually normal subs on. Confusingly. It took me a while to figure that out. Also, Viggo Mortensen sounds like Robert Kilroy-Silk.
  5. That’s the version I had. The frame rate and lag made any sort of combat impossible. At the time I assumed it was me that was crap.
  6. I’ve never finished a Zelda game. I haven’t played that many of them - Wind Waker, one of the DS ones, OOT remake on 3DS, and Breath of the Wild. I loved all of them; I’m not sure why I never finished any.
  7. I tried to explain "Touch the Truck" to a group of students fairly recently. Halfway through I started to doubt myself. Was it actually real or just a fucked up dream? I had to look it up to check.
  8. RE’s typewriter ribbons didn’t stress me out as much as the knowledge that each time I used one I was reducing my overall rating on finishing the game. I felt an obligation to play as far as possible without saving - otherwise I wasn’t playing it properly. Still, I ended up getting the lowest possible rating I think. I was always rubbish at RE. The other thing that stresses me out are games that don’t let you know when you’re passing a boundary of no return. I always have to reload an earlier save so that I can check what was down that other route earlier in the level.
  9. I didn’t think it was crap. It passed the time anyway. But if you were to ask me anything about what happened, I wouldn’t be able to answer - and I only saw it yesterday.
  10. Run, he is right behind you.
  11. I think I’d rather they staggered the Yakuza games. I don’t know how long stuff stays on PS+ but I doubt it will be long enough for me to play all of them.
  12. I know someone will have asked this before but if I boot up my PS3, will I be able to download and play the PS3 stream-only games on Premium? It seems logical (and fair) but I’m assuming Sony being Sony means no. Has anyone tried it?
  13. I remember starting to realise prime time telly was crap in the 90s when they had stuff like Noel’s House Party and You’ve Been Framed. It probably still is just as terrible, it’s just we don’t have to watch it anymore.
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