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  1. Monkeyspill

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I’ve just finished Blood Meridian while on holiday. I’d tried to read it about 10 years ago and only got around halfway. It’s not exactly light holiday reading (!) but I’m glad I’ve finally read it. The way it developed really wasn’t what I expected (in a good way). I think it’s a great book and definitely the best McCarthy book I’ve read (I found The Road a bit overrated but No Country for Old Men was excellent).
  2. Monkeyspill

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    The thing about truly bad films (and not so-bad-they’re-good films e.g.Neil Breen stuff), is that I don’t watch them. I can’t remember the last time I sat through something that was total shite (maybe some bollocks on Prime I had on in the background and wasn’t paying attention to). I could make a list of the the most disappointing films (Prometheus and the Star Wars prequels) but I don’t watch truly shit films. One thing I’ve been wondering. When you scroll down through the seemingly endless lists of films when you sort by genre on Amazon Prime, and you eventually reach the dregs of the dregs, really bizarre nonsense; where does it all come from, and how does Amazon acquire it? I’m assuming it’s just so Amazon can make a boast about the amount of content they offer.
  3. Monkeyspill

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    I haven’t used an Xbox One yet, but my memory of the 360 pads were that they were generally the best (the “duke” for Halo, the smaller pad for everything else). Except the buttons were convex and could be uncomfortable to keep pressing. I quite like the PS4 pad, but the thumb-sliding and stick drift are issues I have too. I really liked the Switch pad for a while until I tried using it for Tetris and was accidentally dropping pieces all over the place. I think the PS4 has a more accurate D-pad.
  4. Monkeyspill

    PlayStation Classic

    Is this worth getting now? With Bleemsync or Retroatch or whatever, can the frame rate and latency issues be resolved with hacking?
  5. Monkeyspill

    Side characters that terrified you

    The guy dressed as Bungle in The Shining. In fact, original Bungle was pretty terrifying.
  6. Monkeyspill

    How We Really Played Pac Man

    The pictures of people in 80s arcades are amazing. I’d love a whole book of them.
  7. Monkeyspill

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    It depends who you speak to. I’ve had a couple of really shit experiences of Amazon customer service.
  8. Monkeyspill

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    I made this mistake once. An Amazon rep insisted I needed to speak to Sony about a faulty controller. And like a mug, I fell for it. Sony just told me to deal with Amazon. Amazon got arsy about this until I started mentioning consumer rights and their legal obligation under the sale of goods act. Is SOGA still relevant or has it been superseded by something else?
  9. Monkeyspill

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    AO? Amazon? I don’t understand. Shouldn’t the retailer just be replacing it and dealing with Microsoft themselves (rather than listening to you speak with them)?
  10. Second place, 3 KOs (most I’ve had I think). I spent 90% of the time stuck in the top 5 lines of the board. I seem to rank higher by playing shitter.
  11. I’m shite at this now; I rarely get to the top ten. I think players have got a lot better. I’m getting kill-warning sirens even when I’ve got a pretty flat stack. I can’t keep the garbage meter from building up.
  12. Monkeyspill

    Them Beautiful to Look at games.

    Robotron 2084 There's something about really old games running on a CRT that I find mesmerising. Robotron is one of the best examples of this but also a real Pong machine and the trails left by the bats and balls. They don't look the same on HD displays. OutRun Maybe it's nostalgia but I'm still kind of impressed by OutRun. The first time I saw it it seemed so impossibly smooth, fast and colourful. Commandos 2 I have always loved isometric perspectives and I loved the amount of detail in the Commandos games, especially the second one. It did get a bit blocky as you zoomed in though.
  13. Monkeyspill

    Hitman 2 - March Update

    Yes. It’s working now. Turns out it was just the PSN Store being crap as usual.
  14. Monkeyspill

    Hitman 2 - March Update

    Quick question: As I already own the original Hitman (digitally), I thought I was supposed to get access to those levels in the new game. But the PSN Store wants to charge me for it. I’ve tried opening the option through the original Hitman, but the store just hangs on a blue screen. Is there a way round this?
  15. Is there any way to enlarge the tiny play fields and see others playing (after you’ve been knocked out)?

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