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  1. Yeah I'm part of that meme group too on FB. Missed the Salt posts though. There is also the sister group UKCBF as well which is an interesting read at times. Place shits the bed whenever a new supermarket beer gets announced. I've also tried the 4 new CW beers that are in Tesco found the IPA and the Session IPA pretty unexciting but enjoyed the Pale and the DDH Pale. My favourite supermarket beer at the moment is the Northern Monk Faith in the Future DDH IPA, it's so good. Agree with others in general though, latest supermarket offerings have been average a
  2. Could always start a new thread for the new show. Crazy idea though, will never catch on.
  3. I drank one of each of these at the weekend, sadly underwhelming to be honest. The Salt was the most disappointing as I really like the others of there's I've tried and hoped this would be on par. The Vocation was the best one but the Vocation Love/Hate from Tesco is a better Neipa for me. Personal taste obviously and others may enjoy. Nice to try something new regardless. It's good to see Asda trying something new. New beers coming to Morrisons this week as well. A couple from Wilde Child brewery announced so far. A chocolate fudge stout and a r
  4. Asda range is improving, picked these up today.
  5. I'm playing through the Uncharted Collection at the moment and having played them all before back in the day I've put it down to easy and just having a load of fun blasting through the games. I don't have the time, interest or inclination to out the difficulty further up, I've been a bit bored of gaming recently but having just pure fun has really hit the spot for me the last few weeks. Last year I played through TLOU2 twice, the first time just on the standard difficulty and then once completed I restarted it but put on a load of modifiers to make me basically a tank a
  6. @ianinthefuture if a sub was started today would you get the above issue or would it start from the next one?
  7. Perfect thanks. What was I doing wrong?
  8. Pretty cool video, how many do you recognise? Edit: Ffs, how do you embed YouTube videos?
  9. I'm after some no brainer daft shooter fun, been years since I've read anything about this game but reckon it could tick all the boxes. Switch or PS4 though?
  10. In regards to the spolier, does it though? I read that theory too and it would be amazing, it needs to embrace the ridiculousness.
  11. Getting going, powering on, beasting along. I think.
  12. Now we're sucking diesel. Great episode.
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