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  1. Just came to post the same thing. Certainly more variety in that one and another great deal. My IPA box is with the courier at the moment, hopefully arrive before the weekend.
  2. Didnt realise that but that's actually got me looking forward to them more, that's the style that I enjoy. Agree with what you and others are saying about folk thinking a hazy IPA is an IPA. I had a couple of bottles of Duvel triple hop Citra over Xmas and it was my first in a while I could see through.
  3. I must have totally missed that
  4. Yeah forgot to say it was free shipping too, makes it even better. Been a while since I've had BBNo as well, only ever really saw them a few time in M&S in Aberdeen but that was a while back.
  5. Anyone looking to stock up? Great deal from BBNo, 24 440ml tins for £60, use code Fresh10 for another 10% off so down to £54 https://bbno.co/collections/frontpage/products/hop-selection-lockdown-box All IPA variations no dark beers.
  6. What are you actually supposed to be doing in stage 11 folks? It's obviously a take in Jet Set Willy but I seem to be going about rather aimlessly. I loved JSW when I was a kid but this is starting to piss me off now.
  7. How many stages are in this? I'm on 11 at the moment where you are exploring the mansion and it seems to have taken a bit of a step up in difficulty at this point.
  8. And to see the bells in. This is excellent but you can taste the 10%. Will be bedtime soon I reckon. Not as good as the CW above which I think would be my beer or the year i think.
  9. Out of that 24 pack from Arbor I posted about previously I didn't have sediment in any of the tins thankfully. They were all good solid beers but I can't say any amazed me. Drinking this CW at the moment and blown away by it. Thick, juicy and...well dank as it says on the tin.
  10. Thanks for the offer. I was looking as my son was interested in spending his Xmas money on the game, turns out though since I went looking he has now apparently bought a Newton's Cradle, a bankie that is a small touch screen ATM machine and a mini toy one armed bandit. I knew kids can change there mind fast but that's ridiculous . I will have a chat with him and see if he wants to maybe go halves with me.
  11. Yeah have seen it in Curry's for £37 too. Wondering if anyone here was selling a copy for a bit cheaper. Will stick a post in Wanted later and see.
  12. Thanks. That sounds like a good mechanic too, assuming you mean pay using some in game currency though? Anyone selling a copy?
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