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  1. memories

    The Beer Thread

    Managed to get a couple of cans of Verdants Putty and a tin of Marylou today. Will save them for when i'm feeling better and enjoy. Word of mouth is that Putty is incredible so something to look forward to.
  2. well shit, my daughter renamed it after her as well, she will be right upset if I move away from that as the main Pokémon. Might need to do some juggling there I think.
  3. I've got the Pikachu version and have stuck with it as my main one so far but assumed it's best to mix up the other 5 and have a good spread. As has been said it doesn't seem to hard at the moment but that might be because Pikachu is at level 13 and I'm barely started
  4. That's a lot of elements to deal with , was only thinking 4 or 5. Not seen any of the things mention in your spoiler yet either.
  5. Any started tips for a total Pokémon newbie? Started this with my kids this afternoon, my daughter didn't seem overly taken but my son enjoyed it, until he remembered Mario Kart. I've basically been leveling the first half dozen Pokémon that I've caught, is that the best way to play? I'm not far in, just under Moon Mountain I think it was called.
  6. memories

    The Beer Thread

    Verdant were up in Aberdeen last night for a tap takeover at the Brewdog, I was too ill to go They have done a collab with both Brewdog and Fierce though that should be out in a few weeks, hopefully something good.
  7. memories

    Nintendo 3DS

    I hadn't played my 3ds in years but found it the other day and my kids are enjoying it. Memories are hazy but do they play DS carts ok? I've only got 4 3ds games but have a load of DS ones.
  8. memories

    PlayStation VR

    I'm only halfway through level 2 but after seeing the end boss of level 1 I'm not so sure that's a good idea.
  9. memories

    PlayStation VR

    Thumper is pretty intense in this ain't it.
  10. memories

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    PSVR Got one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it's makes my jaw drop and me smile at the same time.
  11. memories

    Marvel's Runaways - this time on Hulu

    Is it all episode or just one a week?
  12. If you are let me know. Been thinking of picking this up.
  13. Only been out a week don't know why but I thought it had been out a lot longer than that. Knew it would be a while as it's a first party Nintendo game but expecting a deal after a week is expecting a bit much.

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