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  1. memories

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Found and beat my first Valkyrie last night, loved the battle, took 2 attempts and a little stone help on the second but did it all the same. Will look for the rest later I think as I'm going to move on the story. I also got to the twist, as a long time GoW fan it gave me some goose bumps even though I knew it was coming.
  2. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Glad im not the only one then, will attempt again as it would be poor to give up after 1 go.
  3. memories

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    @grindmousethanks for the weapon spoiler up there you prick. I've avoided all spoiler for this game for weeks and then you post that pretty major bit of detail up there. I've not reached that part yet as I'm taking my time with this and soaking it up and now I know its coming, fucking arse.
  4. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    I've been playing Golf Story the last few weeks as well, very enjoyable except I got to the final course last night and the difficulty seems to have ramped up massively, excessively so I felt. Finished every other course in first place but in this one I finished last and was something like 20 over. Put a bit of a dampener on the game for me, will attempt again but hoping it doesn't put me off finishing.
  5. Was the woman at the end the one who managed to escape Rajworld the other week?
  6. memories

    Neo Geo Mini

    Looks like SNK are jumping back into the mini hardware bandwagon. https://kotaku.com/snk-is-working-on-new-hardware-packed-with-games-1825379714
  7. memories

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Any good deals on this at the moment? Doesn't seem to even be available on Amazon strangely.
  8. memories

    PlayStation VR

    Dunno, if the price is right I'm sure you could find a buyer.
  9. memories

    PlayStation VR

    Price drop coming tomorrow... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-03-28-playstation-vr-is-getting-a-huge-price-drop Starter pack down to £260.
  10. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Take it to the Zelda thread please.
  11. Graphics remind me of the Sam Coupe style.
  12. memories

    Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    How do you get extra hearts? I'm seeing myself get a bit better each time now. Clearing rooms without get ting hit etc. The shop guy has started to appear but I never seem to have enough money to buy anything. Still not killed the first boss yet mind you. Also, can you change the items you start with? I've only played the marine so far and he starts with a bullet refill drop off thing, can this be changed? The book index type thing lists a few items but I'm guess that's just stuff I've found in my play throughs rather than things I can swap in and out.
  13. I did this about 18 months ago. Ended up selling to Console Passion as a single job lot. They also run the Play Expo game shows so some went to that and some went to Console Passion itself in the end. They are based in Blackpool and I'm up in Aberdeen so we met in the middle just outside Glasgow. I had 30 years of a collection stuffed into every available space of a Ford Focus. I catalogued them all up first and send them a list and took it from there.
  14. memories

    Bury Arcade

    Big thread here about it.
  15. memories

    Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    I had the same thing and it threw me. Looked into it a little bit and there are 100+ moons that you need to buy to get to the 999 I think. Seems a bit of a cop out I thought, like they had moons all over the place some tricky and some easy but couldn't think what to do for the last 100ish so just plonked them into coin grinding.

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