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  1. Just popped through my letterbox.
  2. Watched this today, utterly ridiculous but well worth a watch.
  3. I got goosebumps watching that trailer. Bloody love Ghostbusters.
  4. Beak Brewery are fantastic, not had a bad one.
  5. Left Handed Giant Directional Dance. On draft in the Black Isle BR in Inverness. I'm pretty boozy but just want to say this is fantastic
  6. Does this have a dock that plugs into the telly like the switch? Maybe an HDMI connection but that's not so tidut.
  7. Edit: ignore, thought you meant one of the 4 hosts.
  8. I have recently replayed Uncharted 1 - 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy one after another. Knocked the difficulty down to easy and had a fantastic time playing them all, just so much fun blasting through everything. Just the other week I finished a replay of God of War as well, again stuck it on easy and just enjoyed the fun. Next on the list is Spiderman and Horizon. Both are going to get out down to easy and just enjoyed with no stress.
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