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  1. I was. I had continued to use them because everyone kept referring to them as the “DLC suits” and they were already there when I downloaded the game so I thought they were part of the deluxe version or something. So, anyway, I deleted all my saves and re-downloaded the game (again) and started completely from scratch and I’m through to the 2nd Biome for the first time since getting the game. So phuck you Phrike. PHUCK YOU.
  2. This is getting silly now. I'm in the replicator room, and nothing's working. The machines are inactive, both doors won't open, and the teleporter hasn't activated. I'm going to have to quit again.
  3. I just had a couple of instances of doors not opening, including the one out of the starting area. No save errors though, so that’s something.
  4. Yeah, I redownloaded last night, started the game this morning, then I saw there was another patch downloading so came back out of the game , installed the patch and immediately got the error on relaunch.
  5. Installed the new new patch just now. (1.3.4) and immediately got the same error message. My save file is the same locally and in the cloud, ie 9:01 this morning. So, I think I'm going to have to delete the save file and start again. It's a good job I'm rubbish and I still haven't defeated Phrike, otherwise I'd be a lot more upset.
  6. I’m denying his voice talent - well his Clone Wars voices anyway. He tries to do impersonations of English accents (for Kenobi and Darth Maul) and fails at both.
  7. I feel that that dog sat at a keyboard not having a clue what's he's doing.
  8. I can't even defeat the mini bosses. Is it just a question of powering everything up as much as possible? I'm finding it quite frustrating.
  9. I have been doing exactly that, and now I have become one of those "I can't do 30fps any more" people.
  10. Why can’t they hire voice actors that can do English accents properly? The guy doing Tarkin and the guy who voiced Ob-Wan through seven seasons of the Clone Wars are nearly there, but completely miss the long ‘ah’ in RP English, eg Caahstle, Baahth, Advaahnce etc. I’d have a much better chance of believing these are the same characters if they got this right.
  11. Atmos is back for me on Apple TV Disney Plus. I read Disney had an outage last Friday as demand for Wandavision was huge. Maybe they turned off high bandwidth audio to compensate and now they’ve added some capacity.
  12. Can anyone watching Disney+ through an Apple TV check to see if they’re getting Dolby Atmos? I went to watch Wandavision and there’s no Dolby Atmos again (like when it first launched last year). I checked on a couple of. Star Wars movies and it’s not on those either. I noticed that it was a new version of the Disney+ app (ie it had the blue dot next to it on the launch screen). I launched a movie on Netflix and Atmos was present and correct, so it’s not my system. It seems unlikely that Disney disabled Atmos due to bandwidth considerations - which was the r
  13. Well, I played for around 90 minutes yesterday evening after updating and it didn't crash.
  14. Yeah - I was thinking of Sony and Microsoft doing direct sales there. I agree that there's not much of an incentive for retailers. If Sony and Microsoft took the approach that they want to 'delight' their customers, having a direct pre-order queue system of one per account (for the first few weeks or months) would go a long way towards doing that.
  15. I must confess I don't get it either. As someone who, every year, is at my computer as iPhone pre-orders go live I cannot understand why Sony and Microsoft can't implement a similar system. As each iPhone model runs out of its initial supply, you see the lead times increase almost in real time so you get an idea of how long you're going to have to wait.
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