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  1. Urban’s accent is right up there with Don Cheadle’s in Ocean’s Eleven. Kind of fascinating in its wrongness.
  2. Yeah - a few of us have been talking in the main Netflix thread about it. It’s an excellent mini-series. In particular, I thought the performance of Jharrel Jerome as Korey was outstanding, especially in episode 4.
  3. Yeah, thoroughly recommended. I just watched the first two episodes. I'd also heard of the case but had no idea of the full story.
  4. I have a dog that doesn't like being left on her own for too long. This means going to the cinema infrequently, when we can get a neighbour to look in on her. Tomorrow is one of those occasions, up to now reserved for Star Wars movies! I am excited and also desperate to avoid spoilers, hence making special dog arrangements.
  5. I am able to close doors and I also shouted at the stupid people for not closing doors. And yet I still enjoyed it.
  6. After enduring nearly a decade of The Walking Dead I rather enjoyed Black Summer - especially its fast zombies. I wish the story had started earlier in the outbreak, though.
  7. I had hoped that NowTV would be streaming in 1080p by now. So, I’m thinking of just buying the episodes on iTunes each week. Does anyone know if they are available to buy on the day of transmission, ie episode one is in iTunes on Monday?
  8. Every text conversation I have with my partner is now peppered with: "Oookay then" "Yeah?" "Oookay then"
  9. I'm an admirer of Tadao Ando's work. His use of raw concrete has resulted in some breathtakingly beautiful buildings. I kind of see what the GD guy was going for with his house, but it failed because of the execution. The forms are lumpen, unfinished, and too rough. And that 'upcycled' kitchen was just hideous.
  10. Aliens at the Odeon Leicester Square when I was 16. Me and a few mates managed to get in despite it being an 18. It was, hands-down, the best cinematic experience of my life. The cinema was packed, we were buzzing because we’d got in, and the entire audience was totally up for the ride. I remember so many classic moments that spring to mind, with the audience all reacting as one: the facehugger jump scare, the tension of the “in the ceiling” scene, the facehugger attack, “Get away from her, you bitch!” One of my favourite films, ever.
  11. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I only discovered stand up comedian James Acaster last week and then yesterday saw that he has a four episode special on Netflix. It's some of the funniest stand up I think I’ve ever seen. Incredibly inventive, surreal, silly and so funny it had me crying at various points. So good.
  12. superfunk


    I meant the rawness of the instrumentation I suppose. It wasn’t as slick and polished as this third album.
  13. superfunk


    I’m rather disappointed by it. There's a real lack of surprise or killer hooks throughout. The production has changed but for the worse; it’s all a bit bland and polished with little of the raw anger (and analogue-ness) of the first two albums’ instrumentation. It it seems to me that they had a back-catalogue of really good songs for the first two albums, whereas they actually had to sit down and write everything from scratch for this new one, and it shows. I remember being wowed so much by Every Open Eye that it was a struggle to pick my favourite track. With this one, I’m struggling to pick one I can remember and want to listen to again.
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