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  1. I dont think these mRNA vaccines simulate a virus attack so symptoms are mostly because of body becoming weaker when adapting to recognize and combat the virus. And/or related to stress as Im sure many are frightened by needles or getting vaccinated. So it would make sense to me that there are less symptoms if you just had covid and the immune defence system is already mostly adapted and ready.
  2. T8 / Mastersbocht has a big kerb where its possible to lose pressure and make the car bounce. You want to cut there, but miss the highest sharp square part. Jab taken, mine was Moderna.
  3. Same for me, many corners where I need to shift down but for that I need like 50 % throttle or the rear kicks out and bye bye laptime. Horribly understeery in most corners too. I have 3 or 4 tenths there but two key corners are very difficult to carry any speed through. I'm also getting my first vaccine shot in an hour!
  4. I have no sense of humor I had a revelation late last night and then another one in sleep. So hopefully yesterday's 3 hours of banging head against the wall didnt go to waste. Now I'm also certain theres something in the BMW that works differently to other cars and at least partly explains why I've been chasing setups and why it behaves so oddly.
  5. I think I have found my least favorite track-car combination in the game. Such a chore to fight the wobbling and sliding and oversteering car every single corner, every lap. Going from min to max in many setup sliders doesnt even do anything.
  6. Its probably summer and people spending their time outdoors combined to football and vacations. I will keep an eye on enduros in several communities and on raceapp.eu. Next big one that doesnt have only Germans is probably RCI's multiclass 10 h of Silverstone on July 31.
  7. Monza. Massive safety improvements and more passing opportunities. I'd like to say Spa as well with the reworked bus stop , but now the lack of gravel in Les Combes is more forgiving and sometimes allows for defending cars to maintain position even if they brake too late and go wide.
  8. Okay I turned some practice laps and as expected the BMW is a steaming pile of you know what around this track I guess it needs straights after slow corners to stretch its legs and really, really hates all these many long fast corners. Chronically understeery, couldnt fix that with setup changes yet, and as cherry on top most corners are between gears.
  9. @SANtoOos dont get me wrong I like to drive many of these Mickey Mouse tracks, just not race them. Flashbacks of 40-car qualifying where I didnt get to drive a single uninterrupted lap and then getting stuck behind a train of slow cars for 60 minutes
  10. In my opinion for GT3 its the worst track to race on together with Oulton Park and Zolder. No places to overtake, narrow and only 2 interesting corners. How good it is for GT4 we will see soon
  11. Some more screenshots below and a short video here https://streamable.com/o7y0ex Its such a pretty game isnt it? None the video settings settings isnt even highest in these.
  12. I didnt get to sleep more than 5 h, today 42 km of cycling and 4 hours of kayaking with our company and Im ready to sleep till Monday One final thing about tyres. If youve driven bit longer you may have noticed that tyres sometimes get grained, especially in low temperatures. Graining/tearing plays a significant part and is often more important than wear or even pressures. Its created by sliding and locking tyres. A tyre that has 1,5 mm left can still give one good laptimes if its not grained, but a heavily grained tyre will not. Some time ago we drove a Monza enduro with limited
  13. You could try to share connection from your cellphone, maybe that would be more stable? Horrible reaction at start by me then overshot T1. T4 we had the tiniest contact to my rear and it was enough to break the grip as I was already oversteering into the corner. Fortunately I didnt spin, instead I had a massive slide and then hit the wall on the inside. Lap 2 I found myself P2 with Santos ahead pulling away. I went full tyre conserving mode just trying to stay with him. He had very good pace in the mid 42s and even if I didnt have damage he may have been able to stay ahead. About 1
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