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    OH GOD I AM GETTING OLD : reminiscing about old Transformers; doing DIY; spending time with my daughter; swimming & cycling.
    Enjoy reading sci-fi and comic books - currently enjoying Lost Light/More Than Meets The Eye and Saga.
    House of Cards and The Americans are great, as is Catastrophe. I have a massive fondness for Billions, despite a creeping feeling its just a modern-day Dallas....
    Studying part time for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Econimics

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  1. Please, something amazing before the end. Like, transform into a power ranger
  2. Stoikovich

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Ridge Racer in the arcade. OMGGGGG Stepping onto Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, and seeing the game world stretching off to the horizon. First time I went online with Phantasy Star Online (DC). The excitement and promise of online gaming!
  3. Stoikovich

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Love a Solaire. Buying the pack of four online just for one cover seems a waste of paper.
  4. Stoikovich


    Six years ago I 1CC'd this. Today, I was almost able to get to the middle of stage 2
  5. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    Re weapons, you could equip the basic models and take them to the training area, or on a very low level hunt, to get the measure of how they are used in anger. Sword and Shield can be fantastic when you play its strengths, but you don't get to experience the fantastic bullying of a hammer, nor landing a level 3 great sword charge and getting a break at the same time Monster Hunter MP can be right up there with the best co-op games, depends on your team mates. Its always a good way to see different weapons, armours, tactics etc etc. You can just play it defensively and aim not to cart/ fight an earlier monster, so dont worry about letting the side down!
  6. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    Just found out, you can use your whetstone from the radial menu without needing to sheathe your weapon. Hooray! More helpful nuggets -
  7. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    The first ten to twenty minutes of the Best Friends video posted earlier are filled with good tips about menu shortcuts and item management. Editing radial menus and and item order for use in hunt are really helpful. Got to admit that at first I wasn't a fan of this new one. I remember the 3DS versions being much more colourful and less po-faced. But MHW is really growing on me, despite the stupid map. (and Poogie definitely looked better on handheld, in low poly glory....)
  8. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    I was a few hits away from killing Anjarath when Rathalos one-shot from behind. Came out of nowhere! Angie can definitely be learned and he’s straightforward to avoid, just don’t get greedy when there’s an opening, and be wary in tight spaces. Not sure I get the turning circle comment, the hunters are quite nimble unless you’re referring to movement with some of the bigger weapons?
  9. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    I'm not 100% sure what triggers it, but after you've been bashing away for a while the sword blade will be glowing like a mofo. Now discharge with triangle and circle when right up close and you'll do a big old stab and ride the monster while discharging (hammer away on triangle), then.... BOOM! This is it -
  10. Stoikovich

    Monster Hunter: World

    Yes, you're right about the game loop. Kill monsters to get better gear to kill bigger monsters to get better gear. I have such trouble reading the map. Even the text seems to be on the small side. I might have old man eyes but I dont struggle with other games. Presumably this isn't an issue if playing on a PS4Pro & HDR TV? Loving the Switch Axe. So much damage, and the new power up discharge is great! Lock on with R3, after which a tap of L1 centres the camera to the monster. Double tap L1 to centre behind your character. There's a few variations to this in the settings, it's worth having a fiddle to see whats suits you best.
  11. Stoikovich

    Which is your favourite game in the Burnout series?

    Burnout 1 was described somewhere as a James Bond car chase, which I always had in mind when I played it. Burnout 2 seemed to make everything better. Changing the focus in 3 to car combat was a positive for me, and the separate crash junctions probably the best incarnation of it. Revenge was my personal favourite, I just enjoyed the end game being enjoyably tough to complete. But the menus, they were too 'EA', shouty and aggrandising, with progress bars shooting up and BIG AWARD SOUND EFFECTS! YOU GOT THIS CAR! AND WOW HERES SOMETHING ELSE FOR YOU! HEY YOU'RE GREAT! Burnout from EA!! OH YEAH!! <-- there was too much of that
  12. Stoikovich

    SNES Mini

    If I use any old mini usb cable lying around, it never connects. Its fine when I use the cable that came with the SNES mini.
  13. Stoikovich

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    Still early days and it looks lovely. Maybe something to break my Mario Run habit?! I've added everyone who's posted their codes so far Oi Oi! 4904 9826 053
  14. Stoikovich

    SNES Mini

    A recent episode of Retornauts said it isn't SMW2 in Japan. That was added to the title/box for the Western release

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