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    OH GOD I AM GETTING OLD : reminiscing about old Transformers; doing DIY; spending time with my daughter; swimming & cycling.
    Enjoy reading sci-fi and comic books - currently enjoying Lost Light/More Than Meets The Eye and Saga.
    House of Cards and The Americans are great, as is Catastrophe. I have a massive fondness for Billions, despite a creeping feeling its just a modern-day Dallas....
    Studying part time for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Econimics

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  1. Can confirm Sisters Royale is an auto scroller. Some similar player types to Shikigami games (which is why I bought it), but it didn’t immediately grab me. absolutely fine for cheap though, I grabbed it in a recent sale
  2. Everyone on my island is calling each other “poo” now. My six-year old daughter is grinning like a maniac and feigning ignorance
  3. Claymore is super viable for any enemy or boss, its my go-to easy mode weapon whenever I'm running DS1. I've never got on with the Zwei, its too much
  4. Enjoyed most of it; lots of good bits. Actors were all great. There were several sections which didn’t make a great deal of sense and/or I got a bit bored. The final third wasnt as nail-biting nor exciting as it wants to be. Entertaining, and I’ll definitely watch it again at home, but not as good as Inception or Interstellar for me.
  5. I wholeheartedly support Pulsemyne, who is clearly on the side of the angels. but I also want to read a similar report from the opposite side of the recent conflict - what were they up to, what was it like to be jumped like that, what are their plans for revenge strikes?!
  6. While one side amassed their forces, could the other side have sent a small but plucky band of adventurers round the long way to sneak in the back and sabotage the main important dohicky? it seems so obvious! (I don’t know what I’m talking about but like others, love reading about it) thanks Pulsemyne!
  7. There’s a bunch of quality of life improvements accessed through single player quests, meal upgrades and the like, but online multiplayer is much more fun for sure
  8. Bought a Switch last month and this is in sale at the mo so picked it up. Ported over my Generations save so I can dive straight into G Rank ( did a few high rank quests first as I’m a bit rusty), gosh it’s lovey isn’t it? All those bright colours and helpful hunters, it’s really a massive greatest hits collection. I think the high point for online was 3U - where people happily chatted (made easier with the WiiU controller), whereas so far in MHGU the hunters online have been quite goal oriented without much natter going on. maaaybe there’s too much content now? I a
  9. DPI will just be the quality of the image but should be fine. this looks great but I am super fussy and the amount of image that is lost to the buttons/stick would probably annoy me.... but I really am super fussy, your mileage may vary
  10. Ikaruga’s a tricky bast because you can totally figure out straightforward chains through levels, but always feel like there’s more optimisation available... more opportunities to chain MORE. And then a small slip in execution and you have to restart... again Great job with the S++!
  11. Got the artwork printed at a local printers, just need a decent one capable of A3. Sounds like your mate is just the ticket. Somewhere on https://forums.shoryuken.com/ is the Photoshop template for the TE layout; if you need it then drop me a PM, I should have it on the PC at home. The plexi cover was from https://www.highflow.nl/modding/laser-cutting-engraving/mad-catz-te-full-te-s-plexi-cover.html?sl=en
  12. While we’re talking sticks, I’ve been wondering about the HRAPs for PS4 - I currently play PS4 with my 360 MadCatz TE through a Brooks adaptor. Is the HRAP4 Kai or Hayabusa any better? They don’t seem to have Sanwa/Semitsu parts, though do look lovely. My current stick
  13. That was great! I especially like the stage 3 boss and stage 4 mid-boss (where my runs start to fall apart...). And, you take the stage 3 ship apart far quicker than I've ever managed to. Think I'll try to copy that Your bombing looks really good ; Remembering to bomb is a definite skill! Got any idea what the next 1CC will be?
  14. FWIW - Chain enough to feel like you’re doing something. Otherwise you’ll take fifteen years to emulate a perfect superplay! Stage four is tough. There is definitely a manageable route through which allows a chain to be maintained - but it’s miles off the high score vids you see. Once I was dialled in to stage 4, then 5 was a (comparative) cakewalk
  15. Here is some more I’m not one for OSTs generally, but DFK on iPhone is a winner For the last fortnight I’ve been smashing Ketsui. It. Is. Tough. luckily the PS4 has a great training mode where you can gradually increase difficulty and/or practice specific sections. Difficulty moves from 1-10, with 1 being supereasy, and 10 at arcade level. I can comfortably clear level 8 (with autobombs...) but hot damn if level 10 isn’t absolutely brutal. Right now I can reach stage 4 boss some of the time, but stage five is positively daunting. I’
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