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  1. Indeed, it’s no worse than Ghostbusters 2 really.
  2. If the rumours are correct Kane was influential getting Poch the sack, and he advised Levy to get Jose in.
  3. Vertigo titles during the 90s are pretty much the greatest comics of all-time, sadly most of the output from Marvel and DC was utter dreck, and don’t even get me started on the shite Image were publishing then.
  4. That comment explains so many things.
  5. Says someone who hasn’t read any of the awesome comics featuring Kate Bishop.
  6. Good old Sky stirring up shit, Kane isn’t due in training until tomorrow.
  7. As exciting as this race is now, it would be even better on a circuit where you can actually overtake.
  8. How can anyone not enjoy the music from this documentary?
  9. So they do exist then, after two weeks of hunting for one, I was starting to doubt they were even real.
  10. The tone of the show is just nothing like the source material at all, but that was to be expected really as they did the exact same thing when they adapted Locke and Key. I just hope Netflix don’t get the rights to any more of my favourite comics.
  11. I rarely post in here anymore as apart the last Little Brother album - which was dope btw, very few albums stick with me, even stuff I quite enjoyed on the first listen.
  12. The clicky D Pad is really awesome too.
  13. I agree there’s still plenty of great hip-hop still being made, I just yearn for the days when groups like Tribe, De La, Naughty by Nature and even Wu Tang we’re considered mainstream.
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