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  1. Drat, I just started playing The Touryst, didn't realise it was leaving soon.
  2. I started looking into Linux compatibility for emulators / storefronts to see how practical SteamOS is for me - it seems much more plausible than I expected. There’s an unofficial version of the Epic Games Store which looks really promising - https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/18336. I have a large library of ‘Free’ games that would be ideal for this platform. Most emulators I’m interested in have a native Linux version (ReDream, Dolphin, PPSSPP, RPCS3, Beetle PSX, PCSX2). CEMU doesn’t have a native Linux version but appears to run with WINE. There doesn’t appear to be a Linux solution for GOG Galaxy, I only have a couple of games on that store so not really an issue. Game Pass is obviously a complete no, I don’t see the community finding a way to make that happen on Linux (perhaps the EA launcher part though?). PS4/PS5 remote play is possible with Chiaki https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/12/chiaki-a-free-and-open-source-playstation-remote-play-client-adds-playstation-5-support There’s a project looking at Xbox / xCloud streaming http://openxbox.org Moonlight / Steam streaming are native for those with gaming PCs. I’m excited to try this out now, it looks like I can do 90% of what I want to on Linux, one way or another, and if I really want the other 10% I could go to Windows (mainly for Game Pass).
  3. It looks slick from the video, Quake 3 feels.
  4. I guess I slipped up already, sold one game and bought three (from the classifieds) - I've cheated somewhat and assigned them to July/August/September.
  5. It is taking a long time. I hope there isn't an issue with heat in the somewhat isolated space for the expansion drive.
  6. I had an education on updating PS4 games this morning, needed to free up 130GB on the internal drive to update GT Sport - absolute insanity! By the time I'd cleaned up enough space and started the update I'd lost interest in playing. Do PS5 game updates work the same way?
  7. I’ve preordered one, don’t desperately want one but I’ve got plenty of time to think about it. I put a 64GB on my son’s account and a 512GB on mine, hopefully someone will attempt a storage upgrade when they’re released so I know how plausible that is.
  8. I’ve preordered one, not sure I’ll go ahead with it when the time comes but it’s nice to have the option.
  9. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/51-Worldwide-Games-1748086.html I enjoyed the demo games, it probably includes Ludo!
  10. Thanks for the reminder! I have no interest in the Switch OLED but the Steam Deck is interesting, even if I'm not entirely convinced..
  11. How loud are the buttons / triggers? I like to play in bed, but I'm very conscious of the clicky buttons in a quiet room!
  12. It could be. I'm going to be sceptical until everyone starts shouting about how great it (actually) is.
  13. Don't get too excited about that. https://github.com/kozec/proton-compatibility-list/blob/master/compatibility-list.md# Don't get me wrong, I'd love a great handheld gaming device to play all of my PC games, but this doesn't look to be it (without far more tinkering than I'd be prepared to do). Seeing the posts above about playing Game Pass games, Epic Store, etc., don't expect that to work out of the box, that's all.
  14. It's running SteamOS (Linux) out of the box, game compatibility will be poor. It's also only WiFi 802.11ac, not WiFi6, so not ideal for Streaming.. The AYA NEO seems the better product out of the box (apart from the digital triggers!).
  15. Astro's Playroom, nice short 4 hour game - completed twice, after a suitable break I'll do it again. Titanfall 2 - Completed on PS4, loved it. Started again on PC, it's even better there. Breath of the Wild - Never finished it, last played in 2017, but had a great time. I will start again at some point.
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