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  1. I've noticed bits of floating wreckage on all versions, I can't say it's had any impact of my enjoyment of the game.
  2. Buy it, try it, keep it or sell it - you won't lose anything by giving it a go first.
  3. This thread has made me consider flogging the PS VR and purchasing a Quest 2 instead (not due to the porn) - losing the tether to the console (near the TV) would allow for a larger play area (and I'd be free of those stupid frustrating Move controllers).
  4. I can’t speak for Switch emulation but the CEMU version should run well.
  5. My PS VR is in the drawer due to the faff with the breakout box, extra cabling, no HDMI 2.1 passthrough, and those clunky Move controllers. I’m more likely to play with a single cable & good controllers, however I can see the attraction of wireless - my front room is quite small and to play Job Simulator I need to move the sofa (more faff) - being able to play it anywhere would be really freeing.
  6. I bought one of these to quash my urges to build a PC.. now thanks to ETA PRIME I want to build a HTPC running Holo OS (Steam OS), what is wrong with me?!
  7. Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) I loved the first film, and really looked forward to this one - hoping it would correct the somewhat stupid Dr Strange that appeared in the Spider-Man film.. damn was I disappointed. There are a lot of fights (ridiculous fights) and special effects with no tangible story or character building - it felt like a parody of Dr Strange created by a second rate cast and terrible writer. I watched it to the end with my other half, both of us utterly amazed by just how bad it was and wondering if something, anything might happen to rescue it. Nothing did. I fear for the MCU, it feels like a steepening downward slope - the quality of the first and second waves feels like a distant memory. Please don’t ruin GotG3, please. 1/5, awful.
  8. I’ve tried the following with great results: Wreckfest Dirt 4 Dirt Rally F1 2018 Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Trackmania 2 Stadium
  9. It stays open in the background, yesterday it was picking up button presses in the background while I played Wreckfest..
  10. Sadly not, it’ll say ‘closing’ but never actually closes the app.
  11. I have Chiaki working nicely in SteamOS, but I can’t work out how to close the app when I’ve finished with it - anyone else solved this little predicament?
  12. Chiaki runs well, with a slight tweak to the controller config you can add Gyro aiming to all of your PS games. It’s making TLoU that little bit easier.
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