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  1. 15/01 Astro's Playroom (PS5) - I loved every minute of this, the first game I've 'Platinumed' and earned every achievement on. I'll be sure to re-play from the beginning, one day. 15/01 Moss (PS VR) - An enjoyable experience in VR, the first game I've completed on the platform. 16/01 The Stanley Parable (PC) - An unusual game that I could complete in one evening, good narration, only took me 5 years to get around to playing it.
  2. The original series is now on Amazon Prime. It popped up on my suggestions last week and I'm now on the final episode - I had no idea what was going on in the beginning, but really enjoyed the watch and wish there was more coming.
  3. Well blow me, I’ve reloaded the game and it let me force slow the storm and run through. I tried everything yesterday trying to get through here, and searching led me to believe I’d missed out on force push.
  4. Hopefully the photo is clear enough to show where I am. I’ve backtracked as far as I can and haven’t knowingly skipped anything.
  5. I’ve reached the eye of the storm, and can’t progress as I’ve apparently missed the area where I learn force push. I also can’t go back, so I’m ‘stuck’. I was quite enjoying the game until this point, now I’m just annoyed with it.
  6. It's nothing like that high, I believe my DR is D and SR is C. I'll have a go at a few time trials but I'm not going to obsess over increasing my ratings, I'm having fun and slowly getting better and more consistent, as long as I can improve a few positions every race (for now) I'll take it.
  7. I've taken part in a few online races this week, really enjoyed the Red Bull Ring. I had my first race win, and a second, however I then got moved up a class and I'm now consistently starting 11th-14th and getting whacked off the circuit by one player or another (generally I get the penalty!?) It's an incredible amount of fun, but also quite frustrating when it all goes wrong (which it seems to be, frequently). The most frustrating moment was doing qualifying while waiting for my race entry - I was approaching the finish line, about half a car length away, and 1.1s up
  8. Titanfall 2 is excellent, make sure you play it.. sometime.
  9. I didn't monitor what I spent this year, but I know it's a fair amount - I'm going to try and focus on enjoying what I already have in 2021 and not making unnecessary purchases.. Planned spends: Playstation Plus EA Access Gran Turismo 7
  10. Toy Story 3 via XBone backwards compatibility is a good one, and the Lego Star Wars game - all were very popular here!
  11. I had my first experience of Epic Store support these last few days, WRC 8 hasn't worked since before Christmas (WRC 9 also didn't work, but the developer has now fixed that one). They responded straight away asking a screenshot, and then pointed me to support for the Developer directly, or offered a refund should I not be happy with that option. I bought the game over 2 months ago for £5.99, if the Developer fixes it in the next few days I'll keep it, otherwise I'll claw my £5.99 back - but I'm impressed with the response speed and the offer of a refund outside of the standard 14
  12. I've got a massive library of free games now, the vast majority I haven't touched yet and a number of them seem to be worth a playthrough. Even with Epic's brilliant £10 'coupon' I can't see the point of buying more games at £3.99+ as when the heck am I going to play them all? I suspect if I bought a few now, come next Christmas (or the next 'giveaway' period) they'll be given away for free, before I've even loaded them up. It's great, but, utterly ridiculous!
  13. I'm really enjoying my PS5 Digital, the fast boot and load times are making a massive difference - I'm using it far more than I used the PS4. No problems at all so far, fingers crossed it'll stay that way (I'll stay away from Miles Morales until it's had a few patches!). Running an 2TB SSD via rear USB port, Anker usb hub in second rear USB port connected to PS4 Camera/VR/Controller (for charging). Using Rest Mode constantly. DS4 and Move controllers connected successfully (though I had to try a couple of Micro USB cables before I could sync the DS4). It w
  14. I set mine up yesterday, the controller is nice but not revolutionary as some sites have claimed. The OS is ‘fine’, identifying what games I have in my library and what I have installed is less clear than it could be. It’s clearly based on the PS4 OS, so it shouldn’t be as muddled as it is. The console isn’t so visually offensive in person, or as big as I feared (the OH said ‘it’s huge’, so may just be me), it could be smaller and neater but it does at least seem to be quiet. I have noticed the PS5 is giving my external SSD a workout while in rest mode, I have n
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