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  1. Ah thanks! I actually tried both SteamVR and Oculus, no luck. I'll leave it off for now, my head still hurts from trying to get ACC to run well in my system, need a break from niggly PC stuff
  2. @davejm and other VR people, did you manage to run XIV Assistant (fuel overlay) in VR? I installed Simhub, and added XIV as an overlay. It shows up in-race if I open the game via Simhub, but that doesn't start the game in VR. I get no overlays if I start it in VR through Steam. Also couldn't figure out how to bind a key to toggle it on/off, I went on the "controls and events" tab but can't find the correct command to bind it to, XIV doesn't seem to be listed. Totally new to Simhub, am I missing something really basic?
  3. Ooooff yeah can see how annoying that would be! Bring on Monza
  4. I really like it, but this is coming from a guy who finds Monza uninspiring and unsatisfying to drive so... I like twisty/flowy/roller-coaster style tracks, long straights give me too much time to over think stuff And these are two of my favourite tracks to drive
  5. VR people, just found a way to squeeze a little bit more performance out of ACC, by turning off mirroring (monitoring on your flatscreen). documents>Assetto Corsa Competizione>Config Open vrsettings.json Change "spectator screen mode: 5" to "0" Used the Tray Tool performance HUD to measure change and got at least 5% extra performance headroom and my eyes also found it more stable, less stuttery. Could be significant to overall stability. Every frame counts for me!
  6. Yeah what a track! @texlex45hope you sort out your connection gremlins, it's a horrible feeling when it cuts out A bit frustrating to lose the lead as it felt I drove pretty well and probs made the least mistakes ever, but like @Erikpointed out my pace dropped off after the pitstops (that always happens to me in the endurance races) ... It's probably to do with not overinflating the tyres at the start to deal with the drop in temps and not being able to get them back in operating range after the stop so need to sort that. Slightly overfueled as well, so gonna give that fuel overlay
  7. Sorry for the long post, had a mega ACC session yesterday (5 hours -> VR graphics settings; 2 hours -> actual practice; self isolating like a boss) and had a couple of insights that might be helpful to others. First of all, a really simple advice from a Zermatt video that changed my mindset and I'm kicking myself for not having thought of that before, so simple and obvious it is. It's to do with visibility, say, when you can't see an apex because the windshield pillar is obscuring it. I used to think "I can't see the apex, where is it, how can I hit the perfect apex??" Zermat
  8. For the new guys, I made a custom livery for my Lexus as the game doesn't allow you to edit it in-game. If you're into this sort of stuff, here's the link to it: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atird6NGsun_nRS2_qRBIYV_qNVY?e=Pt2kra Copy and paste contents of the "Cars" and "Liveries" folders into corresponding folders inside ...\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs PS: If anyone uses the Lexus ( @Pockets ?) I can share the original edit files or even change the colours for you. Only thing is other people will only see it if they download and drop those files in
  9. I try to rest the left leg on the clutch on the straights as the pedal is stiff enough and doesn't move (my clutch is deactivated in game anyways). I've spent a lot of time making sure my seating position is correct and comfortable, I like the wheel as close to me as possible, which means pedals are often too close for comfort on most rigs (I'm 6ft2). I've now managed to mount them at a really good position so my legs are straighter and relaxed. That makes a BIG difference on leg/knee/ankle tiredness, something to look into if your pedals are too close! If you sit high up or if you're legs are
  10. To add to the injury list, my Covid tests came back positive! I'm feeling a bit fluey but OK really, deffo had worse colds/flus than this (so far anyways - knock on wood) My flatmate is continuing to test negative which is great. Gonna take the opportunity and do a bit of CPU overclocking
  11. Thanks guys. You're also forgetting the accent on the "í" (helps go faster on the track) so it's Luís, but I'll let you off this time Yeah I like using real names!
  12. Not at all man, all fair and square, I was overly cautions, just wasn't vibing the cold tyres, need to improve that. After all my FPS issues I could really notice how I "see" oversteer even before I "feel" it through the wheel. Looking ahead through corners gives you better and more natural car positioning and lines but another advantage is if you get oversteer, you'll see it more easily. Imagine you're losing the rear, and the screen starts "sliding" sideways, the further ahead you're looking, the easier it is to react as you would see things far away in the horizon mo
  13. Lovely racing all around, thanks guys. Can't believe my game crashed just as the quali session got loaded, I was feeling pretty nippy in the wet. So had to start towards the back and had so much fun with @SneakyNinja and @SharkyOB. When I got some clear air I had good pace and set the fastest lap by quite a margin, so super gutted I couldn't start towards the front and give @Erik a run for his money (at least this once ). All in all 4th is a great result. Second race I struggled at the start with the cold tyres lost 3 positions and had to fight Matt and @EuroVapeSim2, again loads
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