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  1. Series X is incredible, PS5 less so. Both make their respective predecessors look like they’re wading through treacle.
  2. That’s also my issue with Gunlord. I love the look of it and the idea, I just don’t like it in practice.
  3. I've got some of the older DC homebrews. Ghost Blade is ok, I really wanted to like Gunlord but it just didn't click. Rush Rush Rally Racing DX is great. Dux and Sturmwind both felt lacklustre. Fast Striker is alright, Last Hope is pointlessly difficult even with the pink bullets. Water Margin was a bit crap and I've never even tried the three at the top or Redux.
  4. Interesting, I love a boxing game but there's not been much going for a while. I'll probably give this a try.
  5. I nearly spat my brew out when I saw that. I assumed £20 was for the collectors edition.
  6. I tolerated the Leon campaign, the others were wank.
  7. My first thought was I Robot, but then you said subtler colours.
  8. Got myself some new DC games yesterday. While posting this picture I realised I actually own the arcade release for every single one of these games, still looking forward to playing them and seeing new features though.
  9. phillv85


    I don’t actually like the DSII arcade mode, it’s IIX mode where that release shines for me, it’s bloody brilliant, close to DS1 for me.
  10. phillv85


    I would guess so on the digital front. I don’t even know why I’m so excited, I’ve got DS1 on all 3 regions on 360 and the arcade PCB and the standalone DS2 and the copy in the CAVE shooting collection which are all plenty good enough. I still feel like a kid at Christmas seeing this release.
  11. phillv85


    Physical versions of Deathsmiles 1+2 coming to PS4, Switch and Xbox on 16th December in Japan it seems.
  12. The boot up speed is the big one for me, every time I used to go to use my PS4 it felt like an ordeal, it used to stop me playing if time was limited. Now I can happily play for 30 minutes on a new console rather than having to go retro.
  13. Series X is immense, PS5 has been a little underwhelming. Would be nice to see some more ‘Next Gen’ games for both.
  14. £70 for a standard edition is unlikely to get me to buy. I’ve bought all sorts of batshit collectors edition, mostly in the 360 era, some costing way too much. I also used to be in the arcade hobby where a single PCB routinely can cost hundreds so I’m not totally against it, it’s just a tough sell to me. I’ve not bought any PS5 games at that price yet anyway.
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