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  1. In my student flat we had our three pcs networked so we could play quake death match. The best times. Online multi isn’t the same.
  2. There ain’t no elf lady.
  3. Do people really react like that in real life? Like really.
  4. watch yourself...if we start banning nut jobs this forum might get lonely very quickly.
  5. There is a lot of film in there for the $100k budget.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57524423 Scarlett Johansson criticises Black Widow's 'hyper-sexualisation' in Iron Man 2 ..... I always felt that having BW running around in cat-suit was unnecessary but some of the other bits she refers to I felt were fitting for the character..being sexy to attract Tony’s attention and in turn his response to that were in character albeit sexist. Also there was the switcharoo where the sexy character actually turns out to be a superhero and not just there to satisfy the male gaze which was quite important at the time
  7. Just tried it on the website....no recommendations or anything added to my basket.
  8. The TVA will have turned up and erased the missing Thanos timeline forthwith. The rule now seems to be you can change the timeline by time travelling but only if the TVA allow it because it fits into the prime timeline. It’s like Harry Potter (before the play) - you can only affect the timeline if you already affected the timeline.
  9. I might buy them just so you’ll stop posting about the bloody things.
  10. They spent minutes explaining “their “ understanding of it., you make it sound like a lecture. I think it still fits together pretty well.
  11. What’s the best site for ps5 centric content?
  12. Yes a few lies, but I listen to hear their opinion about what they saw at the show. I guess they may have felt they covered that in the talks over and decided to go big as e3 was relatively boring. I’d have preferred if they went over the lies at the end of the programme rather than waiting a week.
  13. I’m thinking they might have pushed the joke too far. Hopefully Elmo will rip them a new one..I feel they have actually damaged the podcasts credibility with this.
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