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  1. But it's next to my couch... People go on my couch, objects go elsewhere.
  2. My coffee table cost £5, and can hold most objects easily, including children's snacks and... airpods?
  3. Season 2 was very very silly, but I do like a giant train, so... bring on Beantrain season 3.
  4. Just got past episode 7 Wonderful telly, even without the great production values and writing, it would be worth it for the cast alone.
  5. I'm on the verge of buying one, but it's shipped from the EU - do we get surprise-customs-shafted nowadays?
  6. I had a go on this at the weekend (also on a Shield). It's... mixed. - Not all the games are on the front page, you have to search for them - The app needs starting twice to actually work - Not much lag, but enough to make it annoying, plus occasionally it just sticks in one direction, making most games impossible to play - Interface barely works with a controller It's a lovely idea, because as mad as it sounds I do like having a quick pop on Alien Breed or similar, but the sticking controls issue absolutely murders it. It renders it beyond useless.
  7. I played 0 and struggled to get through the long cutscenes, full of some of the worst dialogue committed to paper, just to get to some minigames that weren't as good as the real games they'd stolen the minigames from. Followed by another cutscene.
  8. Yeah I really hit a brick wall with this. Time limits, utter utter bullshit fail conditions, constant boring ground targets, obscuring your vision. Urgh. I loved the previous one.
  9. Excusssse me? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1441790/Miner_Dig_Deep/
  10. This leaked remake is great, though I question the "old graphics/new graphics" switch (at least that's what I think it is). Goldeneye never looked this blurry, did it? No matter, the new graphics look loooooovely.
  11. This is such a cool idea for a book. Looks great. I used to be obsessed with how much better arcade games looked than my C64...
  12. I use the regular save (don't trust quicksave) but apparently you can do that with F9, and load with F12.
  13. I've been playing Daggerfall Unity - it's brilliant. I know it sounds mad, but playing with a joypad is fantastic, once you've got it set up. I even made it out of the first dungeon AND rescued some idiot's daughter. So good to be playing it again.
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