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  1. Yes, store works fine. I had trouble (using a Mac) formatting the USB drive correctly, hence why i asked. PC you will be fine. Jack Sorrell's videos are probably the easiest ones to follow i think for doing the mod, i have linked to them a bit further up. Shout if you have any questions but it really is easy if it goes to plan (using a Mac it doesn't).
  2. Yes, works fine (certainly in my case, all I have done/managed to do though is rip my own games to usb or the 32gb internal memory). I believe 1gb is enough for the SD card, I can check for you. I bought 64gb Are you using a Mac or PC?
  3. Pavey

    Gamecube display options

    Good article that, quite interesting. An official 3D screen for the Cube sounds like a winner, shame it never came. It does also also mention how the Wii2hdmi adaptors are not much cop, which is what i deduced too. Will try (again) to get the vWii modded.
  4. Pavey

    Gamecube display options

    By softmodding the vWii? That would certainly be the cheapest option for me. Has it be proven to be better than the other options?
  5. Pavey

    Gamecube display options

    Thanks mate, very informative. Has it been proven to be a better output than the Wii with a wii2hdmi adaptor?
  6. I really wish to play some of my old US GC games again, and currently have a US Wii with which to play them on, which has an HDMI adaptor on it. Is that the best option picture wise into (currently) a Panasonic plasma? Will an actual US GC with the HDMI adaptor I have seen for sale produce the same results, or should I persevere and try to get my softmodded Wii U (vWii) to play them - on the basis they took better when run through this, or is that incorrect? Thanks.
  7. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I have both versions.......and have never played either. The kids have though and love it. Think that is my quest for tonight, is it worth playing number 1 now, or just go straight to 2? Is 1 still playable online?
  8. I didn't, and have used my Switch since and all seems ok.
  9. Oh, thanks. That's it - short term memory is not so good anymore.
  10. What was the difference - only one arrow not two? Call me stupid, not sure how it was better, would love to be enlightened though.
  11. Pavey

    Oculus Quest

    Thread here mate:
  12. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Tempted. Just watched a video, is it like Worms at all?
  13. Pavey

    Acorn A3000

    They were £800 new (according to Wiki). Remember them being really expensive at the time, so much so that it made them almost mythical (at least in my school).
  14. Pavey

    Acorn A3000

    For some reason this popped into my head today, well Zarch in particular. Couldn't remember the name of it but knew it was (i think) the most famous game on the AA. A guy at secondary school told me his brother had just bought an Archimedes, and i had to play this one game. Went round his house and remember being absolutely amazed at the graphics, but seem to remember it being pretty damn hard to control. Does anyone still have a working AA and regularly plays it? Wasn't it crazy expensive back then - said guy's brother was much older than us so had a Saturday job that paid for it, i think?

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