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  1. Pavey

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    Really sorry to hear that @SeanR I’ve had two motorbikes stolen and the old cliche of time is a healer does ring true. Hopefully sooner rather than later you will have forgotten about this.
  2. Pavey

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Some for me, ended up buying it again though using Nectar points so £20. Should pay for a nice lunch (with starter) for someone at Nintendo.
  3. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    That link was fine, what do you mean?
  4. Pavey

    Playstation Vita

    Has anyone aged to open QCMA on High Sierra/10.13.6? Edit - this one with no ffmpeg does open (sorry if already been covered). http://wololo.net/2016/11/25/qcma-0-4-1-released-fixes-critical-bug-folder-scanning/
  5. Pavey

    Titanfall 2

    I'm on every night, usually at 9am while the wife is watching Love Island. Phil and i have only actually played together once (on opposing sides) but i see him on a lot within the hub. I'm just now starting to feel it needs more maps but what a game. Was actually thinking of uninstalling it recently so i could play something else but couldn't bring myself to do it.
  6. Pavey

    Titanfall 2

    Seems like only Phil and i ever play this now. Has there been any talk of any new maps at all, or remakes again of TF1 maps? There has been a lot of new players recently, lots of people every night with low ranks, which is a positive thing.
  7. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

  8. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    They're just caps i had left over that i got free with red joy con cases, have always used caps on other pads so put them on for the feeling.
  9. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    It is quite fiddly but easily doable if you have the right sized screwdrivers. And are a patient type. Here's mine. Puke.emoji or Smile.emoji?
  10. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Has this been posted already, the Flip Grip. Looks great for those Tate shooters: https://www.google.com/amp/retronauts.com/article/884/its-here-a-switch-vertical-grip-accessory-for-all-your-shooting-needs%3famphtml=1
  11. Pavey

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    A sword fight, and you are up next. With regards to it being portable, it perfectly is. I took mine on holiday and didn't have to talk to the wife for a whole week.
  12. Same, black screen with a flickering in the corner.
  13. I have one too, a slim. Try as i might, i cannot get PS2 iso's to load, can you do this? Help me AMC, you're my only hope.
  14. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Ha ha, same. I was hoping you would tell me all was ok!
  15. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Changing the subject, has anyone's Switch been bricked by using a 3rd party dock like the ones a few of us picked up on Ebay, or is it just the Nyko that supposedly did that?

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