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  1. It's served me well and is OC'd to 4.4Ghz, brought it down from 4.6Ghz due to a few crashes but I'm not prepared to give up on it yet, will be 10 years old come March! Don't really play anything taxing other than VR (original Rift); Squadrons has been locked to 45fps on my 970 and I'd like to play through Alyx again. To be honest I'm happy to take advantage of the Supersampling I'll get with a drastically overpowered GPU.
  2. And here's me looking at a 3070 for 1080p60...and VR, I mostly want the extra power for VR. it will be paired with a 2600k...
  3. Well that was fun. Got through the basket, got through paypal checkout then it died...
  4. I'm kidding myself by thinking the availability is going to be measured in minutes rather than seconds aren't I?
  5. Yeah, I'm wondering which site I need to stake out for a FE; either Scan or Nvidia themselves?
  6. I picked up the game on launch, played some campaign and played some multi. Hadn't touched the multiplayer in a week when I came back to it last night...got totally wrecked across the board; thought I'd play support roles and kitted myself out with extra shields etc but I didn't make a difference. I need to do some reading/watching to catch up the best way to do things.
  7. Hotspot is the best content they put out right now. Great to have Six Crazy Frights back, shame Abby didn't have VR for the latest, Phasmophobia, episode but it was still fun. Also, is Abby working out of an office now? When did that happen? I thought she'd just sorted a room out in her apartment.
  8. It's okay to not like Abby...
  9. I know she is, strictly speaking, a 'producer' but her lack of industry knowledge has reared it's head many times recently ('I didn't care about E3 until I got this job'). If it was a more mainstream site, IGN, Gamespot etc then I'd forgive it but she is on a really niche site with a hardcore audience, I am surprised they didn't vet her interest level before being hired.
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