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  1. I just finished playing this last week, first time since playing it back in 2004 and it's still as great to play as it was back then. To me it represented a time in games where it was about pushing forward in all aspects of the medium; narrative and technlogy, hand in hand, to create worlds, alternate realities, opposed to rollercoasters of entertainment we have now. Either that or a less cycnical me didn't see the industry as the business it was and turned out to be. Anyway! I was quite suprised by the game length, my younger version must have got stuck a fair few times or just took the time to take it all in. Visually it's crazy how good it still looks, even when compared to the standards of today; it was such a leap in technology along with a visual style that just lends itself to aging gracefully. They really did nail that opressive, distopian, 'we've been taken over by aliens' vibe oh so well; which also does a lot of the heavy lifting story wise because there really isn't that much going on with the games narrative itself. What makes it stand out, so fun and engaging to this day is the still the physics and the unique situations you can put yourself in. Before an era of waypoints, corridor shooting and even mini maps; it really shines as an example of level design and how to create an engaging, well thought out virtual world. I hate to say it but they really don't make them like they used to.
  2. I'm about to start the last chapter and it's been very playable the whole time; both my CPU and GPU are overclocked for what it's worth; CPU at 4.2ghz and GPU with a 200mhz boost. I've found myself more CPU bound than anything so you'll probably be totally fine.
  3. I'm running it on a 970 & 2600k. Settings are low, apart from textures, soft cloth and rag dolls, and it runs totally fine outside of an initial burst of action be it multiple enemies appearing or an explosion but it settles down quickly; you'll be fine.
  4. Hopefully this gives the ESA time to actually work out what they want to do with the show instead of the desperate throw a dart at the wall technique they have been using the past few years. I can totally see this being the end of road for the show though as it's a convenient jump off point for all involved and no one has to take responsibility because next year 'We have evaluated the potential for an industry inclusive expo event but 'market conditions' have made this unfeasible so look at this digital offering!'. It's been on the decline for 3 years anyway, put it out of it's misery.
  5. Watched this earlier in the day and I'd if you have time then the whole match is worth a watch, it's a roller coaster ride.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty disgusting. I get if people don't like any members of crew, they are people after all and you wont like everyone, but the level of personal insults become ridiculous. It's how I ended up here, seems like it isn't such a heated, short fused place. I wouldn't go quite that far, resetera is in the middle of weird dance right now.
  7. I wouldn't expect him to give me a break down of all the various USB standards there are but knowing what the generic term is really isn't a big ask for someone in his field. The problem with Ben is he can't sit there and let someone else talk, he needs to be the center of attention with his most common tactic being to insert his 'humour'. The amount of times he has interrupted Jeff & Brad, especially during the Bombcast, to add absolutely nothing of value is staggeringly high. He is a frequent recipient of comments like 'That's a thing', 'it sure is' or other simple social cues that politely tell someone to shut up. There is no one else, on either coast, who actively takes away from the content they are in. Now for good Giantbomb content, seeing as you asked others, I enjoyed Abby's Birthday Party stream, the BeastCast, Battlefront 2 stream and the most recent Demo Derby. There is good stuff there; Brad & Will tech pod is also great right now.
  8. Ben Pack, employed 40 hours a week to talk about games and tech: "What is USB C?"...
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