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  1. I thought this was one of SeanR’s joke posts and scanned the photo sequence a few times looking for the punchline.
  2. It’s my favourite thing that I own.
  3. After completing 23 games in 2020 this year has been off to a very slow start, mainly due to ping-ponging around between different games on the new-gen consoles. I've only actually finished two games so far this year, one of which was a replay: Dishonored + DLC I've wanted to replay this since loving it back in the day but the lack of back-compat for the 360 version prevented me. Now, with the remastered edition coming to Game Pass and the 60fps boost, I finally got around to it. What a game - it 100% stands up today both graphically (thanks to the framerate boost and the tim
  4. Since 2007 only human cannon fodder is considered mainstream.
  5. Oh bollocks I've played through the entire career mode twice already - once on PS4 and once on Series X. No way I'm doing it again! Are the Dualsense haptics used in the update?
  6. Actually, they sorted this. Apparently you double-tap the pairing button to switch back to your Xbox, so you don't need to go through the whole synching process: https://www.howtogeek.com/713207/how-to-sync-your-xbox-controller-to-multiple-devices-at-once/
  7. Far Cry 5 seems to have taken a big hit to picture quality in 60fps mode - anything in the middle distance and beyond has a very fuzzy look, reminiscent of Far Cry 3! Though probably nowhere near that bad. It's a native 4K game so I remember it being pretty sharp before. I'm sure Digital Foundry will weigh in on some of these trade-offs. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider looks very good at 60, but bear in mind I've been playing a lot of Dishonored 1 recently so it's bound to look like a step up compared to that. I also noticed that it had the 'auto HDR' option, but I assumed it was
  8. Yeah Anakin is so much better in TCW. The main thing I prefer is that his dark streak is much more subtle. He's pretty heroic all through TCW but you get the occasional hints at his fascist tendencies in the things he says and his inability to understand Padme's humanitarian approach to the war. There aren't any episodes where he goes round beheading children just to remind us that he's going to become a bad dude, for example. TCW does contradict the films in that Anakin is a much better Jedi Knight, and is accepted as such by the order. He loves being a Jedi, and masters like Mace
  9. Ah okay, I couldn't see any options in the Xbox dash. I'll take another look. I thought FC5 would be 4k/60fps but perhaps the resolution was taken a hit.
  10. Are these live yet? Far Cry 5 was still slide-o-vision last night but maybe I need to reboot my console.
  11. Oh yes shit, as well as these slightly older games being lower res than their PS4 counterparts, all my progress is on PS4. Dammit.
  12. Complete list for the lazy (some are 60, some 120):
  13. Ooh yes, some absolute crackers on there! Alien Isolation Deus Ex Mankind Divided Far Cry 5 Watch Dogs (well, I like it) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is listed, but not Dishonored 2. A mistake maybe?
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