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  1. Pob

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    Kingpin without Cypress Hill would be utterly pointless.
  2. This is a big one for me. I already get FOMO trying to decide between picture quality and frame rate in XB1X games that offer a choice so to have almost infinite permutations to worry about would be too much for me.
  3. Interesting that CDPR are still saying that the game is first and foremost a XB1 / PS4 title and they have no plans for the PS5 or XSX.
  4. iPhone naming has clearly become more confusing over time. It used to be much simpler.
  5. Yes, exactly. That's just a reflex reaction they've learned through years of annoying pop-ups on the web. It's not them being baffled by a simple question.
  6. I’d hope not but nothing has been confirmed.
  7. I can’t remember the last time I was disappointed when a highly-anticipated title was delayed. My three most wanted games (TLOU2, Watch Dogs Legion and this) have all had significant delays and I’ve been delighted by the news each time, relieved to have more time to finish off other stuff before they consume all my free time. The recent fallow period for big releases has been wonderful.
  8. Yeah, agreed. Deus Ex is a great example - I'd love to see something like Mankind Divided's Prague designed for next-gen consoles. On current consoles it'd divided into segments with loading screens disguised as metro rides, and it does feel a bit like one big interior with a skybox over it. I imagine that kind of thing can become more seamless and expand in scope with the next generation of consoles. EDIT: I assume Cyberpunk 2077 will be something like this.
  9. Brad Pitt's character in this is quite similar to Tyler Durden. He's this ultra virile male fantasy figure that the other lead (Ed Norton / Leo) would like to be. He's also got the toxic masculinity aspects. In Fight Club he's revealed to be the antagonist and Chuck Palahniuk's point is to trick the reader/viewer into idolising him, then pulling the rug out. But in OUATIH the message seems to be "wouldn't it have been great if this guy with capacity for extreme violence was around to protect Sharon Tate instead of that Jay Sebring sap?" In both stories he's kind of imagined - either an expression of Ed Norton's psyche, or a fictional character inserted into a historical situation. I can see how some people find his character problematic. He's a cool, capable, good-looking guy, yet he's clearly violent and may have killed his henpecking wife. I don't think Tarantino gives a fuck about all that - Pitt's character is designed to be provocative and controversial.
  10. Right, so you can't really look at what's happening on PC because the games are designed to work on console, and AAA PC exclusives are mostly theoretical. So I'd say that you can't look at what's happening in PC gaming today to see what the next generation of games will be like, unless there are some PC-exclusive showcases I'm not aware of.
  11. What's a top-end PC game that isn't available on current consoles? This decade's Crysis? I can only think of Star Citizen, which isn't really a complete game. DF did a good video on how it relies on the presence of an SSD, though.
  12. For me it's mainly the potential improvements to open-world simulation, streaming speed and persistence e.g Road vehicles and being able to get a view from up high in a hyper-detailed open-world like The Division - currently the max speed is sprinting on foot due to streaming limitations A persistent simulation like that seen in new Hitman games - with the consequences of my setups playing out in real-time no matter when I am - but in a much larger environment The more detailed AI seen in games like MGSV, but applied to a larger number of AI actors at once rather than being restricted to desolate environments with few NPCs wandering about. Being able to set up roadblocks in the next GTA without cars disappearing when I turn my back. Being able to tap into a CCTV feed anywhere in the city in a next-gen Watch Dogs or Splinter Cell, rather than just cameras which happen to be nearby Being able to have the intricate environments of a game Splinter Cell (i.e which has thus far been limited to discrete maps) embedded realistically into an open world without compromise. Being able to skydive through through the window of a highly-detailed high-rise office environment and immediately begin a shootout with screens smashing and office detritus flying everywhere Then being able to leap out of the 40th floor window to escape, parachuting to safety on the streets below and speeding off in a stolen car Not having to be funnelled through artificial corridors or wait for lifts when moving between outdoors and detailed interiors, and these interiors not having to be hermetically-sealed from the outside world (basements, curtains drawn, no windows etc).
  13. One thing that always sticks in my mind is a mission in GTA: Vice City where you ride a motorbike across rooftops, using ramps to jump between them. At one point you smash through a high-rise window into an office, careen through it and smash out the other end and onto the next rooftop. When GTAIV came out I was looking forward to similar missions, where perhaps I'd be involved in a shootout on the 30th floor of an office building and I'd be able to shoot people through the plate glass, like Dick Jones at the end of Robocop, and maybe leap out myself in a death-defying stunt like John McClane. Of course, that didn't happen, because the fidelity increase in the HD era meant that, although loading screens were eliminated when transitioning between interior and exterior, games still can't switch quickly enough from rendering highly detailed interiors to bustling city streets. You either get spartan interiors that pale in comparison to other games, or your passage between indoors and outdoors is artificially slowed, and you certainly can't go to the top floor of a glass skyscraper.
  14. DF mentioned that Cyberpunk will be an interesting test-case. It looks like a game designed for high-end PCs and the next generation of consoles. Open world with very detailed interiors and exteriors. For example, will the current consoles have ugly loading pauses whenever you transition between indoor and outdoor? Will the game be designed with those loading times masked (waiting for doors to unlock, lifts etc) or will it be optimised for SSDs with the HDD users getting a noticeably worse experience? How the next-gen consoles run Cyberpunk might be a key battleground, and also whether PS5 owners need to buy a new copy of the game whereas Xbox owners just use the same copy and seamlessly benefit from the extra power and continue with the same save file.
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