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  1. Oh fuck so much stuff on my wish list coming in that Ghost Mode update: A lot of this stuff is what Ghost Recon should really be about: planning and execution. Can’t wait to see what else it tweaks.
  2. Conversely, I’m a huge fan of those games and have never even seen any of them!
  3. Did you stumble across it by hearing the music cues and Pred sound effects? It’s pretty cool the way it’s integrated into the regular game when you’re in the correct region.
  4. Pob

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Master mode didn’t go into any of that interesting survival stuff though. It just gave enemies fuckloads of HP and added some floating baddie platforms. Bit of a shame as BOTW is ripe for some kind of hardcore survival mode.
  5. Pob

    A movie watchers blog

    Thanks for this. My dad recommended it to me but he's not got the best track record, and from the name it sounds like a generic DTV shoot 'em up.
  6. True, but you know that some people will intentionally try to meet up if they realise they are a few jumps away from each other. It happened on the day of release. Could it not work a bit like Journey? That seamlessly synched players up.
  7. Just knowing there's a chance - however slim - you could be in the same system as a live player, or that someone has been there recently, is pretty cool. I wonder if it's advanced enough to drop players into the same instance if they chance upon the same space?
  8. More depth to the flight model is my main hope. I'd love to get this on XB1X (assuming it's a nice bump over base PS4) but I'm I got quite far on my permadeath save. If it's a proper reboot with an interesting new path to the follow from the start I could be tempted to restart. Those desperate early hours are the best anyway.
  9. I wonder if I'll load up my base on my cosy planet on my Permadeath save to find it a ruined hellhole.
  10. So, a pretty awesome looking full third-person makeover to go with multiplayer. Are ringed planets new?
  11. I liked the first guy, the wheelchair bound one. The white guilt guy and British prison artist less so. The Isreali gun nut was great. Totally agree with @Gotters though - nothing seems surprising any more. Trump getting into power has essentially nullified this kind of show because it feels like there is nothing left to expose, and exposing things doesn't make a difference anyway.
  12. Pob

    Alien: Isolation

    They could apply the Dead Space 4 idea of freely exploring a flotilla of derelict craft to an Alien Isolation sequel. It’d work brilliantly, not knowing what you’d find on each ship.
  13. I find all SBC’s stuff since the Borat movie is best watched alone.
  14. Pob

    Dead Space 3

    I found this article on Visceral’s ideas for Dead Space 4 fascinating: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-13-visceral-had-some-cool-ideas-for-dead-space-4 The notion of freely exploring a ghostly flotilla of ships drifting through space is such a good take on the open world concept. Travelling between ships, natural zero-g elements, each ship a different design and feel, using your engineering skills to power up ship systems. It could be terrifying and captivating, and you could weave a gripping “what happened here?” plot around it all. It sounds a bit like the Sky’s Edge plotline in Alastair Reynolds’ book, Chasm City. I didn’t know DS3 had a proto version of this idea. Let’s hope they get to make something along these lines, even if it’s not using the Dead Space IP.

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