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  1. Pob

    True Detective - Season 3

    He really reminded me of Tony Blackburn in the 1980 scenes.
  2. I thought his stim was impervious to slows? It says that on the description anyway. I let my 6 year old watch me play it. It seems pretty kid-friendly once you get over the fact it's full of people shooting each other with realistic-looking guns.
  3. Pob

    The Division 2

    How many main missions are there? Would simply going through the main missions with the occasional side stuff to get your level up be enough to take you to lvl 30?
  4. Given the amount of health kits around and the fact he regenerates health automatically it’s not much of a drawback.
  5. Octane’s Stim ability is amazing. Bonkers what a short cooldown it’s on. His passive healing virtually nullifies the downside as well.
  6. I’ve put you in charge of the thread @McSpeed, just edit the first post to change the thread title.
  7. The more I think about this, the more I liked it. I read a review on AV Club I think that made an interesting point about how the US government got rid of banknotes over $100 decades ago in an attempt to frustrate organised crime, and this is one of the few films that actually makes a point of how big and heavy a decent haul of dollars would be. The practical issues with moving that amount of cash were really well conveyed. I liked that this time we had ex-soldiers who made their own bed and had to lie in it. Usually ex-spec op types are either bad guys (Lethal Weapon, The Rock), or if they're the good guys they're excused from the violence they commit because some innocents need saving (Rambo, Taken). Here, though, it was all on them. They each had to lie to themselves about why they took the job. The truth was a good old mix of greed and simply wanting to go back to what they do best. As the film wears on you realise that their reluctance to get back into any action is because they know what they're capable of rather than any concerns about leaving their families.
  8. I really think that unless you're talking about top-tier play then things like that make such a tiny difference compared to strategy, positioning, loot, team co-ordination and a load of other skill and luck based things. I use the Xbox Elite pad with a tall right analogue stick and there's no way it makes an appreciable difference to my performance compared to a hundred other factors. I played my first ever round on PS4 with you, using the basic Dualshock 4, and we won.
  9. I really enjoyed this. Given the pedigree of the people involved it's a bit less than it should be but there's still more than enough about it to elevate it above the dad-pleasing straight-to-video gun porn it resembles at the start. But there are still plenty of sexy tactical reloads, sleeper holds and skulking around looking down holo sights. It definitely worked well as a Netflix film rather than a cinema trip as it's nowhere near, for example, Sicario 1/2 or The Hurt Locker. It's a bit more like Paul Greengrass' Green Zone - solid and expertly made but not the director's best work.
  10. Pob

    The Division 2

    Ah okay I’ll visit the theatre before we hook up on Sunday then.
  11. Pob

    The Division 2

    What’s the first ‘proper’ mission in this? I’ve just unlocked the base of operations and got my first perk and ability, and have been let loose in the city. Is there more tutorial stuff now or does it kick off properly from now?
  12. Pob

    True Detective - Season 3

    The twist was
  13. Pob

    Trials Rising

    Shame no mention of cross-platform friends leaderboards in that update. Seems like the cross-platform thing only serves the purpose of pushing your time down the global rankings!
  14. I feel sorry for you PC players.
  15. Pob

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Oh hell, that was brilliant.

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