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  1. Pob

    Better Call Saul!

    She must know Hector is a criminal from when his terrifying sons (nephews?) turned up. She probably weighed it up in her head and thought sacrificing his recovery for the benefit of the people in that new wing that Gus is paying for was worth it. Were they talking about the care home that Hector ends up in in BB? I must say I love the way they are fleshing out the Hector/Gus relationship and backstory in BCS. It's such a pivotal plot point in BB, so it's lovely to have the animosity between them explored in such detail.
  2. Pob

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rockstar's games could be improved so much by getting rid of those immersion-shattering things like mission-start cones, fade out/fade in when you go 'on mission', blobs on the mini-map that shout "random event happening here!!" etc. If the game is designed around making everything feel more organic and seamless then it'll make a big difference. Just driving around in GTAV with the minimap off and happening across those rarely-seen events like a bank robbery in progress is so much more rewarding than a big pointer telling you to check something out. It increases the discovery element and makes you pay attention to the world rather than the HUD lest you miss something interesting. I'm encouraged by the 'compass only' option for the minimap. Perhaps I really will be able to navigate solely via the paper map in the box! If there is one, it's worth getting the disc just for that. Ghost Recon Wildlands does a good job of having the mission areas simply being present on the map. There's rarely a designated start point or any kind of menu system you need to interact with to get things going. Stuff is just there when you want to tackle it. It's a good approach that makes everything feel more fluid and natural.
  3. Pob

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    They base game price drop and free premium were live at the same time on Xbox so I think it’s just left and right hands not talking to each other.
  4. Pob

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It sounds brilliant from the previews. I like the focus on physicality and trying to make things feel as organic as possible. I really dig that in open world games, where a big part of the appeal is simply existing in this amazingly detailed virtual world. Being able to focus on a wide variety of people and objects, then getting the four options depending on the context, sounds like a genuinely new thing. It sort of sounds like an analog version fo Watch Dogs 2 hacking commands. Most things you could hack had four hacking options, and this was your way of interacting with the world and fucking about with stuff.
  5. Pob

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    I’ve never really thought about it before, but what’s the investment in a game like Spider-man vs the investment in a film like Homecoming?
  6. Pob

    PS4 Pro

    It’s the main reason to upgrade to a Pro after all.
  7. I think you'd have troubling arguing that objectively. They are good comparison points because, as you say, they are both brawlers based around crowd management, but the Arkham games have orders of magnitude more stuff going on and a much higher skill ceiling. Final Fight is one of my favourite games but its joy is in its simplicity and the sheer satisfaction of punching massive sprites. In Arkham you're often up against more enemies, more enemy types that require different strategies, have a whole load more moves at your disposal (including ranged gadgets) some of which require dexterity and a good memory, the whole combo multiplier thing which is tied into XP progress and powering up a special move (of which you have several to chose from when your meter is up), plus of course you're fighting 360 degrees rather than just left and right. That's before you even factor in the stealth element before a brawl begins. Final Fight is more difficult as it's designed to guzzle coins but that's about it. The challenge rooms on the Arkham games show how much depth those games have.
  8. Pob

    PS4 Pro

    What do you mean? I know what the deciding factor is, because I decided it.
  9. Pob

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    I'm sure it will. I was just taken aback by the stark contrast in fun I had going back to BF1 vs playing the beta of V. Granted, I could chose my favourite modes and had shitloads of maps, but still I just found it much more epic and enjoyable. I know it's a beta, but we've entered this interesting period for games where mature two-year-old games are better than new games, while the new games get their shit in order. See also: Destiny.
  10. Pob

    PS4 Pro

    Yes, this is me. And if the Pro was as well designed as the X at a hardware level, I'd probably have one by now. So it is a deciding factor.
  11. Pob

    PS4 Pro

    I expect most people here have PS4s, so it's not just a case of choosing a Pro to be able to play PS exclusives. The non-Pro PS4s already do that, in HDR and at 1080p. So if you've plumped for an X because you want to play multiplatform games at their best, really the Pro is just about bumping up the resolution on a handful of Sony exclusives and nothing else. And because the Pro is big, loud and ugly you're not getting that much of an upgrade for your money. It has a USB port on the back, I guess. Because the Sony and MS consoles are so close together this gen, things like loudness, build quality, controller, service quality and OS preferences do come into it.
  12. There's another free weekend this weekend (Sep 20-23rd)
  13. It's probably quite an average trailer underneath but that music was making me well up! Definite Superman feels.
  14. They'd better not. Part of the appeal of the Xbox is the idea of "one console that plays everything" rather than lots of little retro consoles needing space, an HDMI port and a power outlet each. Just give me one box that plays all Xbox games at their best.
  15. Pob

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Yeah, in theory I really like the ideas for BFV but in reality I spend most time playing solo so want to be able to have fun without being reliant on team mates for ammo and comms.

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