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  1. Genuinely still looks really fun if it was 60fps
  2. I wonder if the back-button add-on was as hard to find everywhere as in the UK? I sold mine for £85 on ebay which suggests a certain level of desirability! The crap thing is, its add-on nature meant it was bulky and quite uncomfortable (for me, personally - I know others like it). Compare to the paddles on the XB1 Elite v2 which are very low profile and don't bulk out the back of the pad at all. I was really hoping the DualSense would integrate them like this.
  3. This is actually the main thing that'll ensure the XSX is my multiplatform console for the foreseeable. I'm so used to having two paddles on the back of the pad that it's like the PS5 pad has two fewer buttons than the XB1 Elite.
  4. It's probably fairer to compare it to the original Halo Infinite reveal, though the HZD2 trailer has a lot more in it.
  5. Oh wow okay. I'll have to spin up the old Blu Ray then
  6. Thanks for the tip. Prey is next on my backlog and I'm really looking forward to Mooncrash as well.
  7. Oh yeah, those are so well done. My faves are the transitions between the pier and beach on Estel's stage, and moving through Barbon's bar.
  8. Is the game doable from the start with this 'lethal mode' thing? I tend to prefer my open world games with brutal twists like this. For example I played Dead Rising 3 on Nightmare mode straight away, and whacked Days Gone straight onto Survival mode. I find it adds a much-needed edge to bog-standard icon-clearing games.
  9. Yes, I do wonder if MS's whole "no new gen first party exclusives for the first two years!" was simply because they knew they wouldn't have any.
  10. Pob

    The Division 2

    I'd love them to stitch together all the NYC stuff so far and fill in any gaps to make it contiguous, so there is a map large enough to make vehicles and choppers worthwhile (though Battlefield maps integrate vehicles well enough), and also implement seasons to reflect the fact that it's a live service game. They must have enough asset work on the games so far so make this a possibility. I'd love to be a Blackhawk pilot pulling people out of the DZ while flying low between skyscrapers to avoid AA fire!
  11. Miles Morales and Deathloop together form a pretty good launch-window lineup. I know the former is potentially not much more than an expansion, and the latter is a timed exclusive, but if Miles Morales manages to show off some next-gen exclusive gameplay that'll be pretty sweet, and I love Arkane's games so might not be able to wait for Deathloop if it turns out well. Hmm, it's a tricky one. I'll probably end up getting both consoles.
  12. Pob

    The Division 2

    This series seems like one that will benefit a lot from a next-gen sequel utilising the SSD. Being able to move more quickly (i.e vehicles), being able to get up high above the city (helicopters, rooftops, top-floor skyscraper interiors) and not having to split areas up with obvious loading corridors. The detail for an open world is astounding but there are clearly lots of techniques to allow all that data to stream in on time.
  13. For me it'll come down to which console gives the best experience for playing the big third-party games. That's not just down to resolution and performance, but also the controller, load times an how the OS enables and enhances the experience - captures, quick-resume, multiplayer, general snappiness, achievements/trophies etc.
  14. This could be easily fixed by having a radio that can be easily turned on or off. I've often though that having a police radio you can tune into for a constant stream of randomly-generated crimes for you to run around trying to stop would be pretty cool. Crucially, though, you'd have to be able to turn it off!
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