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  1. Oh, and I love/hate the (enemy type spoiler)
  2. I think it's because the supporting characters are strong, and improve as the game goes on. Skizzo and Iron Mike are great, and Kouri and Garret are instantly engaging and well-acted. Deacon does crack me up though. "Ah hey Rikki, I'm er just...yeah I've just got some things....ah....okay I'll be there" and that stuff you mention where he goes all bloodthirsty at people in plaid shirts.
  3. Wow this really does shift gears a bit later on. Spoiler for post Lost Lake: I think Deacon is the perfect avatar for this kind of game. He's quite nihilistic and has no qualms about killing anyone not in his gang. There's not much soul searching about the violence he carries out, it's just how he is. But he's not an arsehole either, and he'll go to great lengths to protect those close to him or people who need protecting. A solider, basically. That works for me in a game where you brutally kill hundreds of people. I prefer just being able to enjoy the narrative and gamepl
  4. Oola, the original Twi’lek, is played by a black actress.
  5. I love the idea of a Friday 13th style game but someone running around as Paul Reiser rather than Jason Vorhees.
  6. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, it took me a while to get used to the rhythm. In most stealth games you just use a silenced weapon or up-close kill and try never to get noticed. In this, you're encouraged to make the loudest sound possible, but to mask it or use the enemy reaction to your advantage. Trying to go quiet with a surpassed rifle and sub-sonic ammo just isn't as fun or effective. It's all about the loud, ultra-long range kills. Beyond the first map, those handy sound-masking generators are rarer so it becomes more about relocating as the enemy homes in on your position, and using that AI behaviour
  7. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    You should try some of the more hardcore options @Mr. Gerbik - are you still on the standard setup? It's been a while since I fiddled with the options, but I have to consider wind direction and bullet drop, plus I only have one zoom level on my scope (I find I can't remember the adjustments necessary to compensate for gravity and wind if I use different zoom levels anyway). I still keep the distance markers on as trying to judge the distance and well as adjust for it is way too hard without lots of practice!
  8. I've gone back to this hard since the 60fps patch. It's so good. I'm playing it alongside Miles Morales (60fps + RT) and honestly I think this looks slightly more next-gen. Also I remember when it launched reviews mentioned awkward and weedy gun-play. I couldn't disagree more! It must've been patched since launch as I absolutely love the guns - the sound, the impact, the handling, the reload animations. They're brilliant.
  9. I dunno, I would never pay that much, or anywhere near, for an SSD expansion. But if I managed to earn it through points my stupid monkey brain would be happy.
  10. Ah excellent, I was starting to get despondent about my lack of progress in the last couple of weeks and have been neglecting my daily duties. The £220 needs for an expansion SSD seems so far away!
  11. It’d be interesting if someone did a Verhoeven with this and took a potentially fascist story and made it all lefty.
  12. The thing that springs to mind is that bridge over the scorpion in the quicksand on level 2 of Ghouls, which has various sections that immediately give way under your feet with no warning.
  13. Why what happens? It’s been ages since I saw it. I was quite excited to see that trailer but it was pretty underwhelming.
  14. It’s the cool-sounding username they are after.
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