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  1. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    I see! It becomes even more curious how Dawn of the Dead was such a good re-interpretation.
  2. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    300 is obviously pump too, another example of Snyder’s plodding oeuvre, but does anyone know how closely that follows Millar’s book? I’ve not read one that so I’ve no idea.
  3. BotW overrated? Give me strength. Until everyone on the planet has signed up to the ‘BotW Is The Best Game EVER (possibly even better than Far Cry 2) Club’ it will remain underrated, by the power of logic.
  4. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    @kerraig UK I didn’t find it embarrassing in the slightest. Is there an analogy to be made between The Shining book and film with Watchmen book and film? I’ve not read it, but I’d always understood the film to be very different to the novel, a product of Kubrick’s own vision of the story he wanted to tell based on King’s story - whereas with Watchmen, the film is simply a plodding retread of the book, lifted pretty much beat for beat. I hope we’re not comparing Kubrick with Snyder, here! That would be pretty funny I guess.
  5. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    Yes, that’s a great article. This is spot on: I have no idea how easily pleased you have to be to think Watchmen is worth the ponderous time it demands (certainly more easily pleased than me I guess), but he’s nailed the reason why the ham-fisted direction is so obvious to those of us who have read it. I hadn’t realised it was by Zack Snyder - he’s a crummy director. His only decent film is Dawn of the Dead, a perfectly serviceable remake that has enough of it’s own inventiveness and verve that it in no way disrespects the vastly superior source material. I’m also pretty amazed someone would enjoy the Watchmen film, and then not want to read the book.
  6. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    Let’s forget it then. You don’t seem to have been able to understand what I’ve written, and if you choose to give it some thought you should be able to understand the logical fallacies you’ve made with your examples without me chewing them over for you. EDIT: Hang on, is Ender’s Game supposed to be an example of an objectively good film? I actually switched it off halfway through because it was so dull. I’ve not read the source material, so I’ve no idea if it’s a faithful adaptation or not, but for me it certainly doesn’t stand up as decent cinema entertainment on its own terms. It’s just pump.
  7. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    This makes no sense. A pre-existing bias towards the book is as likely to make you more forgiving towards the film as it is to make you less forgiving. Bias doesn’t only work one way. And why do you think you’re viewing it objectively? You’re not, you just think you are. You still have your own set of biases. You (presumably) haven’t read the material it’s adapted from. This doesn’t make you the perfect arbiter. In fact, as we can see, in judging its success as an adaptation rather than a standalone piece of entertainment, it makes you objectively worse. But it’s nice it has fans. There’s nothing wrong with you enjoying a film.
  8. ZOK

    True Detective - Season 3

    It’s about the two detectives.
  9. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    If you think it’s a fantastic film, that’s great for you. But from my perspective it’s a dull, meaningless plod, that only retains a semblance of passing interest because of the source material it manages to flatten into insignificance with its leaden direction. So no, it’s not a fantastic film.
  10. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    Spot on. It’s was an entirely pointless excercise.
  11. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    The whole of Guardians of the Galaxy made me switch off. I think even Valerian was better - and make no mistake, Valerian is fucking awful.
  12. ZOK

    Switching Off During the Finale

    No, you’re right. Nearly all the superhero films people rave about on here are just junk.
  13. Are you listening @maryliddon?!
  14. ZOK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Have you seen any more? I’m going to save it for the weekends, but I watched the trailer last night and it looks kerbrilliant. Can’t stop saying the title in my head. It’s so cool, it’s like something out of Moebius or Love & Rockets.
  15. ZOK

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I find if you put the quest for money aside and just wander, it finds you anyway. There are gems to be scooped up all over the place - particularly if you go exploring around the Goron areas.

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