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  1. I honestly just read this post thinking I was still in Off Topic and it was more of ClumpyJamie’s bad luck!
  2. Brilliant! Artificial Flavours should reform as Artificial Flavaz though.
  3. I just had a look, under the menu for the show is ‘Audio and Subtitles’, I’ve got ‘English’ ticked under subtitles and ‘Japanese [Original]’ ticked under audio. No kidding, you’ll be just amazed where they go with this. Such a wonderful show.
  4. English dialogue?! Say it ain’t so, @Ste Pickford! I can’t remember choosing an option for this, I may give the dub a listen when I’m finished. What ep are you up to?
  5. I’ve only got three eps of Evangelion left to go. As folk here predicted, I am like this:
  6. I’d not heard of her before seeing this. I think a lot of it is based on her life from what I read in an interview with her.
  7. Yup! Alright?! It’s hard to think of many better UK sitcoms in recent years. I mean it’s not Phoneshop, but then again what is? Oh well, I thought it was brilliant. Chock full of great one liners.
  8. So I am the only person here who has seen this then? Listen up, this is a pure gem hidden in the bowels of C4’s digivault. A slept on classic!
  9. Has anyone else watched this? I can’t find any mention of it here. It’s a sitcom from E4 that ran for four series (2013-2016) and having just watched all four series over a couple of weeks on the C4 iplayer thingummy I can declare it to be excellent. It’s basically about three Leeds women who are working as promo girls, it’s happily near the knuckle throughout and a real joy to watch. Most episodes are brilliant, goes a little skew whiff occasionally but it’s generally golden.
  10. I saw this at the weekend, and loved it. A really great flick, and while the story doesn’t hang together it was a sublime bit of world building. The trippy details were terrific.
  11. ZOK


    Also, if anyone enjoys musicals they should check out some Bollywood flicks, they are basically 3 hour musicals with everything dialled up to 11.
  12. It’s amazing. The film is a decent watch too, although wildly different in tone.
  13. ZOK


    Yup - Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. After that, it’s probably West Side Story or Singin’ in the Rain.
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