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  1. Yeah, that’s confirmation bias at its finest. They just look like a pair of dogs.
  2. No, it's done very well. I think towards the very end of the third book it gets a little woolly (ho ho!) but it remains compelling throughout. As a caveat I listened to the three as audiobooks, which does make for a slightly different experience. I don't think Howey is a particularly adept writer, and performance narrative tends to smooth out clunky writing.
  3. I was wondering a similar thing - would it run on my 2013 rMBP then?
  4. While this is true, @gone fishin' shouldn’t expect anything different from S2 in terms of the ‘issues’ they identified above. GLOW is a solid show, with some great bits in, but it’s really just delicious fluff.
  5. ZOK

    The iOS gaming thread

    Unless you look at it purely as a mechanism for selling ‘gems’, and then it’s pitch perfect. It really is unusual as it’s essentially as rancid and cheating as all those types of games in its sales structure (ie enemy types and layouts ramp up more if you put together powerful builds), and yet the core mechanic is so nice that you feel happy to grind along for the incremental crumbs. It’s the first new iOS game I’ve stuck with in years - I’d pay a premium for a flattened gem/energy free version.
  6. Have you seen Demon Seed? I imagine so, but if not check it out.
  7. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    I think I got them mixed up - now I’m thinking about it I think I was the Hacker for most of my games! I think the one I switched to at the end that really switched the game up was the Assassin - is that the one who has a detonating crossbow and is invisible in shadow (or when still)?
  8. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s been a while, but from memory your credits allow you to buy additional starting buffs, and will also appear as new level. choices, something like that. I seem to remember there was some mechanic restricting the purchases but I ended up buying them all - one of my most played Switch games. It’s in that roguelike style...I last played it before BOTW so as you can imagine it was a long time back.
  9. ZOK

    The iOS gaming thread

    I’m still playing Archero...can’t get past lvl 4!
  10. Nice, I’ll do that then!
  11. Btw, I was sat in the loo reading this thread last night, and I ended up watching what seemed to be Limmy broadcasting live some sort of house decorating game. I don’t know if I’m more amazed that the game exists, or that Limmy was live broadcasting ‘playing’ it, or that I was sat in the loo watching it live. None of it seems to make any sense.
  12. Okay, so I have Prime - if I ‘subscribe’ to his Twitch, he gets some money? When people pay to watch him playing games, they send donations?
  13. I’ve watched a few of those Limmy Twitch clips, they are good! Can anyone explain to me how he makes money doing those? I don’t understand Twitch.
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