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  1. I’ve made my peace with it. Once you stop agonising over how crappy it is, it’s really quite endearing. And the Tachikomas look great.
  2. We just started watching it by accident (middle of second series), and love it so we are watching them all. It’s fucking funny.
  3. Yes, I did wonder if he’s actually real, he’s so much like what you might imagine a dodgy cartel lawyer would be like.
  4. Yes there’s plenty of good stuff in it, including things I’ve already bought. But loads I haven’t but would have done in the future, ie a stack of Bukowski, so I’m already a fan.
  5. I always think Post Office is the most accessible Bukowski because it’s the most consistently funny. A 99p bargan for the ages.
  6. God damn I am loving GitS:SAC_2045! Okay, it may have an animation style that looks like those old Korean comedy news clips crossed with that old PS2 game XIII, and will almost certainly make you weep for what could have been, but there is no doubt whatsoever it positively reeks of Ghost in the Shell, and as such it’s brilliant.
  7. Prince can’t be beaten for B sides, there are so many that would rank in anyone’s top ten Prince tracks it’s unreal. To whit: Hello - Prince writes a song to throw shade at people who criticised him for not appearing on We Are The World, and naturally it’s a dance floor monster: Irresistible Bitch - There are many Prince fans who will tell you this is his best track. They may not be wrong: 17 Days - A personal favourite as it was on the back of When Doves Cry, the first Prince 12 I ever owned. Those drums! : Love or Money - A corker off the back of Kiss 12”, this is Parade era Prince doing an electro jazz whip, which is exactly what the fans want: And I could go on, and on..
  8. Yes. The whole ‘telling you what happened at the colony before the marines get there’ of the Director’s Cut ruins the storytelling of the movie.
  9. No, I can’t agree with that. Alongside Consider Phlebas Excession is the best novel, and Look to Windward is one of the best. I also liked Surface Detail and Hydrogen Sonata, but agree they aren’t fantastic. I’ve not read Transition - and I wish I hadn’t bothered reading Matter. The quality is all over the place basically, there’s no rhyme or reason to it.
  10. Have you read The Algebraist? It’s non-Culture, but far, far superior to (the frankly awful apart from the last three chapters) Matter, while touching on the same alien hyper tech stuff.
  11. Oh that’s not really appealing, I may as well wait and see what the impressions are from the first batch.
  12. Oh flip, I forgot all about this, is it too late to order one now?
  13. Fuck’s sake Benny! You need to look up two words: ’pretentious’ ’twaddle’
  14. Yes - this is not only the best thing on Prime, it’s probably the best thing your telly will ever have on it.
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