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  1. Wild Rose - 4/5 I came to this flick in a very roundabout way. I’ve got a great app (WhoSampled) that you can use like Spotify to identify samples, but also scans your music library to identify tunes that have been sampled, cover versions, etc. So one of the tracks I looked at covers by was John Prine’s ‘Angel of Montgomery’, and amongst the four covers was one by Jessie Buckley, who I’d never heard of. I was a bit blown away by it, and looking it up unearthed this film - free on Prime to boot! Anyway we watched last night, and what a great movie. It’s cheesy without being schmaltzy, happily both wrongfoots you and plays squarely into your expectations with a very deft touch indeed. Buckley and Walters are both great, and Buckley’s performance fairly yanks on the heartstrings like a bunjy at points. Loved it.
  2. Speaking of amazing singers and Brazil, this incredible tune by Gal Costa cropped up on Brazilian near future SF flick Bacarau recently. It’s mind glowingly good and ultra futuristic, a real curio from 1969:
  3. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    I think the key message he is trying to convey with that track is that it’s a love explosion, yeah.
  4. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    Yes! Salsoul always did great covers...here’s my favourite from the collection, proper Mrs Mills style ‘we’re ‘avin a disco paartaay!’ vibes: With bonus ‘and now we’re all pooped from the conga!’ on the back:
  5. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    Fantastic! By coincidence I was only playing this yesterday, that’s one of the many bangers featured:
  6. Yep - that’s why it’s a nice narrative note.
  7. I’m not sure a fourth season will add anything. While S3 was easily the best one, I think it ended at a nice narrative note, and seemed like a fitting ending.
  8. There’s barely anything worth watching on Apple TV+, but you can sign up for a free trial for 7 days and just watch that, it’s well worth it. Also it won’t spoil the book...probably enhance it a little with the visuals you miss on the audible version.
  9. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    Lots of useful tips there guys, thanks! Sorting by pitch is a cute idea, as is the colour markers.
  10. Nice, hope you like it. Have you seen their stage show on Apple TV? It’s basically a hugely truncated version of this book - if you like this you’ll like that & vice versa
  11. ZOK

    Broad City

    My pleasure!
  12. ZOK

    Broad City

    You have an abundance of riches ahead of you, @DirkCrisis.
  13. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    Ah that’s interesting, sounds like a useful option, cheers!
  14. ZOK

    We Want Your Soul

    Yeah, that’s a lot to unpack! The reason I think I need genres is because while I’m used to flipping through the record box and instantly recognising the sleeves of (say) hip hop tunes that I don’t necessarily know the names and artist of, they’ve also usually gravitated together in the playing out box (and I’m not playing out at the moment, although when things are normal again I might). Now I’m playing with my new Serato setup it’s currently looking at my onboard iTunes library which is around 2000 tunes I’ve bought through Shazam on my phone as I’ve heard them - I don’t know what tunes are in that collection in any meaningful sense! Just that I liked them when I heard them. I’ve also (although not linked it yet) got a drive with another 8000 odd tunes on. I probably know those a lot better, but I want to be able to type ‘hip hop’ or whatever into the Serato search bar and it show me all the hip hop tunes, so at least I’m not wading through a huge list of everything. I want to do the minimum manual library work as that doesn’t thrill me, and I’m aware there are onboard solutions in Serato that can help but I don’t want to dig into those until I know the music best suits the tools. I’m not sure you can use the artwork in Serato, although I’ve barely scratched the surface of it yet so it may be an option.
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