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  1. The droids in Cyberpunk 2077 pretend to be human so they can attend raves undetected, do you get that in Astro’s Playground? I think not.
  2. Thanks for reminding me - I had that flick on my list to watch a while back and forgot about it.
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 is the best (street) samurai open world game - Tsushima looks like wading through treacle compared with the average katanafest on Night City’s dishonourable streets.
  4. No, I was fixed in the air...there is weird physics on that rubbish dump though, if you scramble a bike over it you get some odd results!
  5. I watched the first 5 minutes of that video and it speaks to the problem the coverage has caused in terms of people’s perceptions, and the reality of how the game actually is. I’ve played maybe 95 hours now, and while I have seen SOME of the bugs they show, those I’ve seen account for possibly 0.01% of gameplay, if that. Like NPCs doing the T thing, I’ve seen it twice. In nearly a hundred hours. I’ve never seen a person glitched on a vehicle, I’ve never seen queues of multiplied identical vehicles, etc etc. And when you do see bugs, they are actually cool - like I had t
  6. Ah brilliant, I will cross it off my list then, I’ve got stacks of other stuff to do yet.
  7. On the subject of the main story arcs, I’m at the bit with Goro where is that correct? I don’t want to finish that story just yet, but she’s been waiting there a week!
  8. Cyberpunk looks much more realistic than that to be fair, although it’s a good example of NPC dialogue.
  9. Yeah I think about that sometimes, but then I think ‘would I prefer this if it were like Dead Rising?’ and it’s a hard no, because I’d be gutted if anything were closed off to me because of time missed. You just have to see it as V operating in untime whenever she has an urgent mission appointment to keep but then goes off for three days scavenging lighters and stress balls from the bodies of dead goons.
  10. Bet it hasn’t got a Buddhist monk in it who teaches you zen meditation techniques like in Cyberpunk 2077.
  11. To begin with forget the ranged weapons, use sword/fists/spear with Attack+Dash, and pick boons that buff those buttons. You don’t need anything else, with that combo you’ll be through to the later levels in no time.
  12. Oh I did play Chicken Police this year too, so I played 4 games from 2020 (if that is from 2020).
  13. Yeah, except we’re talking about me, the forum’s recognised tastemaker, who doesn’t play any ‘AAA gruel’. I am however playing Cyberpunk 2077, GOTY 2020 (& 2021, awarded in advance).
  14. I just checked and I’m on ‘Excellent - No issues detected’, giving 4K resolution. I’m connected via wifi. It says ‘data usage may reach 20GB/hr’. For reference @Jonny5 I’m on BT, can’t remember what package but I’m getting 55mb down and 17 up.
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