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  1. Why don't they just decide it by playing FIFA?
  2. Is this better than BL2? It left me cold, and not just because of the start.
  3. Football Ramble DAILY will have to ensure they are doing DAILY things on a DAILY basis. Maybe they need to interview a lot of guests. My list so far: Tony Daley Daley Blind Rachel Daley That's all Google gives me so far.
  4. That winter break was a bad idea wasn't it
  5. If you'd had put a scarecrow in goal instead of Adrian, the result may have been different.
  6. I take this back, what a shit performance.
  7. At least Liverpool haven't lost their record of not being beaten at .... Oh. Another piss poor piece of goalkeeping. He is so sold.
  8. Blame the keeper all you want, chances are have missed at the other end.
  9. That was shocking goalkeeping. It's like watching England.
  10. That was INCREDIBLE by Gini.
  11. Wash your hands if you get one?
  12. This has Liverpool scoring 3 in the last 15 mins for sure. Overall an easy win. They get one, they'll get at least two more.
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