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  1. Liverpool's luck must be running out soon. I can see a VAR going against them, for once, or an own goal by Henderson.
  2. Seeing as LOTR 1 is on channel 5 right now... Picard is Gandalf Legoland chap writes himself Pilot man is Aragorn Older woman - could she turn out to be Boromir? Doctor both Merry and Pippin? It's question as to who Frodo is. Is it the first Data daughter or is Picard Gandalf AND Frodo?
  3. I don't get the hate for the sock sliding scene. So it was a bit silly, how does it annoy or upset people. It's hardly Princess Leia doing space Mary Poppins. Anyway I still find it a little slow, this episode was better. It was clear who was going to beam in once the ship turned up.
  4. This means that he will, based off season long predictions.
  5. In 14 games he has made 22 goals? That's obscene. When is he going to Liverpool.
  6. Manchester City need to bring in a true hero and fire up the lads. He knows all about being done over for £££ in an 'unfair' way.
  7. At last. City have clearly been dodgy as fook, not least of all when one of their lawyers indicated he was pleased that one of the UEFA guys investigating them died. It won't make any difference to City's utter failure to win the Champions League though
  8. It sounds like for the majority of cases here Sony are doing a fine job?!
  9. That was a lovely treat! A nice ending for David and his mum too
  10. That was remarkable. It looked like he started to go to ground in the first half it was that clear. He is that sort of player. And that one too.
  11. You know, I tried steamlink on my TV - laptop in the same room - and it was awful. Graphical lag was one thing, controller inputs were ridiculously laggy. Much better to plug the lappy in via HDMI. Doesn't help this thread, I guess it shows how problematic any streaming can be. I was shocked at how bad it was.
  12. It may be the game. I tried this on the PS4 remote and it was terrible. Where as Spiderman was really good.
  13. Foot. Traction engine.
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