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  1. A very enjoyable evenings entertainment I felt! Some interesting back and forth, a nice end point with a set up for further characters to come into the fold, and some flying about all over the place! That's right I finally caught up on the last 2 episodes of Wandavision. Clearly a good choice.
  2. It's surprising no one else has been hit with this also? Surely others in the camp should be isolating now too?
  3. I do love a bit of Spag Pol.
  4. The Tournament top scorer is likely to be OG this time out isn't it?
  5. Portugalling (Needs an extra tweak for the France game)
  6. Rafa? To be fair Kane could do with some better service.
  7. Aren't you sick of being so dull and boring in these competitions. It's like Southgate is morphing into Roy the Boy, expectations lowered constantly. We aren't going to win this thing, I'd be far happier with glorious gut-busting failure. We all would. Because we are emotional idiots who can then look back and cry over gazza not scoring by a toe, holding onto the what ifs. That's what the English live for, a good old moan. We are annoying holier than though fans, let's not pretend otherwise! We invented the game, best league in the world, that dog and the world
  8. "If you're not going to win a game in a tournament then you make sure you don't lose it". Basically what Southgate has just said on TV. This underlines how he is going with a dour, uninspiring setup. Instead of wanting to win, he doesn't want to lose. That's a real problem.
  9. I couldn't get this either. He was a bright spark. You can tell he cares and his tracking back was good too. How the hell did sterling stay on instead of Foden? Noted at the end when Sterling didn't charge down a cross and then up the other end lost the ball/dived for a pen.
  10. Oh, we are going through. Still it doesn't feel like we are worth that! The problem is Gareth won't change or do anything ballsy. Why can't we ever play with some passion and drive? It seemed that we had some kind of weird diamond wedge in midfield, where everyone was supposed to sit deep and not press. Keep shape. It feels a little like Gareth has put his hand up for a penalty, is shambling up to it, and is about to awkwardly shank it into the keepers body - before just putting his head down and going "oh well". Again.
  11. That was awful. Devoid of passion. Cowardly by Southgate, again. There's a big chance we could go out now.
  12. THERE IS A HUGE BUNDLE. Sums up the game really.
  13. England's style of play seems to be 'Shitty Shata'.
  14. Fucking hell Sterling. Why not try to get a corner instead of a pen. Why do England always do this. They talk about how excited they are for the big tournaments, then we play ridiculous teams and swan about. It's maddening. There's no passion. It's always the same, no matter the manager.
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