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  1. That Shining trailer feels very modern compared with the others, plus that's it's very spoilery.
  2. This is hilarious tonight. There's some sort of dirty protest in one of the rooms.
  3. The original is still one of my favourite movie posters.
  4. "Staying this summer' sounds a bit like "Going at winter".
  5. For the longest time, I thought Hicks was shouting "Where's Vasquez?".
  6. M&S Mango Chutney Mini Poppadoms are very, very nice. Light, but with good flavour.
  7. I'm surprised that Watkins wasn't in the Villa list.
  8. I noticed on the FPL website, you can sync the gameweek calendar to your own, so you get reminders before the deadline. This caught me out many times last season.
  9. Ooh. Breaking that rule could let you have the excellent one from The World's End.
  10. The True Lies one was the first to come to mind when reading the thread topic. Those whip pans in the gang fight sequence are hilarious. The fight in Mission Impossible: Fallout was a good one too.
  11. Imelda Staunton as The Queen.
  12. Have you seen Searching? That's an online footage film that worked much better than I was expecting.
  13. Battlestar Galactica - The Adama Maneuver
  14. I do like that they give you extra cheese for free if you ask.
  15. Gutted for them, especially the youngsters there, but this team are good enough to do this in Qatar next year.
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