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  1. Commander Jameson

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Never done anything Pokémon-related, so know nothing about any of this, but that looks bloody fantastic!
  2. Commander Jameson

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    One of the most iconic voices in film history has died. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/douglas-rain-dead-voice-hal-9000-2001-a-space-odyssey-was-90-1083429
  3. Commander Jameson

    British Restaurant Style Curry

    You could try making the "brown stuff" (basic tomato, onion, garlic, ginger base sauce) described here: http://cuzza.com/recipes/#9, then add whatever level of spice/add-ons to create a restaurant-style curry (chillies for Jalfrezi, onions for Dopiaza, etc.).
  4. Commander Jameson

    A movie watchers blog

    Have you seen DeepStar Six, @Goose? Late 80s sea creature feature with a similar approach to great practical effects.
  5. They sound like rides at an AvatarLand theme park. Avatar: The Way of Water - log flume ride Avatar: The Seed Bearer - It's A Knockout-style shenanigans Avatar: The Tulkun Rider - rollercoaster Avatar: The Quest for Eywa - escape room
  6. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  7. Commander Jameson

    Football Thread 2018/19

  8. Commander Jameson

    Good new horror films

    It's got its own thread!
  9. Commander Jameson


    My girlfriend is really into her gins now, especially the flavoured ones (I've no idea if this is heresy in the gin world of not). She likes this sort of stuff. Tanqueray gin is another favourite, particularly the lime flavour. She did try Tanqueray 10 recently and could tell the difference immediately. Any recommendations for reasonably-priced gins (or bargains)?
  10. Commander Jameson

    Good new horror films

    Possum, from Matthew Holness (Garth Marenghi).
  11. Commander Jameson

    Random Video/Picture Thread - Film/TV Edition

    Alec Gillis talks about the practical effects of Starship Troopers. Some excellent behind-the-scenes footage in this.
  12. Commander Jameson

    Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!

    Had my mum and dad visit from Australia a few weeks ago and I got some of her recipes, which I road-tested this afternoon on my girlfriend's family. Cabbage and coconut Green beans and broccoli Lamb curry I was really pleased that they turned out pretty much the way my mum's had. I did a vegan version with aubergines too.
  13. Commander Jameson

    A movie watchers blog

    Thanks, @Goose. Have you seen Spy and if so, how does this compare?
  14. Commander Jameson

    A movie watchers blog

    I was going to suggest the one I thought you were talking about, but then I thought back and it could be any one of at least three (spoilers below). All three scared me as a kid, especially the first in that list.
  15. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread


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